If you are thinking for Search Engine Optimization of your blog, you should probably think first about and external linking structure of your blog. As many interlinks as your blog have,  your blog would have low bounce rate for each post. Your blog reader would refer next post linked to that page, one after one and this way your blog’s pageviews also gets increased. By interlinking different pages on your site, you are evenly distributing the link-juice between the high and low Page Rank content. This helps your low Page Rank content to promote higher in search engines.

You interlink content with Anchor text, it will help you for better onpage SEO. Anchor texts emit a search engine signal to inform search engine bots about the content or subject matter to which the link is pointing. Thereby helps search engines to rank your content higher. Important thing is that, you can also expose your older posts to your readers by interlinking them with new posts.We have found FREE SEO plugin for WordPress SEO Tutorial that will help you to interlink your blog content easily.

Automatically Interlink Blog Posts - SEO Smart Links +

SEO Smart Links + can process your posts, pages, topics and comments in search for keywords to automatically interlink.There are four main feature of this Free WordPress SEO Plugin are as mentioned below.

  • SEO Smart Links + would automatically link keywords and phrases in your site for strong interlinking.
  • SEO Smart Links + capable with bbPress plugin (Topics, Topic Tags interlinking)
  • SEO Smart Links + allows you to set up your own keywords and set of matching URLs.
  • SEO Smart Links + allows you to set nofollow attribute and open links in new window.

You can configure SEO Smart Links + WordPress Plugin to Prevent interlinking contents in Header tags like  (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6).You can also set pages and posts to be ignored by this WP Plugins by id or slug. You can also ignore Interlinking by keywords, so that keyword would not be interlinked nor it will be considered for SEO Smart Links Link Building.

Interlinking SEO

You can set custom keyword to interlink and also set limit for interlink per post. Interesting thing is that, this it would also manage  external links SEO for WordPress. You can add nofollow attribute to external links availalble on your blog, so it will not be passed through link juice. It is better SEO for Google. Another big advantage is that, you can configure SEO Smart Links + WordPress Plugin to open external links in new window.

This plugin has not been updated in last two years but it is still effective for SEO Linking internal content. I have been using this plugin on one of my micro niche website and it works perfectly with it. You can alternatively use SEO Smart links WordPress plugin which works on similar concept.

You can check out SEO Smart Links + WordPress Plugin @ https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-smart-links/