Black hat techniques help websites to rank in Search Engine highly quickly. The problem is that these tactics only work for the short term. Eventually, the search engines realize that people are trying to game the search results and demote the pages in favor of those using white hat techniques. There are some techniques that people use without really thinking about it. Here is a guide to common black hat SEO techniques that you need to avoid.

Paying for Back LinksHow To Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques

While these can still help, you need to be careful. There is a move towards organic links – people who want to promote your content and find you useful or worthy. This is great if you can gain a good back link to your content from those already considered authorities. This is possible through guest posting, social media links and others who link to your content within their own articles to expand on ideas.

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Hidden Text Within Websites

One of the biggest ways for people to add keywords into their content is through the use of hidden text. This was commonly used by adding the writing in the same color as the background and was used at a time when stuffing content with keywords was considered good practice to gain the income from revenue or ad share.

Keyword Stuffing

Like using hidden text, keyword stuffing has become a big no-no. It makes it difficult for humans to read the content by offering no variation and becoming boring. It is important to use synonyms throughout the content to avoid stuffing keywords and making it interesting for the reader. This means that they are more likely to stay on your page so the bounce rate remains low. By keeping people on your page, the search engines deem you an authority and rank you highly within the searches.

Opting for Misspelled Keywords

People commonly misspell words when searching for something. This was commonly used as a form of SEO so that people would show up highly for specific wrong spellings. However, Google has battled against this by offering a “did you mean this…” with the correct spelling or assuming that someone meant a specific spelling to help find relevant content. There is no need to add misspelled words. It makes your content look poor quality, makes it harder to read and means people are more likely to click away quickly.

Scraping or Spinning Other People’s Content

Scraping is wrong on more than an SEO level – it is illegally taking someone else’s content who already owns the copyright. You could find yourself in legal problems by scraping content. This is also frowned upon by Google because of duplicated content, even if the original and new one is your own! Spinning content is something that some people chose to do. This would take phrases and turn them into something unique. It meant one article could be used hundreds of times. The problem is that they did not always read originally and well. It is best to take fresh content – you can always hire that job to someone else for a reasonable rate.

Take the time to look through all the black hat SEO techniques so that you avoid them. You risk being demoted or black listed by using them and then it will be much harder to gain a higher ranking. Those who work hard are rewarded much more than those who try to game the systems.