As so World Wide Web(WWW) is getting so many new website in each day the webmasters should do something to improve their alexa ranking by doing proper Search Engine Optimization(SEO) with their newly launched blog.Here I will explain about my Blog which procedure I followed after launching this blog &how I  setup WordPress.

  • Best Permalink Structure for WordPress SEO

    Best Permalink structure for WordPress SEO

All webmaster should do this changes just after installing WordPress because Permalink Structure plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization of your WordPress Blog.

You will provided the permalink structure something like by default but you can change it according to day and time, month and name , Numeric or you can setup your own.Since Numeric is not recommended because Search Engine will fine now words in your URL so it is not advised.It is recommended to use following Permalink for WordPress.




It is not necessary to use html at the end,you can simply ignore it also. So if I am trying to post anything it will displayed as because I am using the second one permalink structure.So It will setup your URL like first of your blog then after it will add category and then your post name will be displayed.You can change your wordpress Permalink structure by going toWordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalink.

  • Setup Admin Password

The second thing I will recommend is to generate strong password for your WordPress blog, because after installing WordPress, It will randomly setup your password by assigning some characters and which can not be remind each and everyday whenever you are going to login to your WordPress blog.(You can remember that default password if you tell your browser to save password for you!).So change your WordPress password and manage authors for your blog.

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By default just like random password, WordPress will assign admin for username and that can not be changed,so anyone can guess your password and try to hack your WordPress blog.I will suggest to add another user with your name and make the username as admin than delete the old one admin username so you will have your choice of username and password for your WordPress blog.

Choosing attractive theme is important not in the search engine’s mind but it is important for leaving good impression in reader’s mind and so they will be attracted to subscribe your blog via email or via RSS feed reader.You can select the top most used News type WordPress theme and download it for free which I had selected for my blog but unfortunately I have to choose only one,so rest of the theme which are highly attractive , SEO optimized & even Free that  you can choose for your blog.Right theme will possibly attract visitors but I will recommend you to create custom logo for your website to give it unique identity in Internet world.There are various website which provides free service to make logo for your website.If possible you can add favicon to your blog that will make your blog more unique.There are also so many online services provides you to generate custom favicon online for your website.

I installed some of the best WordPress plugin to give SEO power to my blog.Here are the some of the best plugin that powers blog.

  1. SEO by Yoast
  2. Google XML Sitemaps
  3. SEO friendly images
  4. SEO Smart links
  5. Smart 404
  • About & contact pages
After setting up all the thing and installing necessary plugin, create an about page and contact us page.You can refer my about page and contact page for your information and create one for your blog.since about page will have an information about the author or owner of the blog,your regular reader will have information about you that your are the most powerful blogger and they might inspired by your post.Contact us page will refer be used by your reader to tell something to might get some appreciation, some tips to improve your blog more user friendly.So It is recommended to set up contact us page for your blog.
WordPress database backup manager & scheduled backup It is not important in view of SEO but important for you because you are the person who is doing hard work to setup blog,answering comment, posting good quality of articles but if your blog has deleted or somehow unnecessary damage to data of your blog will occurs you will miss all the post and the work done by you.So you need to install your WordPress database backup so whenever such kind of problem occurs you just have to restore the previously back up data so you will lost nothing.
  • Setup RSS feed with feedburner & Social media

Setup RSS feeds & social networking for WordPress Now almost you have setup all the important steps.The remaining thing is to set up the RSS feed with feedburner.It is the thing that make your reader attached with your blog,even they forget your blog address if they had subscribed to your blog with RSS feed, they will receive the new post updates via email whenever your blog have new content. I will recommend you to set up a Facebook fan page for your blog,Setup twitter account , Google+  page for your blog so that your reader may contact you on social networking websites.You can also setup social networking icons on your WordPress so that users can easily share your post on various social networking websites.I recently updated my blog’s social subscription box just look a like mashable blog, you can use that subscription with your WordPress blog, just by installing easy mashable social bar plugin.
  • WordPress time zone setup

    Setup Timezone for WordPress for scheduled post writers
It is important for those bloggers who are scheduling their blog post on fixed time instead writing the blog post and publish it immediately.This is important option for those blogger.You can change your timezone of WordPress blog by going to General > setting.
  • Update Ping service list

    Best Pinging service list for WordPress website

Pinging service is important for WordPress because whenever you are updating your WordPress blog,the pinging service will automatically tells the pinging websites that the blog has been updated,please have a look at it.You can update your WordPress pinging list by Setting > Writing.

  • First Post

Now your blog is ready to be posted.Write a quality full post on your blog and post it.Share it on various social networking websites and drive traffic from there.


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