Recently I had problem with my hosting account on renewal, so I thought to migrate to new WordPress hosting.I have all my backup files, I thought I could restore it within 10 minutes, but I could not. Actually I was not aware of Backing Up WordPress blog and also how to restore entire WordPress blog to another host.It took around 2 days to complete all restoration process of both of my WordPress blog and I learned how to restore entire WordPress blog to new hosting account keeping all data as it is.I would explain here what I did to restore my WordPress blog to new host.

First you will need to Backup Entire WordPress to your computer so that you can easily restore it on your new hosting account. If you have got backup of your WordPress website, you will have no problem in restoring it, otherwise you will have to face difficulties and issues that I faced during restoration process. So make sure that you are backing up your WordPress site properly.

How to Download Entire WordPress Site From Old hosting account:

  • First I had took backup using BackupBuddy WordPress plugin.It created zip folder on my hosting account, I downloaded it.So If you are in search of how to restore entire WordPress blog to new host, follow the step by step procedure.
  • Go to backupbuddy option from your WordPress Dashboard,  choose backup and restore option.Click on full backup that will backup everything you need.  Backup process will automatically finishes and backup file will be shown at the bottom of the page.

How to Download Entire WordPress Site From Old hosting account

  • You will get download link once your blog finishes automatic backup. Click on the link and download it to your computer. The file downloaded to your PC is zip format containing all files including Wp-admin, Wp-content, Wp-inclues along entire site content.
  • Now you will need to backup MYSQL Database from your phpmyadmin account.So click on phpmyadmin from Hosting account dashboard>database>phpmyadmin.


Now you will need to export the mysql database from your myphpadmin. The default folder where the exported mysql database file will saved is home/your username/tmp/

(Note : There is no need to backing up sql database from mysql, if you are backup your WordPress blog using Backupbuddy plugin, because it will backup your entire blog, however if you have backup of your mysql database, you can restore it by other methods in future.)

export the mysql database from your myphpadmin

Download the backup file from tmp folder of your hosting account to your computer. So entire process you have done is got backup of mysql dabtabase+zip file for entire WordPress website to your PC.

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  • Make sure you have downloaded backup zip folder to your PC shown in the first step image.
  • If you own single WordPress site, you need not to worry about which mysql database to backup, if you run multiple wordpress sites in single hosting account, make sure that you are backing up correct database from there.

If you find any difficulty while backing up your WordPress blog, feel free to leave your comment below or contact us. We will help you to get full WordPress site backup for you.