Turns Any Text links into Hyperlink in Chrome

Recently we have discussed about linkrr online converter which convert non-clickable text links into clickable links.In that website, you need to paste the website URL text which are non clickable to you or in text file & website will convert it in to clickable URL for you.

Hyperlink Text to Display
Hyperlink Text to Display

Here is new Chrome extension that will convert text links into hyperlinks automatically.Just install Clickable Links chrome extension,From then whenever you visit any webpage containing non-clickable links, the extension will automatically detect those links and convert it into clickable links.You need not to copy any links and paste in to your browser’s URL bar to open that page.You can see the screenshot above for more detail.

First one is webpage without installing Clickable Links chrome plugin and second one is the same page having installed Clickable Links chrome extension.You can see the difference between those two.It turns unclickable urls (http://, https://, ftp://) & email addresses into clickable ones. Some websites do not make any external links clickable, which can be annoying. But this extension will help you not being annoyed by such websites.

After you install the extension, check out this page again and see the difference between the text links mentioned below.





You can check out Clickable Links Chrome extension @ Chrome web store

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  1. I had this sort of functionality in Firefox but just could not replicate it until I found your site in a Google search. Thank you so much for posting this! It works perfectly! 🙂

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