When I bought Dell’s android phone and I was searching on the market for such an application that reminds me each time that I have to do that work and this work bla bla.In short I was searching for best android Todo apps that provides me best interference.I found so many Toto apps in android market like Taskos To Do List, Task List, Any.Do, ToDo List Task Manager, Do it (Tomorrow) but I found Astrid Task/Todo list as the best apps for me.

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Customizable Desktop widgetThat’s the screenshot of my android mobile.You can see the Active Task along with + symbol on my desktop.You can set up astrid task on your android mobile as desktop widget & it is available in 4×2,4×4 & 4×3 size.You can set up any size of this apps depending on your needs.If you are using GO Launcher EX than you can customize it’s size that suitable to your home screen of your android mobile.So when any idea comes in my mid I suddenly add in to Active task along with date and time so even if I forget, it will remind me to do the task at mentioned time and date.

Astrid home screen

Your added task will be automatically added in to different filters.However you can assign category in it like Home related task should be added in home category, Personal task should be added in to personal category like wise.So it is almost a complete task manager apps for android.

Adding new task todo list on AstridWhen you are going to add new task on Astrid, you will have so many options.First you can add tittle that will be saved on the apps home screen.You can assign importantce according to !, !!,!!! marks they are in red, yellow and blue colors.Deadline will shows on which time and date you wish to be reminded by apps.If you select repeat button below that,it will repeat and repeat untill you manually stops the alarm.By using add to list you can select the category or choose the category as that I mentioned earlier.

Astrid sharing menuOn second tab you can assign people or your friend by adding his name or mail address in to it.If you select me in that place you will only be notified about completing the task.

Set up Alarm with AstridAlarm feature allows you to add alarm to remind you when your task is deu or overdue.You can even set it like an alarm for one in week, assign custom ringtone for particular tasks.

Astrid add calender eventIn more tab, you can add calender event with your astrid that will add automatically make calender event on any calender widget you are using.I am using Blik calender widget on my android phone and it automatically add events on that widget whenever I adding new tasks in todo list.

Synchronize Astrid with Google,Astrid or Producteev accountsIt has the best option that every android user wants.The apps can Sync with Astrid.com (free way share lists and assign tasks!),Syncs with Google Tasks (with new official API) & Syncs with Producteev.com account.It has superb option to backing up your task.There are plenty of options that make your tasks more powerful with Astrid.You can download Astrid from Android market. This apps is also available for iPhone.

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Rating = 4.4/5

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