Microsoft has claimed that it’s new operating system Windows 8 will be the most creative operating system till date. In this new operating system, Microsoft has experimented a lot of the main look of the screen and icons. The major revolution exclusively for the brand new Microsoft Windows 8 is it’s metro UI. Windows 8 comes with a dual interface where the user can either use Metro UI or the traditional desktop style. Switching between these 2 interface is very easy and just by a single click, users can switch from metro UI to desktop and vice verca.

The steps are very simple with this innovative small and helpful app developed by Jayson Ragasa. The application contributes buttons to Shut down, Reboot, Log-off, Sleep, Lock and Hibernate as a metro UI display of Win 8. It provides immediate access to direct option as an individual App with visual individual interface. You need not make control line strategies etc. as recommended by other guides on the web. This application features several functionalities and configurations.

Here are some of the functions performed by this app

Shut Down : It closes all the apps and processes running on your computer and shuts down the operating system completely. In this process, you lose all your unsaved data. So it is advised to save your data and then to Shut Down your computer.

Log Off : This function signs you out of the current logged account. This is used when you want to completely close an account without closing all the processes of a computer. After logging out off an account, you can log into another account to resume all the processes.

Restart : This function is used when you have changed some files on the operating system. It closes all the processes and application running at a particular point and then restarts them from the beginning. Generally while

the installation process of all the important process, a system restart is required.

How to add these buttons on Windows 8 1. To add these buttons on windows 8, click here download an app named as Windows 8 System Power application.

2. After download, install this app by clicking twice on the exe file that you get in the download folder.

3. It will ask for a system restart after downloading. Click on “Restart Now”.

4. Once you have installed this application, go the the menu of Windows 8 system power application to configure this

How to Add Shutdown, Restart, Log Off Buttons on Windows 8

5. Select the buttons which you want to display on the metro UI page on Windows 8 and click OK.

Add Shutdown, Restart, Log Off Buttons on Windows 8

6. Once you click OK, you can see all those buttons you have added on the Windows 8 desktop. All these buttons will work as simple as other buttons present on the Metro UI page.

Adding Shutdown, Restart, Log Off Buttons on Windows 8

Hope this tutorial is helpful for you. If you have any problems, drop your comments.

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