Android Rooting is a process of permitting Android users of tablets, smart phones and other devices that run the mobile operating system of Android to get privileged control, which is famous by the name of “root access”, within the Android subsystem.

rooting android device

Importance of rooting your mobile:

The hardware manufacturers put limitations on your Android devices that shall overcome by rooting your Android device. Due to this rooting, you can actually change the system settings and applications; you can run specialized apps, which need administrator-level permissions. You can also perform and use certain functions that a normal user cannot use on his android device.

Know how to root android device:

Rooting is similar to jail breaking devices by running the operating system of Apple, which is the iOS. On Android, you can also remove its operating system and can install yours with a more enhanced version. This is the main benefit, which the Android users get. Android, obtained from Linux Kernel, so rooting Android device is analogous to contacting administrative permissions on the Linux. This shall be done on Unix-like operating systems like OS X or FreeBSD.

There are many Android rooting apps available in the market:

  1. SuperOneClick- The Best Android Rooting App:

Rooting your Android device might look like a very tedious task but the process can be as painless and easy as possible. Android rooting must be performed at your own risk; rooting your Android phone can cause damage to it and can void the warranty of your mobile.

Before starting the rooting process of your phone with SuperOneClick, there are some points you need to remember:

  • If you are installing the software SuperOneClick on the operating system- Windows XP, please bear in your mind that .NET framework v2.0 or an enhanced version of it must be installed on your computer.
  • All the Android drivers of your Android phone must be installed on the operating of the computer, either through the CD, which came with your Android device or by downloading it from vendor’s website.
  • USB debugging mode must be enabled on your Android SmartPhone: First tap the menu button then go to the settings; after that enter into the “Applications” and then into “Development”. After that enable USB Debugging.
  • Make sure that the SD card is unmounted: Tap the menu button, so to the SD card and then to Phone Storage, and if the option of  Unmount SD Card is available then tap it too.

After all these initial steps, download the software “SuperOneClick” on your personal computer. If you are a registered user of XDA website then you can start the downloading from Attached Files, which is posted in the end of initial XDA post. Otherwise search for its link in any blog site to get the software.

Once the rooting app gets downloaded, then unzip the folder; run SuperOneClick.exe. After that plug your Android device to the computer through the USB cable which with your Android device. Consequently, the root button should be clicked to start with rooting.

All the main process is explained above. Other main apps mostly used for rooting android device are given below.

  1. Easy Root 1.3.4 is also another app, which is used for rooting.

  2. Unrevoked forever has the same process as SuperOneClick and it is used for HTC mobiles.


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