You might have observed that while searching on Google search either from Firefox or Google Chrome, you would get 10 search results per page. Have you ever considered to get more than 10 results for your search in single page? Well, if you don’t know, that’s possible with little trick. You can get upto 100 search results per page while searching on Google.

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Google Search Engine Results Page
Google Search Engine Results Page

When you search for any query, it will show your predetermined number of results. All you have to do is just set your preference from Google Search setting.Here is in detail tutorial how you can set this to get more results per page.

  • Log on to Google Search setting. You can set this in almost all browsers, I have tried it in Firefox, Google chrome and it worked perfectly for me.
  • Now look for “Google Instant predictions” , It might be second option there.
Google Instant predictions
Google Instant predictions – Google Preference setting
  • If you have selected only when my computer is fast enough or always show instant results it might show upto 10 results only.
  • To turn on more than 10 results per page, click on never show instant results option and then choose results per page.
  • You can manually choose number of pages you want to see on your Google Search.

Check video tutorial on How to get more than 10 Results on Google SERP below.

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