In this article, we have mentioned about the reasons why kids should have smartphones. So if you are looking for the good reasons to give the kid a new smartphone. Then you are at right place, here we have mentioned best good reasons so that you can give a new smartphone to your kid without having any problem.

In these days, the Most common question that asked by the many parents that “why should kids have smartphones?” If you are one of them, so read our below mentioned few points.

Reasons Why Kids Should Have Phones

Why Kids Should Have Phones

There are so many reasons why kids should have a smartphone. Here we have listed the best eight solid good reasons:

For Security Purpose

In this time, smartphone or cell phone is the best gadget to get connects between a parent and their children. Smartphone or cell phone is also can be used to make call emergency responders like Police, Fire brigade, ambulance, etc.

Bad weather, fires, floods, storms, traffic accidents, earthquakes – there are several things that can happen during the day after your kids or children leave the house for school. If your kid has a smartphone, then your kid can make a call you to get out of an emergency condition.

Keep in Touch

If you are working parents and you want to keep In touch with your kid, then having a smartphone is a good reason that you can contact your kid anytime by just pressing a button of the smartphone.

The kid can also use the smartphone to tell their parents that they will be late for dinner due to some extra-curricular activities. In short, your kid can connect with you by using the smartphone in any emergency situation.

Social Media Communication

In this time, every smartphone comes with internet connectivity features and also you can install several apps on your smartphone like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. That means you can also connect with your kid by using the social media platform.

You can also send messages via the above mentioned social smartphone application. Most of the teens use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to send messages, port their stories, images, and much more.


Most of all smartphones come with lots of entertainment features like Pre-installed Videos player, Movies player applications so that your kid can watch movies or videos in his free time.

In this time, Android smartphones are very popular and also offer a simple and easy to use interface. So, the kids can easily understand how to operate.


With Android smartphones, your kid can also download plenty of games and Apps. That means your kid can play entertaining games, and also can watch entertaining videos and movies on his smartphone.

You can also show them mind games to improve their IQ & thinking patterns. Games can develop kid’s minds positively if used properly, but kids can also develop compulsive behavior about smartphones if they used to play it the whole day. Make a schedule & fix the time to play games on a smartphone for your kids.

Reminders and Note

Reasons Why Kids Should Have Phones

Most of the smartphone comes with plenty of features and functionality. And the Reminder and Note is one of them that allows you to set a reminder for any work.

You can set a reminder for study, for laundry, for the meeting, and for walking, etc. So your kid can also use these apps to making the list of his all work like study, playing.

GPS Tracking

Most of the advanced smartphone also comes with built-in GPS Positioning features so that you can use this GPS features to determine your perfect location if you are in any trouble.

With the GPS location service, you can also track your kid’s activity and location without any problem. The Mobile phone comes handy when they are traveling, it helps them to find out their exact location along with the navigation where they want to go.


In these days, gadgets like Smartphone, tablet or laptop computer is the best way to learn from online. And your kid can also use the smartphone to learn new things about technology, etc.

So, if you give a smartphone to your kid, then your kid offers a great chance to learn new things every day.

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