Gmail is mail service provided by Google. An excellent email service used widely by most of the internet users. You might have tried call forwarding to another number while you are out of reach on your phones. Likewise, Gmail also provides a facility to which you can auto-forward Gmail emails to other email address or specific incoming emails to other email address. Here is the detailed tutorial on How to Forward Gmail to Another Person or specific email address.

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Step 1: Login to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Go to setting option from the top.

Gmail Forwarding Setting

Step 3: Now go to forwarding and POP/IMAP menu and at you will find add a forwarding address option at the first.

Add Forwarding address on gmail account

Step 4: Click there, you would be asked to add new forwarding email address where you want to forward your incoming mails. You can add your alternative email address which you frequently open and use, so you would not have to open two or three mail address. You would receive all your emails incoming to your mail box, would be auto forwarded to the added address.

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Adding Forwarding mail address on Gmail account
How Do You Forward Mail in Gmail

Step 5: It would ask for confirmation that you really want to forward all your mails to that mentioned address? Click on yes / OK to confirm.

Step 6: It would send a confirmation code to verify your permission that you really want to receive mails forwarded from the original account.

Gmail confirmation code for forwarding address

Step 7: Now login to your mail box where you have forwarded your mails. Gmail would have send the confirmation mail on that mail address.

Gmail forwarding Confirmation

Step 8: You can use the confirmation code to your gmail account to verify the account access or confirm the account access using the provided link.

Forwarding Success

You would receive confirmation success page. You would also be able to set archiving, deletation, mark as read your mails as soon as it has been forwarded to your new forwarding address.

Gmail Forwarding Setting for better use of mails
How Do I Forward Gmail

You would have to enable forwarding by setting option and set your inbox setting like mark as read, archive or delete after forwarding. You can add more email address to forward your incoming mails.

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How to forward Specific emails to my address :

Well, if you have set the above option, you would going to receive all incoming mails to your inbox. It would include all social networking mails, promotional mails and almost all mails. It would be better if you set filter in your account to forward specific mails to your account. This way you would not have to review all mails, just you would get only important emails.

At forwarding option, you would see tip, that will say you can also forward only some of your mail by creating filter. Click on that option and create filter to limit your incoming mails.

Creatign Gmail Forwarding Filter
Forward Gmail Messages

Here you can mention from, To, subject, including words or not, attachment mails only or almost everything that you can filter. E.g if you have created filter that has attachment, only mails having attachment would be forwarded to your mail box. If you have set other filters depending on your needs, you would receive mails accordingly.

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If you are using any other tricks to forward your gmail emails on any account, please let us know How Do You Forward Gmail emails to your specified address in the comment below.