5 Changes To Expect In Future iPhones 3

It goes without saying that Apple’s iPhones are miraculously sophisticated. Though plenty of people still prefer other phones for various reasons, the iPhone continues to set the standard, for the most part, for our mobile devices. In having done this for so long though, the iPhone has also reached a point at which it no longer seems to be improving as much from year to year. Small advancements are certainly nice to see, but big changes have been few and far between.

Even if this has been the case these last few years though, we shouldn’t be lulled into assuming Apple doesn’t have more tricks up its sleeve. And in researching and imagining what some of those tricks might be, we came up with a few changes for people to expect in the next few iterations of the iPhone….

1.) A Battery Breakthrough

If we look first at rumors about the iPhone 12 model that’s expected to be released later this year, one that jumps out is a new chip that will supposedly yield 30% better battery performance. That’s a significant leap forward, and more of a jump than we usually hear about in the battery department. Some might count it as a breakthrough in the battery department. But we anticipate even more of one in the future.

Whether that simply means a newly designed battery capable of holding a charge through significantly more activity, or a new mode of charging by which iPhones can wirelessly recharge as we use them, there will be changes in this department in the future.

2.) Siri 2.0

Siri pretty much gets the job done, and for those who don’t love Apple’s voice assistant, there are various alternatives that can also be fairly effective.

As artificial intelligence improves however, and countless tech companies work on making conversational programs more intuitive and responsive, it seems like a matter of time before Apple revamps Siri. It’s hard to say what this would mean specifically, but a sot of “Siri 2.0” that is simply smarter and more capable seems like a relatively safe bet at some point.

3.) Mightier Internal Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards and chips tend to get passing mentions, at best, when new phones come out. This is partly because these components are already extraordinarily powerful. As one article on power delivery system design for PCBs put it, current circuit technology and chips have made it possible to put the “equivalent of supercomputers” into devices like phones or other personal products. With this already being the case, it can be hard to imagine much more significant progress.

Beyond the integral advancements that are made with most new iPhone releases though, it’s not unreasonable to expect a breakthrough similar to what we described regarding batteries. At some point, electrical engineers will make a circuit board and/or chip significantly more capable than what we’re used to, and a more powerful iPhone will emerge.

4.) A Frame Without Ports

In an article reimagining the iPhone’s future (as well as various other takes on the same subject), it’s been suggested that we could soon see a version of Apple’s flagship device that doesn’t have any ports. The company already got rid of its headphone jack and home button, and the belief is that the lightning port might soon be next.

This would mean a universal transition to wireless charging, which would be an adjustment for many users — but is probably an inevitable one.

5.) A Single Slab of Glass

The same article just referenced regarding the iPhone’s future also made an interesting observation: that an iPhone that’s a single slab of glass is “inevitable.” This is something that’s popped up in concept designs over the years, but not something that’s made it into concrete rumors all that often.

Still, it’s a fascinating idea to consider, and certainly a realistic one. Within a few years, we may well see a new iPhone that charges wirelessly and contains all of its wondrous functionality within a sleek, uniform piece of glass.