When you have pc problems it is mentioned most of the time that the problems came from deficiency of servicing and security in the operating system. If you consistently run several applications on your Windows 7 based PC, there is no purpose why your program cannot run easily for a season or more. Many peoples recommend to format your PC every six several weeks or so, but they probably don’t take care of their program as well as they could. Disk Formatting is not always a choice either, due to the active specifications put upon us nowadays.

Free Apps for Windows 7 Laptops
Free Apps for Windows 7 Laptops

Here we are going to detail on specific must have apps with Windows 7 Pc, each and every one of them operates sleek as soft silk. Let’s start and we will record them from one to five, but in no particular purchase. All of these applications work in Windows XP and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and some were even examined to perform in the Windows 7.


CCleaner is a hugely popular totally free application which safely removes remaining over information, old personal computer entries and it comes with an advanced and basic start-up manager feature to control the applications being loaded to memory. Not only does CCleaner remove remaining over information, but it also helps delete information Windows creates that are not needed and can totally release a LOT of hard drive area – such as Memory Dumps, Windows log information and Windows Error Reporting.It is recommend you run this program at least once a day and not only do the file better, but also the personal computer scanner at the same time.

AVG Free (virus scanner)

There are many compensated malware reader alternatives out there, but to be sincere, most of them don’t work properly. They are swollen with ineffective junk and eat up a terrible quantity of sources and should be prevented at all expenses.You should always run AVG to examine for up-dates every few times to make sure you have the newest security. Do observe that it will instantly examine for up-dates itself every day.

Bitdefender is alternative to AVG that is recommended.  Bitdefender Total Security 2016 provides you Ultimate security for your computer. Complete with powerful device tune-up and anti-theft. Uses machine-learning technologies to stay one step ahead of new malware. It is not FREE but you can get it at just $69 for one PC from Bitdefender’s Official Website(Recommended).

3)   Spybot 

Spybot is a program that is developed to secure your program from malware, viruses and other junk that can affect your PC’s functioning, if not managed effectively.It also has a built-in scanner that tests your program for malware and other bad value and eliminates it from your program. It not only checks information, but also your web record, cookies and storage cache.

4)   Defraggler

Defraggler it is pretty exclusive application that it is able to develop a record of fragmented information and gives you the capability to defrag each independently. Of course you can defrag your whole disk (recommended), but this can take a while.

5)   Revo

You could think of Revo as a high level “Add or Remove Programs” that is designed into Windows 7. It not only removes applications, but also removes all information, personal computer records and records left overs by the set up program.


  1. I used to use AVG but when Microsoft Security Essentials came out, I switched. I think it is less of resource hog and stays up to date with Microsoft updates.

  2. I am using Avast antivirus and registry cleaner app. It free application for windows to.
    For video converting i use Format Factory.

    Thanks for this post i would definetly try this app to.

  3. I have a huge amount of respect for the way that Piriform runs their business. As a small US-ran software company, we aspire to honest businesses like Piriform and software like CCleaner. They uphold themselves with the most integrity out of all of our competition in registry cleaning software.

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