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How To Sell Your WiFi HotSpot Access To Neighbors

Nowadays peoples are more trendy toward purchasing internet connection with Wireless router, so that they can access their internet connection over their desktop, mobile or laptop.Even I would recommend anyone to do that because with that you can make your building WiFi enabled and you can access them from anywhere from your building and use your internet connection wirelessly.

Earn Money From your Wireless Internet Connection(Be ISP)

We can create our laptop as WiFi hotspot, but by doing this, you can not get any money.Better way to exploit your Wi-Fi network? ZoneRider isn’t only free, but you will get paid revenue for becoming a HotSpot zone in the ZoneRider network.But you will need to make sure with your Internet Service Provider(ISP) that whether it is against of terms and condition of them or not.

All you need to do is download their zonerider free software from their official website.Later you will have to install the software into your desktop PC and register to their website.At the time of registeration, you will select the mode of payment by choosing one out of  moneybookers & paypal.

Become Internet Service Provider

You can completely monitor your WiFi network and connectivity with log details & check who is using your WiFi.One can only access your WiFi connection only when you add them free or create paid account for them.So that you can have instant control over your WiFi usage,Whoever access your WiFi network.

Your WiFi network will make you sweet money if you are living in apartment with lots of laptop users, who needs internet access at cheapest rate.You can sell your WiFi network to them at cheap price, they use it and you can make money by becoming Internet Service Provider(ISP) to them.

Zonerider Features:

  • Become Internet Service Provider(ISP) yourself.
  • Provide Internet Connection access to your neighbor at cheap price and earn money from them.
  • Zonerider registration and software is free to download.
  • Absolute security – Zero technical knowledge required.
  • Make your WiFi network More secure.
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You can check out Zonerider @


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