images (37)Adminimize is a WordPress plugin which allows you to hide ‘unnecessary’ items from the WordPress backend. This gives you the power to assign rights on certain parts. It visually compresses the administrative header this enables a better visibility of admin page content initially. Adminimize gives you even more control over running your website and what users can and cannot do. This is one of the plugins with the most number of features available for WordPress and also it is free to download.You can effectively Manage WordPress Blog with this handy wordpress plugin.

Some of the important features of Adminimize include:

• Admins are allowed to activate/deactivate every part of the menu and even parts of the submenu.

• It moves ‘Dashboard’ onto the main administrative menu.

• Some parts of the right menu can be deactivated separately for admins or non-admins.

• It provides more functionality, than being the simple plugin allowing admin menu items hiding. It has the capability to hide or deactivate a lot of WordPress interface elements, which you consider redundant, unneeded or excessive for your purposes.

• It hides post Meta controls on the Write page and other areas in the admin-area and Write-page. This simplifies the editing interface.

• Many options for menu, submenu and all areas, meta boxes in the write-area, separated for all roles in WordPress.

• It can control the writing options of each user group. For example it is going to be helpful in case if you do not want contributors to be able to set the page-slug for articles they submit or even allow them to set the title of the article.

• Adminimize is also compatible with some of the other popular plugins which are currently in use.

• There is a “Links options” section, which makes it possible to modify the presentation of Links page with, WP Menu page with “WP Nav Menu options” section.

• “Set Theme” section allows you to setup admin theme options for groups of users at once.

• Adminimize plugin can also export settings, you made to this plugin, to the file and import them later.

• It is also useful in reproducing the needed environment during site restore after some crash or accident.

There are other simple permission plugins like User Role Editor and if you think these aren’t sufficient as per your needs then definitely Adminimize is the plugin you need to use. It indeed is one of the widely used WordPress plugins which also happened to be easy to install and simple to use for all the WordPress users. If you are looking for the download page of Adminimize you can do it from here. They have given complete instructions on how to install this plugin without much hassle.


  1. Nice plugin review…
    But allowing Visitors to register on your Blog also opens a backdoor to your blog’s vulnerability.

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