Very often we have to wipe up all data from our android phone due to virus problem.Virus problem in android is occurred when third party application installed without prior checking.SMS are the main and important for some person who are used to sending/receiving data from their android phone like banking details via SMS, password in draft folders,scheduled SMS etc.

There is SMS backup apps available for android on android market that allows you to back up all your text SMS messages to your Gmail account under specific label.You need to have IMAP enabled in your Gmail preferences, which must be done through a computer.

How to enable IMAP in Gmail preferences

After enabling IMAP in Gmail, download SMS backup from android market.Now launch the SMS backup apps from your android & enter your Google account credentials there.After successfully logged in, this application will back up all SMS messages from your phone to your Gmail account under separate label.The main feature of the SMS backup apps is that,it is automatically synchronize with your Google account and update the data whenever new SMS is sent or received by your android phone.

Back up Your Text Messages to Gmail With SMSBackup [Android]


  • Auto sync with your Google account.
  • Save text SMS from android to Gmail account directly.
  • Backup your text SMS under separate label in your Gmail account.
  • Best SMSBackup apps for Android.
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You can download SMS backup apps @ Google Play Store.