Recently we have discussed best Back Up & Restore Software for Internet Explorer setting.Now if you are a newbie to the BackRex Software, here is the little tutorial about how to use BackRex in your computer. BackRex is free tool allows you to backup, restore, rollback, or create a scheduled backup for your Internet Explorer settings.

After downloading the software from BackRex website, install the application on your computer.Launch the application on your computer & you will see the application window on your computer screen.

backrex backup wizard

You can choose the option from backup, restore or scheduled backup.If you want to backup your internet explorer, choose the backup option and choose next button from the window.

How To Backup Internet Explorer Settings with BackRex

On next screen, choose the next button.That is total 5 step procedure.On the 3rd step, you have to choose the folder where you wish to save the backup file in your Internet Explorer.If you choose the option to remember this folder, it will automatically choose the folder at the time of restoring a ackup.

Backup restore IE settings on PC

If you want your backup data should not accessed by anyone,y ou can add your own password in backup file so nobody can touch your IE backup file without your permission.

Backup Internet Explorer Settings with BackRex

At the last step, it will backup your file on your on the Computer and you have done.At final step, click on the finish button & save your file in your local drive or pen drive. If you are using cloud storage accounts like dropbox, you can store it online, so that you can access your backup online from anywhere.

Restoring Internet Explorer setting with BackRex:

It is similar process to backup setting, all you need to do is choose restore button at the very first step.Then choose the destination folder where you have stored your backup file, and choose next.If you have added password to your backup file, it will ask you for password and when you add your password, it will applied to your internet explorer.Likewise you can also create schedule backup of your internet explorer favorites, history, proxy settings, fonts, dialup accounts, autocomplete passwords and cookies etc.

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Check below video for step by step video guide on how to backup your bookmark.