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We love writing about new tech related stuff and sharing our views on it with our readers. You may have noticed that we often use Amazon links when recommending products.

You might see some links to web sites from our website. We may often use Amazon links when recommending products to buy.You may have noticed that we often use Amazon links when recommending products. We also buy products from Amazon, write a review about it and share it on our website. So if you do decide to use our links to make a purchase we are recommending, we will get paid a small commission in return. Also, you will not have to worry about delivery as Amazon will deliver your order safely.

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We sometimes share our review on our website along with an advice on whether a product worth purchasing or not. In most case, we use the product or get that product review from a person who is regularly using it. Then we will make a survey and write about it in details. So we will never recommend anything we don’t have tried that from our end or we know the person who has tried that.

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