Facebook is one of the best social networking sites on the internet and so many peoples using it. Bloggers are utilizing their Facebook account, Facebook fan pages in different way. They create Facebook Fan page for their blog, create community around it and then drive traffic to their blog.Well, If you have created Facebook Fanpage for your blog, you might publishing posts URLs and promote it on your fan page manually, but there is an automatic way to publish it.

Yes, you can publish and share your latest blogposts on your fanpage or on your FB wall using RSS Graffiti. Most of bloggers are using facebook RSS Graffiti to auto publish their blogpost on FB wall, Group or on their Fan page. If you are not using RSS Graffiti, here is the tutorial on how to use RSS Graffiti to Auto Publish Blog Posts To Facebook.

Setting up RSS Graffiti for Auto Publish Blog Posts:

Go to RSS Graffiti application page on Facebook and Click on “Go To Application”.

Add New Publishing Plan on Facebook RSS Graffiti

When you click on add new publishing plan, it would pen popup box where you have to enter blog name or feed name. So you can easily find the rss graffiti of your blog’s feed if you are managing multiple blogs with same Facebook app. After adding name to your publishing plan, click on create publishing plan and it would add a box with source and target as shown below.

Creating Publishing Plan on Facebook RSS Graffiti

From new source option, you will have to add your blog’s feed and detail and to target option, you would have to select where exactly you want to auto-publish your blog’s feed.

Add Feed Source on Facebook RSS Graffiti

You will have t add RSS feed of your blog. If your blog is on WordPress Plateform, just add feed at the end of URL. If your blog is on blogspot.com, you can find blogspot RSS feed from blogger feed URLs.

Add New Source for Feed Setup on Facebook

Once you setup that and click on add source, you will see above windows to setup. Here you have to do nothing, just select system maximum under maximum posts per update. It will publish as many posts as you publish on your blog. Once you save it, you will get message saying “Your new source has been added successfully.”

Add New Target on Facebook RSS Graffiti

Now you have to setup target on other side of your app. Go to new target and click on it, so you would be asked about choose a platform. Select Facebook from there.

Target Setup on Facebook Auto Publishing

Now you will have to setup target.Under Choose your target option select the fanpage or your timeline where you want to Auto Post Blog to Facebook using feeds. Select publish on behalf of. Here if you want to publish post with your name or on behalf of any page name, you can select it.

If you want publishing post style as default Facebook formatting or standard as per your requirement, You can select it. I use standard option to instead of Facebook default formatting.Now click on save changes.

Start Auto Publishing Blog Posts to Facebook

Now you will see OFF option there, just click on ON button and that’s it. From now, whenever you will publish any post on that selected blog’s RSS feed, it wouldAuto Publish Blog Posts To Facebook on target page on behalf of selected name.

I have seen many bloggers complaining about RSS graffiti not working , in such a case, I would recommend you to make sure that feed address is correct. If still this is not working, you should try removing RSS Graffiti and add it again. You can check detailed video tutorial on how to setup auto publish blogposts to facebook from below.