Previously we had discussed about Top used WordPress antispam plugin that are used by most of WordPress owner to prevent spam comments to the website.I was not using Akismet before but after getting lots of spam I thought I should implement some of the antispam plugin to prevent unwanted bots and spammers commenting on my blog.

I had installed SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin along with Akismet plugin that was quite easy to use and after installing it no I seen there is no spam comments on my blog SI Captcha antispam pluginexcepts real comments.Before that I was getting almost 20-25 comments per day on this blog even this is new blog and the domain age is only about a month.What SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin do is it adds random images before the submit buttons and commentator has to enter the code that is randomly displayed on the image in to the box.After the adding right code only the commentator would be able to submit the comments for review.The main advantage of this plugin is that spam bots can never read the image random words and it can never type as well.So your blog will be free from such comments from spam bots.

Now its turn for Akismet plugin.If the commentator is real and not bots that only comments will be submitted due to the the restriction we added in the comment section by SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin.So If the commentator is real and he has submitted the comment to your blog, Akismet WordPress plugin will automatically finds the spam comments.You just need to signup for Akismet API key and paste it in to the Akismet configuration from plugin menu & you have done.Akismet AntiSpam WordPress Plugin

It had marked almost 84 comments from my WordPress blog, so I had moved them to trash section.So I need not to read all comments that are almost need to be trash.However I read all the comments before moving it to trash section.I think both the plugin installed simultaneously will potentially protect your blog from spam comments.Share which WordPress anti spam plugin you guys are using to prevent spam comments to your WordPress blog by commenting in the comment section below.