I use my laptop for blogging purposes as I am traveling so often. I used to create a blog post from my laptop and still take it anywhere I go. So that I can work from anywhere and now I am a full-time blogger & making money from it. You too can start your own blog and start making money online.

I have created this post, as I have experienced this issue with my laptop & thought there are so many peoples might have similar issues with their laptop. The battery icon on the taskbar is most important while you travel because it indicates how much battery is remaining on your laptop. So you can charge it whenever necessary. I have created this article especially to help you with how you can easily fix the battery icon display issue with their laptop.

How to Fix Battery Icon Missing on LaptopWhy Battery icon is important?

When there is a battery low in a laptop, it immediately informs you to plug your charging cable so that you are not running out of battery. But when we install fresh windows into it or change some settings, this battery icon gets disappeared. It also helps you how much percentage of battery is remaining.

Fix Battery Icon Disappeared from Taskbar

Check out below steps in XP, Windows 8 or Windows 10 laptop, so that you will always see how much batter remaining & when you should plug the charger to your laptop.

How to fix battery icon disappeared issue in XP

I searched it but I could not able to check battery status from my taskbar or system tray. After too many tries my battery drained out but I wanted the answer so I have plugged the charger in and finding the possible solution for that. I found it and I am sharing the same trick with you so that you will not have to pass from the same difficulties.

How to Fix Battery Icon disappeared from Taskbar

Follow the mentioned steps to show a disappeared battery icon on your laptop’s system tray.

  1. Go to Control panel from Start menu > Control Panel.
  2. Choose the power option from there & open it.
  3. You will see the power options properties window on your laptop screen.
  4. Go to advanced options from the menu.
  5. You will see the option with a checkbox saying that always show the icon on the taskbar. Check the box and click on the apply button & then OK. You have done.

If you are still unable to see the battery notification widget in your system tray, try rebooting your laptop. Still unable to see it, right-click on the taskbar and choose the properties option.

Where is My Battery Charging Icon

Uncheck the box that says Hide inactive icons, click on the apply button and click ok. Now reboot your system again, you will surely start seeing battery icon widget on your system tray.

Windows 10

I have fixed this issue in my Windows XP but nowadays I am using Windows 10 on my laptop, so if you are facing any issue with battery icon not showing up windows 10, here is how you can fix it.

Steps to fix battery icon not showing windows 10

  • Right-click on the empty area of your desktop > Display Settings
  • In Search bar, type, “Select which icons appear on the taskbar
  • Select the option that appears there & turns on as shown in the image below.

battery not showing on taskbar

Windows 8

Fix Battery Icon missing on leptop

If you are running Windows 8, here is the procedure to fix the battery not showing in the taskbar.

  • On the taskbar, right-click on the empty area & click on Properties.
  • Select Customize from Taskbar tab > Notification area
  • Click on Turn System icons on

You have done.

Since I faced this problem and fixed it, you can also use the above steps to fix battery life not showing on the laptop tray.

If you have any questions about this, you may feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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