Keeping a backup of files, folders and websites has become the habit of some PC users. Are you too having a regular backup of the websites? If so, good work, excellent, keep it up! However, in case you are not, it’s high time you should start protecting your business with the aid of WordPress back up database tool. When you plan to use this WordPress backup tools, the first thing that will strike your mind is why should you have this backup? Well, here is the tutorial on how to easily Backup WordPress site.

Why should you backup a website?
You need to have a backup of your websites to resolve unexpected website glitches, protect your site against viruses and malicious threats and enjoy peace of mind. For business websites, it is of utmost necessity to keep a backup so that you can restore the site as quickly as possible, if by any chance your website crashes. With a backup you can revert back to your site as and when you need it.

Backing up the WorPress Website   
When I think of keeping full backup of WordPress sites, I always look for an easy-to use and affordable solution suiting to my needs. A WordPress plugin named WordPress Backup to Dropbox is the perfect solution I was looking for.

What do you know about WordPress Backup to Dropbox?

WordPress database Backup to Dropbox
This is a free wp plugin, which creates an automatic backup of all the WordPress websites, database and files to Dropbox folder. This wonderful plug-in ensures that you have regular backup of your websites at stipulated time. The backup of your WordPress is directly saved in the Dropbox space in Cloud. All you have to do is choose the day, time and the interval after which you like to have the backup of your WordPress websites in the Dropbox.

The simple interface of this WordPress plug-in allows you to setup your own backup cycle so that your precious media files, blogs and templates are secure. Start backing up the websites with the help of Dropbox plug-in! You will see how easily you can fix website glitches due to virus infection. Your website will be completely secure!

Are you wondering how to use this useful plug-in? You need to have a free Dropbox account. Install WordPress Backup to Dropbox by following these simple steps:

  • Visit WordPress admin
  • Navigate to plug-in section
  • Click on add new plug-in
  • Search ‘Backup to Dropbox’
  • Click on install
If you are unable to find it, just download WordPress Backup to Dropbox & install it from your WordPress dashboard.

Once you create this account, you need to undergo an authorization process. For authorizing, try this out:

  • Going to the option page of this plug-in, you will be asked to authorize this Dropbox plug-in.
  • One new window is displayed where you have to authenticate and enable the plug-in accessibility.
  • Click on Continue and your backup will be setup.

With this Dropbox account, you get 2GB free storage space for storing your WordPress files and websites. Not only this, Dropbox gives you the privilege to share your videos, photos and documents anywhere in this globe. No more of keeping the backup on the servers. Here you are with the latest storage space for your WordPress websites!

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