You might have received notification on your Google Adsense account saying that your Account Has Been Upgraded to a New Payments System.

Adsense Account has Upgraded

Google adsense has updated it’s payment system and there is new way to receive payment from Google adsense from India.On their official page, they have updated details as follows.

We’ve made some changes to improve our payments system, and your account has been included to benefit from these changes. Here’s a summary of the required actions, changes and added benefits of the new payments processes:

What’s new?

Redesigned “Payments” and “Payment settings” pages:

  • “Payment summary” is now called “Transaction history.”
  • “Payment method” is now called “Form of payment.”
  • “Unpaid finalized earnings” is now called “Current balance.”
  • Redesigned transaction history table shows you the latest activities at the top.
  • New toolbar support allows you to filter, print, export, or download transaction information.

More flexibility with your payment settings:

  • New extended timeline allows you to change your payment information until the 20th of any month.
  • You can choose any payment threshold greater than the default payment threshold based on your reporting currency.
  • You can also hold your payments until a specified date.

Improved navigation of the payments interface:

  • Centralized locations to manage your “Payment settings” and “Payee profile.”
  • Contextual help is displayed based on the pages that you navigate to.

We’ll continue to add improvements over the coming weeks and months.

How can I add new mode of payment in Google adsense ?

First of all Sign into Google Adsense . From My Adsense Account You can configure IFSC code and bank account details on your Google adsense account to receive direct payment from them.To edit payment setting on Google adsense account, you would need to go to payment page from setting option and go to payment setting option.

Add New Form of Payment on Google Adsense

There set your adsense payment schedule and monthly threshhold before you set form of payment. Once it set, choose form of payment by clicking on add a new form of payment in your adsense account. You would redirected to new page where you have to add your NEFT bank details for direct transfer of adsense payment to your bank account.

Add NEFT details on Adsense account

You have to add your name in account holder name, bank name, your bank’s IFSC code and SWFIT – BIC code and account number to add your NEFT details. It would allow you to receive Google adsense payment directly in your Bank account.

How can I find IFSC code to be added on my Google adsense account?

You can check first page of your passbook for the same. There IFSC code or MICR code is mentioned on front page. You can also locate your branch address online to search IFSC code online. You can also use IFSC code finder tool to search IFSC code of your bank account.

How can I find SWIFT-BIC code to be added on my Google adsense account?

You can contact your bank directly for SWIFT code to receive payment to your bank account. Otherwise you can use online SWIFT code finder tool to find SWIFT-BIC code.

Do let me know, do you updated your NEFT payment profile on Google account to receive payment from Adsense?

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