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Replace Your Android Homescreen With SPB Shell 3D

You may have tried GO luncher EX apps on your android mobile.If you are looking for alternative for your Home screen Replacement,SPB Shell 3D might be the best for you.

SPB Shell 3D Apps on Android Market Replace Your Android Homescreen With SPB Shell 3D

Feel Next generation user interface with SPB Shell 3D Home screen luncher from your android.It has lots of unique features that is not available on most of android theme and homescreen launcher.

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Intuitive 3D model of your Home screen- Transforming entire Home screen into a 3D space with best user interface.
3D Carousel with Customizable Panels – Panels can be customized as per your needs,you can add,remove or modify any widget and application on the panel.
Smooth Panel Rotation – It allow you to navigate through one panel to another one with smooth touch.
Unique Smart Folders - On available panels,you can add number of folders along with your favourite application you like.
3D Widgets – Customizable widgets like image gallery, Flicker Photo of the day widget, Birthday reminder, Calender Task manager, 3d rotating Earth with time in various city, 3D weather graph with current temperature, moon calender, clock with more than 60+ screens and lots more.

Latest Version of SPB Shell 3D is 1.5.3 & available to buy for just $14.99 USD.It supports Android 2.1 or higher version.Download size of  SPB Shell 3D is 9 MB & after installation on device,it needed 15 MB.

You can Get SPB Shell 3D @ Android Market

SPB Shell 3D
SPB Software
SPB Shell 3D is the best home screen replacement for android.SPB Shell 3D is one of the best paid android apps on Android Market.
Operating System
Android 2.1 and up
Personalization Android App
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4.5stars Replace Your Android Homescreen With SPB Shell 3D