Recently I have shared my 6-month journey with Amazon affiliate programs, Good news is that I have made $150+ USD from Amazon associate programs and my efforts are on the right way. You can refer the screenshot below, it is just for a reference. To make your first dollar online is hard, as you have to refer more and more traffic to your landing page and affiliate links. Once you start getting traffic to your blog, it will be easier for you to make more and more out of your affiliate program.

Once you start getting traffic to your blog post, all you have to do is your on-page SEO. You can also call it as landing page optimization. You can use these steps to increase organic traffic to your blog. Once everything is set up, you will be making a good amount of money from your landing page and affiliate program. Here in this article, we will be discussing how you can make your first income online & you can scale it to 5 figure or 6 figure too.

Increase Amazon Affiliate EarningsMake money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

If you just started a new blog, you should check out below steps to getting started with affiliate marketing with Amazon. If you are new to blogging & want to learn more how to start a new blog, I have created a special blogging course that is FREE to join. Join FREE blogging course now.

Selecting a Niche for Amazon Affiliate Site

Very first thing I have learned from my personal experience is choosing the right niche to promote right marketing. I was blogging on HubPages using my Amazon affiliate links, I was getting too many affiliate link clicks, but no purchase or sale from it.

No income was coming from my affiliate links published on HubPages. This is because HubPages is a multi-author platform where every author is publishing content on different niche and promote products according to their niche. So the traffic that we are getting will be general. However, there is the chance to get ranked for specific keywords on HubPages as it is an authority site.

Tips I used to Make My first $100 on Amazon Associates

After that, I have analyzed that, there is something that is missing something. Later I started building niche blogs & worked on it. I found a key to success in affiliate marketing. That was focusing on a specific niche & products for specific websites. So instead of working on all categories & niche articles on one site, I started working on multiple niche focused blogs.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you can use this tutorial to start your first blog & start making money from it.

Amazon Coupons & Deals

Whenever there is any occasion, you can try posting coupons for specific products in your niche. Ultimately you can reach out the product owner by contacting them, usually, Amazon does not allow to contact sellers directly but you know the brands. Just head over to their website & reach out to them to provide you the coupons for your readers.

Ask them that you will be promoting the post to your email list, or want to boost traffic to that product with Facebook ads or Google ads. They will be happy to offer you discount coupons and codes for Amazon.

Amazon Coupon Codes

If you are not able to find out this, Just login to your Amazon Affiliate Account > Promotion > Amazon Promo Codes to see these coupons in your Amazon Affiliate accounts.

Find out coupons from Amazon for the products in your niche, post deals, coupons & offers on your blog. You can also send those coupon codes to your email readers to offer them a discount & generate more affiliate sales.

Build An Email List

This is the mistake that every blogger makes, even I did this mistake of not building an email list for my blogs. Building an email list is the easiest way to contact your blog readers and audience.

Offer them something like tips for buying XX or PDF version of your post to enter their email into to join your email list. Give them a reason to come back to your blog again.

Social media followers are yours but social media is not your assets, they take it down anytime and you may lose all your followers. (This may not happen to all social media, but think if it happens, how will you contact your followers?)

The answer is an email list, start building your email list, you can recommend products from your email list too. You can email them on a special occasion like holidays or at any event with discounted product links to generate more passive income. I have been using Convertkit, which is a simple and easy tool to manage your email lists. Signup for Convertkit 14 days trial from here.

Product Comparision

I have been using product comparison post on my blogs that also working fine for me. If you want to build an advanced page with custom layout in WordPress, I recommend you to use Divi builder that helps you to build a customized webpage with drag & drop too.

You can make use of a FREE tool called Tablepress for WordPress, which help you to build an interactive & responsive table for your blog post.

Compare to similar or identical products with pros & cons on your blog mentioning everything that you find. You will always find products to compare in your niche, just look out the Amazon products page to find out product comparison itself. (Refer image below)

Amazon Product Comparison Create similar like this for your blog posts too & help customers selecting the best version of products they are actually looking for.

Create Listicles

Find out the monthly best selling products from Amazon, you can use this link to find out best-selling products @ .

You can find out the best selling products in your niche by doing so. Try creating top 10 products under $XX or top 10 products for __.

