Everyone wants more, who would like to have less? The common question for twitter users is How do I get more Twitter followers? If you are new to twitter and wants to get more interaction with new and new followers in your community and your niche for marketing purpose, usually you will get answer is that, be active, tweet more and interact with other twitter users, this post includes the few of the recommended Tips to Increase Twitter Followers for your brand or personal account.

Twitter Auto-follower Tool

This is an interesting option if you are not having time to manage your twitter profile, sometimes you may have seen that unknown peoples follows you when you tweet, that is the reason why you Get Twitter Followers. You can manually follow someone in your niche from Twitter. Once you follow someone, you will be appearing in the notification list of the user you followed. People loves to follow the followers, even me too follow the peoples who follows me. (Follow me on Twitter). Following users in your industries is ultimate growth tactic but generally it may be slow. Unless you automate it with any tools or services like Tweetadder that is used by so many Internet marketers nowadays.

Some of the marketers use Best Twitter Tools that allow them to automatically follow numerous other twitter account.The most popular & Best Twitter Management Tool is called TweetAdder. Here’s howTweetadder Works.

  1. You can Download TweetAdder from the official site and install TweetAdder Tool on your computer.

  2. You can enter your desired keyword in your niche market & Tweetadder will automatically download the list of Twitter accounts with your seed keyword in their bio.
  3. Interesting thing is you can set to follow those account at the rate you want. e.g. If you want to follow 10 accounts per day, you can configure TweetAdder and it will follow 10 accounts from the list it find from your provided keywords.

  4. As discussed above, some peoples love to follow back to their followers, hence some accounts will follow you back and your followers list will be growing and increasing.

  5. It also automatically unfollow your followers who doesn’t follow you back after your configured time period.

Automatic unfollowing option will help you to maintain your tweeter followers and following ratio.

Mention Relevant Peoples

You can also mention relevant person while tweeting, that will increase chances of retweeting your tweets from them as well as followers too.E.g. If you are tweeting about Social Media post, try to mention peoples who have social media keyword in their Twitter Bio. They will surely like to retweet and follow you.

If you have a great customers or follower in your followers list, you can mention them using @theirname

Include Real Picture in your Twitter Profile

Make sure you are including your real profile picture on your twitter account instead of using logo or any other character. Try to upload picture that is clearly visible, so it looks like real twitter profile instead of just fake account.

Twitter Bio Make Sense

Writing descriptive twitter bio attract more followers, as discussed above, internet marketers are using keywords to follows people, descriptive bio will help them to find you from the long list of twitter accounts.There are more chances to get discovered by peoples of similar interest.

Using Hashtags in Tweet

Use Twitter Hashtags

When we publish any post on our blog, we try to categories it and add tags in the post for easy navigation, similarly using Hashtags help user to categories their tweets by keyword.

Follow Your Followers

You can go to your followers list link from your twitter account to see who follows you on Twitter. You can also follow them it will build social relation between you and your followers.Peoples tends to follow their followers and hence when you follow someone, they will also follow you back. It is another method to Get Twitter Followers Fast & you can get Free Real Twitter Followers again and again by following them and their followers.

Get Varified Badge on Twitter

Verified accounts tends to get more followers, if you are famouns personality, you can easily get twitter verified badge. Check how to get it.

get twitter verified account
Get Twitter Followers Free

Add Follow button on your Website

Adding twitter follow button on your website would grab new followers for you. When anyone reads your blog posts, and likely to read more such content from your side, they may follow you to stay updated with your upcoming tweets.

How to Add twitter Follow buttons on your site

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Go to https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons#follow
  • Customize the Follow button to your liking with the available options.
  • Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your website wherever you would like the button to appear.

Promote @yourusername on your guest posts

Guest posting is the best way to build quality backlinks to your sites, you can also use it also on your visiting card or offline newspaper ads wherever you are promoting your business. There are some tools available to Get Twitter Followers Automatically Free and you need to follow users , in returns they will follow you back.

Use Forum Signature

You can use follow me on twitter link on forums of your niche. So whenever you help someone on forums of your niche interest, they will likely to follow you to stay connected with you.

Organize Giveaways

You can organize giveaway on your blog for any interesting or premium stuffs to giveaway them for FREE. So whenever peoples enter into giveaway, you can tell them to follow you to participate into.This is the recommended method to Get Free Followers Without Following.

Use images in Tweeet

Include images with the tweet, there are more chances to get it retweeted, and Favorited to get more followers.

Tweet about Trending Tweets

Use Trend option of Twitter, and tweet or retweet accordingly

Keep it Short and simple

Try to write short and simple tweets that can easily understood by readers and followers. Instead of writing complicated tweets that confuse others.

Respond to @mentions

Try to respond the persons whoever has mentioned your username in their tweets, it will build a conversation with readers and community.

Track Links

You can use bitly.com to shorten your links that you can track from your bitly account.

Here we have tried to list few of the best recommended methods to Get Free Twitter Followers, check and and let us know your views which method do you use to improve your twitter presence.

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