Running a Blog or website is easy but if the site got affected with malware scripts or hackers it is little problematic thing.Website owner has always a backup file of their previous work,so that it can be restored whenever needed.Each site owner who can manage their blogging work by scheduling post and keeping blogging income goal in their mind, have backup of their work.

BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin

BackupBuddy WordPress plugin is the awesome plugin to keep full backup of your WordPress blog.It allows you to keep WordPress database backup, Full WordPress blog backup & helps you to clone WordPress blog from one URL to another by restoring and migrating tab.There are lots of webmasters searching for WordPress blog backup plugin after installing WordPress & this plugin is one of the best backup plugin for your WordPress blog.

BackupBuddy WordPress plugin include Backup & Restore ,Malware Scan,Scheduling WordPress backup.

BackupBuddy Backup WordPress blog

You can leave that BackupBuddy backup page after clicking on backup button.It counts backup file size while running backup.With Malware Scan you can perform online scan of your WordPress backup file if it is safe to use or infected one.It shows web server detail with your IP address,system information,Errors,Site Blacklisting status.Server Info shows the server details of your website with server configuration,file permission,database table etc.

Backup can be scheduled for automated WordPress blog backup with scheduling feature.On setting tab,you can set email notification for backup status,Manage Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloudfiles, Email, and FTP.You can also exclude any directory you wish to not backup from setting menu.

How much it costs?
$75USD for2 website – Useful for personal blog & single site owner.
$10USD for 10 website – Multiple blog owner.
$150USD for unlimited website – Useful for wordpress developers and designers.

BackupBuddy Features:

  • Quickly & easily restore your site on the same server or migrate to a new server with a different domain and database.
  • Backup to your server, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, or e-mail.
  • Backup ,Restore & Migrate your full WordPress blog easily.
  • Easily send backup to your mail address.
  • Online Malware Scanner.

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