Recently one of my friend asked me how he can visit and read any forum without registering/login to them.I replied him it is not possible but thinking for a while I thought I should ask Google for help him. Addictivetips suggested me a wonderful solution for his problem.The solution was to visit a website as Google bot will prevent showing register page and let you read full article without registering to any forum website.

Firefox useragent switcher

Everything you need to do is just install Firefox User agent switcher addons on your computer browser and change user agent whenever you are visiting any forum or website that prompt you to register.

Add a new useragent on Firefox

You can add new user agent on Firefox by option menu on it.Do the setting as mentioned in the image above.On description, you have to type : “” without quote. ON User agent option, you need to write “Googlebot/2.1 (+” & you have done.Nove click ok and save the options you just modified.

Now whenever you are going to visit any website that tells you to register for them,just choose the Googlebot user agents from user agent switcher and enjoy access any website without registering them.

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