How do you structure a successful and scalable blogger outreach campaign? You form a simple, easy to work out process, broken down into several vital, but short stages. Once you launch the campaign, you can take each step further till you achieve the success you want.

13 Steps To Launch An Effective Outreach Campaign For Link Building

Don’t Use A Free Email Address

Show your outreach recipient that you’re worthy of their trust and influence. Use a branded email address with your company’s domain and your name in it. If you’re managing client outreach, use an email with your client’s name and domain for positive impact. Specially for Link Building Campaign SEO, you should use professional email address like [email protected] address. That build trust and influence to the person you are outreaching.


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Create Share-worthy Content

You definitely need world-class content on your blog before you can even begin Blogger Outreach Campaigns. Today’s bloggers are very particular about the kind of content they accept. Mind that your content is free of errors, and look for topics that’ll appeal to the audience of your target blogs.

Prospect For Suitable Blogs For Outreach

Find sites that’ll benefit you when you build a relationship with them. Use Google Search to find these sites, or other outreach tools that you prefer. Use industry-related keywords to build your site list, using tools like SEO Moz to search for sites that achieve domain authority, external links, Trust Flow and citation flow are also important point while prospecting blogs for Outreach Campaign Plan.

Contact The Right Person

If you’re approaching large, influential blogs, look for the right person to target. Delivering your email directly to the decision maker who has the right to make editorial and link-building decisions can reduce your waiting time and get you better results for your SEO Link Building Strategy.

Figure Out The Best Way To Outreach

You can call your target person over phone, build a relationship through domain authority, or email them. Emails are the most scalable method for outreach and phone calls are best if the blogger is at peer level.  With influencers, it’s best to build a social media relationship first. Follow them, promote their posts, and let them know you’re a fan.

Craft Your Message

Keep your message brief, significant and respectful. Include the name of your recipient in your salutation. Demonstrate your knowledge of the blogger’s site and reach, to show you’ve done your homework. Don’t overdo the flowery prose, but be sure to mention how much you admire their posts, citing one or two specific ones as examples. Don’t mention the word “links”; rather, ask politely if the blogger would be willing to share, include or cite your content.

Make The Best Of The Subject Line

Be honest about your intent instead of hiding behind spurious and sneaky subject lines. Mention your target’s name in the subject line, and form a question asking to include your content in their blog. This kind of honest, direct subject line will help make your email stand out among the spammy ones.

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Mind Your Signature

Use a casual style of signature when you’re contacting a co-blogger. No need to include your title here. However, if you’re contacting an influencer, best use your title to add some authority to your message. Don’t use the word “marketing” even in your signature.

Make Sure Your Post Has No Broken Links

Earn your target blogger’s trust by checking all your links in advance.Ensure they’re clean and also that they’re actually relevant to your content. Bloggers are always suspicious of posts that pass off spammy links in outreach posts. This is an important point to be checked while outreaching bloggers for Inbound Link Building for your company.

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Track Your Response Rate

Track who responded, how they responded and also your email open rate. Evaluate if your target is interested, uninterested or undecided. This will help you know which targets to drop and which ones to pursue till that link is in place.

Follow Up

Follow up diligently with the bloggers who have not yet made up their minds. Don’t deluge them with emails and phone calls. This will only put them off. Send them a neat reminder in a few days, attaching your original email, your guest post and mentioning your interest to associate with them. Flattery always works, but don’t overdo it. You can easily add events in Google calendar for any followups, this is the best way to remember whom to email and at what time.

Create Interest For Your Guest Posts

After you’ve managed to get permission to guest post on your target site, you need to make sure that your audience reads your post. Promote your post on social media sites; think of Google Plus One votes, Twitter re-tweets and Facebook likes. For your Website Link Building, high quality guest posts help you to get more citation for your blog or product and help you to get ranked on SERP easily.

Create a special post on your blog to promote your guest post, to ensure that your existing audience reads the post on your target blog’s site. This helps generate some additional traffic for your target blog, which will be much appreciated. Guest post is an important stage for Link Building Strategies, many bloggers do outreaching for posting guest post on high quality sites.

Evaluate Your Progress

Once your guest post has been posted on the target blog, it’s time to study how much traffic you’ve gained from the link referrals. Evaluate the conversions you gained from the generated links. Compare your organic traffic metrics, both before your campaign and after.

If you are using any other techniques for Link Building SEO purpose for your site, feel free to share your tips by commenting in the comment section below.