In the world of SEO, there are two words discussed most of the time, that are Dofollow and Nofollow.Link building is the crucial part of any successful SEO business.There are lots of dofollow blogs/forums & nofollows too on Internet but building backlink from dofollow blogs sometimes bad. That is just because the dofollow backlink you are getting is either from unreliable source. The main thing to be considered in On-page SEO optimization is that you should get backlink from the relevant and reliable resource.

How to add Nofollow Tag to a Link

Why You Should Add Nofollow tag to External Hyperlink?

The main rule in SEO world is dofollow links are important while nofollow links are less important. You need to know that what is dofollow first and then only you can understand the value of dofollow and nofollow links on any hyperlinks. Dofollow links are links which we want Google to follow from our page and nofollow links are those links which we don’t want Google bot (Or any other search engine bots) to follow. So whenever you are linking your site to any bad domain or unreliable/untrusted sites, we use nofollow link attributes.

By default all blogging systems add dofollow links whenever you are linking any sites.In blogger there is option to add nofollow attribute to any hyperlinks while there is no such systems in WordPress.You need to manually add Nofollow tag or by using WordPress plugins.

So from now whenever you are linking your blog post article to any affiliate links, spammy or untrusted websites, make sure that you are adding nofollow attribute to it.It is good practice to add nofollow tag to external links or such websites.

How to add Nofollow Attributes to a link?

So Here is the structure of general any HTML hyperlink, taken from

<a href=””>Visit Ehowportal</a>
The default is dofollow as I have already mentioned above.So if you want to add nofollow attribute to this link, just add dofollow tag to this code.So your link will be look like :
 <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Visit Ehowportal</a>
You can not add it in your visual editor in Blogger/ WordPress, you can add it from HTML editor of your post page.The only changes you have to made is adding rel=” nofollow” to your HTML code of your hyperlink and the link will be made nofollow on your post page.
There are WordPress plugins to make external links as nofollow, but it will mark all external links nofollow. So if you want to display any external link you might have problem.
To maintain the link juice in White hat SEO technique, you can make comments, external ads links and affiliate links as nofollow & open such links in new window. We have made Ehowportal’s comments as dofollow, so you can give your valuable comments on this blog and get dofollow backlinks in return.