About Ehowportal

Hello & Welcome to Ehowportal blog where I share my knowledge. I started this blog on 5th November 2011 to create a tech blog on, especially how-to topics to help peoples. After 4 to 5 years, this was a dead blog and I never posted here. I have created some informative post which was taken into consideration by TechCrunch like blogs too but I was failed to make this blog popular as I expected, but I succeed working on micro-niche blogs & some other online projects.

When 2019 started, I decided to share all the knowledge that I have gained during my Internet marketing journey to help online Entrepreneurs and bloggers to build their business online.

Was this a dead blog?

Yeah, you can say it was a dead blog, but not now. I will be posting my experience with content marketing, SEO, Link Building, Web Development and many more tips to help your online business. I have been in the blogging field since 2011 & I have worked with so many web development agencies, content marketing agencies. So I will share my personal experience on this blog about what I have learned in the Online marketing field during these many years.

My name is Bhavesh Sondagar & I am a full-time blogger living in Surat, Gujarat. By Education, I am a Pharmacist but by profession, I am a full-time blogger, Internet marketer & now a traveler too.

Here is what you will find on Ehowportal Blog:

  • 50% tips on tips to make money online, 10% is for how to stories & 40% for lifestyle, travel like personal stories
  • We will also share Social media marketing techniques, SEO Basic & Advance
  • Startup, Business & online marketing tips for entrepreneurs.

If you want to get a quick start with your own blog, check out this tutorial to start your blog in less than 20 minutes. If you’re wanting to start a blog, I recommend taking my FREE How To Start a Blog Course.

At the 2019 year-end, I am going to switch my lifestyle from a full-time blogger to a full-time traveler due to backpain. I will also be making money online when I am traveling and exploring other parts of the world, I will share my travel journey on my blog along with income reports soon.

You can connect me on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.