On the first day, I reached the Statue of Unity from Surat on Bike Ride & booked a hotel at the BRG Budget Stay. I only took rest on that day(Friday) & we have planned to visit the Statue of Unity on Saturday.

Morning at the BRG Budget StayWe got up early in the morning, shoot some beautiful photographs & get ready to visit the World’s tallest statue from our hotel. We haven’t booked online tickets for the Statue of Unity, as we know that there is a ticket counter & we can always get quick tickets from there.

Statue of Unity Ticket Counter

We grabbed a cup of tea & a biscuit in the morning & went to the Shresth Bharat Bhavan, from where we have planned to buy tickets.

Statue of Unity Ticket Counter

Ticket rates for viewing gallery were 380 INR which includes bus charges, you can travel on the same bus entire day if you have 380 INR ticket. Another ticket is was being sold for 1030 INR which includes the charges that have the same features you get with 380INR but the only difference is that you don’t have to wait in a long queue anywhere.

We Missed it

We inquired about tickets but found that the slots for visiting the Statue of Unity viewing gallery were sold for the entire day & no tickets were available on that day. I have even checked the online status for the availability of the ticket but on their official website, I also found that all slots for the Saturday were booked. The ticket counter receptionist advised us to book a ticket online for the statue of Unity the next day which we did.

Online ticket booking was done right from my smartphone & we got the ticket for the Sunday & time slot was 8 AM in the morning to 10 AM.  So we got one more day to be spent at Kevadiya Colony & we have extended the hotel stay as well.

So where did we spent Entire Day?

We have planned to visit all the nearby places today on Kevadia Colony on the bike, but since we were 3 persons, it was not feasible to ride the bike with 3 persons on it. So our guide Mr. Mahendra was there to help us & he has arranged a free bus for us which we were going for the entire day.

Free Bus Service at the Statue of Unity

He has told us about the orange color bus there that, Government has started this free bus service until the next update from them. So the visitors who stay there or visit the Statue of Unity can travel free without any tickets as a promo of this bus. Very soon, official ticket rates & the booking will be available, so we were lucky enough to travel on that Free bus. Although, we have the tickets it was for the next day.

We have traveled on that bus in the route of Kevadiya Colony, captured beautiful photos & we spent our entire day there by Bus, traveling, watching beautiful nature, photoshoots & video shots of the places around the Statue of Unity.

Places to visit Nearby The Statue of Unity:

We have seen the nearby places of the Statue of Unity, as we didn’t get ticket for the day & that was good because we could not explore the places if we have got the ticket on that day, but hopefully, Next day was Sunday & we got ticket for Sunday even it was public holiday.

Tent City Narmada-1

This was the first place, the bus took us there. There is nothing more to view except the tent city developed for staying purpose. But the nature view behind that was awesome because there was cool water, small bridge & construction developed there was the best view for photography & videography. Here is the one I took of mine.

I found peoples at Kevadiya Colony are very helpful, even guards, guides and almost every people were helpful for what you ask.

Meeting New peoples

Meeting new peoples is always fun and here is the one helpful person I met during my visit to Narmada Tent city 1, who work hard for the security of the place & nobody paying attention to him until needed. But he has very useful information that I got about the place which nobody could give me.

River Rafting

Our next Station from the Bus was River Rafting at Khalwani Ecotourism, which we have to get on the bus & go there.

Our bus took us the place there where we have to go by walking there to the down. Special thing to do there was river rafting but there was no water so river rafting was not possible there at the moment.River Rafting narmada

There is another place to capture beautiful photos of yourself there, which seems like a dam with a bridge that has Narmada river water there. You can see a beautiful combination of the sky, mountain, river, green trees along with the road from that place. I call it a beautiful place for photography as it was a very nice location.River Rafting Bridge

You may also see a beautiful bridge made up of iron and wood just above the river where river rafting is being offered. There are only 10 peoples at a time allowed on this bridge but walking on it, taking photos from that bridge is an awesome experience.

To enjoy the perfect moment, you should come during the rainy season as we can expect the water there & river rafting can be possible during those days.

On the way to River Rafting Road, you may see a beautiful park with tents for stay & named with the lion, leopard, etc. We took little rest there and moved on to our next destination on a bus which was tent city 2.

Tent City 2

Tent city 2 is the second luxurious place to stay at Narmada tent city 2. Here is the luxurious resort where the staying cost is too high, approx $100 per night stay and they have three different packages for spending your night there.Tent City 2

The free bus service takes you there to the Tent city 2 & pick you from there to take you to the Sardar Sarovar Dam which is the next destination.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Here you will see a lot of peoples there & the main attraction to see is the Dam. The bus takes you to the viewing point 3 from where you can see the dam built up and get more information about the dam from the guiding room.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

The statue of Unity which is the tallest statue in the world has faced this dam & you can view this dam from viewing gallery of the statue which is located at the chest part of the Statue of Unity.

The reason behind the face of the Statue of Unity towards this dam is it was a dream of Sardar Patel that this Dam has to be finished, that’s why it has faced this dam. Here is the viewpoint 3 from where you can see the Sardar Sarovar Dam.

Valley of Flowers

The next point where a bus takes you is the Valley of Flowers is where you can see a lot of beautiful flowers & you can see the Statue of Unity from there as well.

You see the Statue becoming bigger & bigger as you come closer to the statue.

Sowing of flowers is done in an area of 250 hectares of land & the flowers are the biggest attraction at this place.

The Statue of Unity

From there, the bus takes you to the final destination which is the Statue of Unity. We didn’t visit the Statue of Unity that day as a ticket for the entire day was sold & this was the reason we could go around these all the places above. Still, we entered the main gate, done some photography there & decided to visit the statue of Unity the next day which is Sunday.

Our day ended here & we were tired a lot because our entire day was spent in traveling, we ran almost 10 kilometers even we traveled into the bus as well. The great exercise we did & finally the time came where we took the dinner & enjoy our dream while sleeping.

I will be writing my next blog post on my experience on the visit to the Statue of Unity. We took a lot of Photograms & videos of the place that I am going to create a video vlog on. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel, make sure to subscribe from here.

Here is my travel experience of visiting a tourist destination nearby Kevadiya colony park in Hindi.

See you in my next blog post!