Toolbar Cleaner – Remove Unwanted Toolbars From firefox,Chrome & IE

Most of time we have seen that we are downloading some useful software from internet and we get installed it along with some browser toolbars. Mostly we get some search toolbars like babylon search bar, AVG search bar, Websearch toolbars, Myfree toolbars and lots more.large number of freeware applications on net are being bundled with toolbars and miscellaneous spams, so it should be kept away from our computer.

Toolbar Cleaner

Toolbar cleaner is recommended app for your computer from If you are using downloaded software and games to your PC, you should have this software. This way you can prevent any toolbars from phishing you.This toolbar lets you to remove unwanted toolbars that harass you by forced ads and search bar.Some antivirus toolbars scans websites searched on your PC, so consumes data and decrease your internet speed as well. So removing such toolbars from your computer will increase your internet speed.

Toolbar Cleaner automatically recognizes the installed browsers and their pertaining plugins and toolbars. The software has two interesting menus, say Browsers and Windows startup. Browser tab lets you to uninstall browsers toolbars While windows startup lets you to remove unwanted windows startup items.

Toolbar Cleaner Features:

  • Free and easy to use software.
  • Toolbar Cleaner allows you remove toolbars that you’re not using or won’t uninstall the proper way.
  • Remove/uninstall unwanted browsers toolbars & windows startup items.
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