I call this kind of articles as listicles, which is the list of best products to do something or recommended for something. Try Long tail keywords to get more specific traffic that converts best. To search long tail keywords, I use Long Tail Pro. You can get long tail pro for FREE trial from here.

Usually, the best selling items are mostly searched by consumers for their specific needs, your listicles will help you to find out more such products.

Native Shopping Ads

[Updated on 15-01-2018: I have updated this article with more content that are latest and removed outdated content so that you can enjoy the latest version of this article]

Amazon has launched CPM advertising as well as Amazon A-store, but they shut-down both. Since Native shopping ads worked best for them. For CPM, they have to pay money to the advertiser and Amazon Astore was outdated, they have implemented native shopping ads which are similar to Google Adsense, which shows relevant products based on cookies stored on customer’s computer or recent searches.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads Earning

Here is the screenshot of one of my Amazon affiliate account which shows you the earning for native shopping ads that convert similar to the product links. The conversion ratio for product links is the same as the conversion ratio of native shopping ads.

If you are running any Amazon affiliate blog & not yet using Native shopping ads, you can make use of it to increase your affiliate earning.

Review Articles

Try purchasing products in your niche, create an in-depth review article on your blog.

Create an in-depth article with Pros, Cons, Your Thoughts on the products in your review article. If you didn’t like the product, clearly mention that you didn’t like something about that product. If you like any feature for that product, mention it.

By reviewing products, your audience will come to know which one is the best to purchase and which is not. You are building trust and relationship with your audience, so make sure you don’t like or praise any product feature that is not with them.

Product Review Video

If your blog has a YouTube channel, you can either purchase the product or ask a company for the review unit mentioning that, that you will be reviewing a specific product on your blog & on your YouTube channel.

Usually, the company offers a review unit to the blog owner or YouTube channel owner with a specific number of followers. Still, you can try some newer brands to ask for review units.

Once you have the product, create a YouTube Video & post it on YouTube as well as add that review video in your review article. By Uploading videos on YouTube, you will also make money from YouTube.

24 Hours Cookie

Whenever you create a new post, if you find any relevant products, you can link to that product using your affiliate link. If you have not read my article on Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners, check it out to increase your affiliate sales.

You will notice in your Amazon affiliate account for sales & commission for the products that are not in your niche. That’s the magic of Amazon cookies. Whenever you are sending traffic to Amazon from your affiliate links, cookies will be stored on their computer. Whenever they make a purchase within 24 hours from Amazon, you will earn a commission.

Clickable Image

This idea comes in my mind very late, but I have started implementing that and checking how it is going on. All you need to do is copy your affiliate link and link your image with your affiliate link.

We show an image and add affiliate link or button at the bottom to show buy now. Some of readers or customers who used to click on images also. If product image is attractive, a user will also click on an image, and they will redirect to your affiliate landing page.

Generate Amazon Affiliate Image Link

To generate an image affiliate link for your product, you can open product for which you want image link, on the header, you will see Amazon associate site stripe, from there click on an image and you will get a code to place on your website. Alternatively, you can copy your affiliate link and link your image with that link.

You can simply upload an image on your blog post, click on the link icon on your WordPress editor & add your affiliate link there if you wish. Make image clickable with your affiliate links.

Increase Amazon Affiliate EarningsNofollow Affiliate Links

This is another thing that every blogger should consider. Whenever you promoting any affiliate links, make sure you give it nofollow links.

If you are new to SEO, let me explain you in simple words. There are 2 types of links we can give from a blog post. Dofollow link passes the link juice & nofollow link does not pass the link juice. You can read more about it from here.

If you are adding affiliate links to your blog, you should always give no-follow attribute to it for better SEO. You can also give it rel=external attribute to maintain well on page SEO on your blog.

Are you new to blogging? Want to make money as a blogger? I have created a FREE blogging course for you that help you with getting started your blog to making money online. Make sure you join this course from below, it’s FREE!

I have been using following tips, and some of the plans for implementing was written in this article. If you are using any other strategies to Make Money online with Amazon Affiliate Program, feel free to share your Amazon Affiliate Success Stories with us in the comment section.