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Amazon is also now becoming CPM Advertising Networks because recently Amazon has announced Amazon Online Advertising program that is called as Amazon CPM ads. We all know and we have also published detailed guide on how to make money online using Amazon CPM ads. After the request of so many friends from Facebook, I have thought to publish Amazon CPM Ads dashboard internal looks and user interface. Let’s start from first. When you log in to your Amazon associates account, you would see usual user interface, right now, to promote Amazon CPM ads, they show a banner on the associate’s dashboard.

Amazon CPM Ads Dashboard

Amazon has tried to implement a CPM dashboard inside amazon associates account, Recently I have faced the issue that my affiliate earning was showing to zero, I have emailed them about the issue. They told that they already know the issue and their developers are working on the same. Within 24 hours, I got my earning was restored as it was with a commission.

Hello Bhavesh,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in replying to your email.

The issue you’ve described with the zero earnings for ordered items and monthly totals listed in your reports for July 2014 & August 2014 was known to us, and it was affecting all member’s Associates accounts. Our developers of the program were conducting system updates to the server where Associates Central is stored out of, and the updates have been completed.

Here is a post we had posted to the discussion boards about the delay in all member’s Reports:


After reviewing your Amazon.com Associates Account/Id: ehowportal-20 connected to email address: b*******@gmail.com, I saw your Reports have fully updated and are now displaying correctly.


I hope this information is helpful in explaining why there was the discrepancy in your reports.

Thank you for both your understanding and participation in Amazon Associates.

It was fully updated and now it was working fine with me. Now coming to internal look at Amazon CPM dashboard, does it look similar to Google Adsense or unique dashboard.

Amazon CPM Ads Reporting Dashbaord

At first look, Amazon CPM dashboard is so simple, because it has just home and creates new ad code button. When you click on the home button, you will be redirected to CPM ads reporting page, from where you can check your earning. From Create New ad code, you will be able to create new ads to be placed on your website.

On Amazon CPM reporting page, you will see date range, like Today, Last 7 Days and last 30 days only. Selecting date rage, a graph of earning vs impression vs CPM is plotted as provided in the image above.

How to Get Invitation for Amazon CPM Ads

Right now Amazon CPM dashboard can only be accessed and used by invited amazon associates only, If you are invited to test, you are the lucky one, as per official resource. There is no invite button or invitation code that invited users to use to invite their friends. If you have any question regarding Amazon CPM ads, feel free to comment below.

How to Get Paid by Amazon

They are paying on monthly basis, once you reach minimum payout. If you are living in the US, you will be able to receive payment via direct bank transfer. If you are living outside the US, you will get paid by check. They do not have any direct bank transfer facility for publishers living outside the US. But you can use Payoneer to receive Payments directly to your bank account. Here is how to receive payment using Payoneer.


    • Hi Mobilian Nazmul,
      Thank you for your comment. Basic difference between both are Adsense works on CPC(Cost Per Click) base, which pays you per click. While CPM ads are working on thousands impression. You can set your desired CPM you want.e.g. If your CPM is $10 USD, your CPM advertiser will pay you 10USD every thousands impression.

      let me know your views on the same.Feel free to ask, if you still have any query.

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