Google has recently updated new extension called AdSense Publisher Toolbar for Google Chrome. This extension is really worth install on your Chrome browser if you are having approved Adsense account. The tool lets you check your Google Adsense earning without leaving your current webpage you are reading.

Google Publisher Toolbar to Check Adsense Earning

AdSense Publisher Toolbar

Before coming to know about this chrome extension, I was using Live Earnings Checker for Google AdSense plugin & it shows adsense earning in chrome at the side of the URL bar.AdSense Publisher Toolbar is from Google & allows you to check your live Google adsense earning of today, yesterday, this month and last month earning.

It shows top 5 URL channels as well as top 5 custom channels you made with your adsense account with live earning.T he interesting one I found was lifetime revenue which you can see the total adsense earning since the day Google approved your adsense account.

This chrome plugin is useful for bloggers who are wasting their time in reloading the Adsense account frequently to watch how much they earned today. Actually, this is wasting of time to watch Adsense earning again and again because the money you earned will be yours only, so instead of wasting time in watching earning you should try to find a resource and post a new article on your blog.T his trick will definitely increase your Adsense earning because the content is king.

After installing the chrome extension, you need to allow the extension to access your adsense account, once you have granted access to the plugin you can see your live Adsense earning status from your Google chrome without leaving a page or opening Adsense account. All you need to do is just click on the extension button and it will automatically fetch the Adsense earning data from your Adsense account.

AdSense Publisher Toolbar Feature

  • Real-time earning status from your Adsense account.
  • No need to reload, it automatically refreshes your earning data.
  • Shows total earning in lifetime revenue section.
  • No need to login to Adsense account frequently.

You can check out the AdSense Publisher Toolbar @ Chrome Web Stor