It is very important to interlink your blog post with your relevant post. It actually improves the contextual score of your blog and helps on-page WordPress SEO. Another biggest advantage of interlinking your post with the relevant post is you can reduce bounce rate and you can engage your readers reading your posts further and further.

I have been reading various blogs from many popular bloggers who have been getting so much traffic and pageviews. If you have linked your post with another relevant post, even if your blog is getting very little traffic, you will have more page views. As a reader, if your blog post is really interesting and has some valuable content, a user will surely check out your linked post to find more interesting content from your blog.

I have personally seen many bloggers relying only on relevant posts section and just post their content without interlinking, which is not a solution. To make your on-page SEO & onsite SEO strong, you should consider having proper internal linking between your blog posts. This way, your blog gets more pageviews, alternatively, you can make more money from your blog.

If you are using a WordPress blog, you have so many ways to interlink your blog posts and pages. In this article, we will share the best solution to help you with interlinking your blog post for FREE.

Why Interlink Articles

  • It helps OnPage SEO for WordPress blog
  • More Linkjuice Passes to Inner pages
  • Crawling and Deep-Indexing
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Increase Pageviews

So if you are not interlinking your pages yet, you are missing the above advantages, traffic, page views, and many more things. Hurry up, log in to your blog, and start internal linking now.

How to Interlink WordPress Posts

You can use either a plugin or a manual way to interlink your WordPress posts. Whenever you want to interlink any anchor text with your relevant post, just select that text and press Ctrl + K. You will see a box as shown in the image below.

wordpress linking

Now type the keyword which you think you have made a post in past. Once you type it, it will automatically search and show you the post that has your entered keyword. Select the title and the link will be added to that anchor you just selected.

So if you have just started your WordPress blog, I will recommend you to use this FREE technique to add WordPress relative links to your post. There are some paid plugins to interlink your blog post too. E.g. You can use SEO smart links premium which helps you automatically interlink your blog post.

Auto Interlink vs Manual Interlink

In Auto interlink, you will not know how many links have been added to which page. Sometimes there is some page or post that you don’t want to link to specific anchor text or link. But in automatic internal linking, you will have no control over it.

The manual interlink is all under your control. You know which link to be added where. You can even make some link nofollow if you need. However, it is a time-consuming process but I always prefer manual internal links as compared to the auto interlinking structure.

If you write the content yourself, you should consider manual interlinking as you know all the published content on your site.


If you are a busy blogger and don’t have much time for manual linking, you can buy a premium plugin to interlink your content. But if you want to create a long-term blog, you should always interlink your blog post manually.

Do share your thoughts in the comments, do you use any plugin to interlink content or link your blog post manually with each other?