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Five PowerPoint Add-ons That Go Beyond Ordinary Slideshows

Add-ons have immense utility towards making the presentation lively, informative and compelling. Hence, it necessitates you to know the following Five PowerPoint add-ons which will give you endless reasons to have a blast:-

  1. PowerMockup

Being an add-on for PowerPoint 2007/2010, it is used for creating wireframes as well as design mockups for Websites and app. It houses whopping 89 interface elements along with 104 wireframe icons which give you the convenience of editing as well as manipulating with the assistance of PowerPoint’s built-in design tools. This specific add-on take the addition of a Ribbon tab towards integrating with PowerPoint.

  1. VisualBee for PowerPoint

If you are having a dull and monotonous slide show, then do not worry. Since, you can in fact make it lively and interesting thanks to VisualBee. Being a free add-on, you are indeed going to get much needed assistance which will equally assist you towards enhancing your presentation as well.

It work wonders, as after analyzing your presentation text and structure,  it equally arms you with authentic and legitimate information which assists you towards improving it as well. It is also synonymous with collection of images that makes the pleasant difference.

  1. Office Timeline 2010

It is designed for PowerPoint 2007/2010 and arms you with creating schedules as well as timelines for planning of projects. Its advantage lies on the fact that it is quite simple towards building a timeline by effectively interpreting to what is represented. Another equally great thing is that you do not have to spend even a single penny towards having it.

  1. Perspector

Looking to create snazzy 3D objects for your PowerPoint slides? If yes, then take the assistance of Perspector. The best thing is that you are going to get a 30-day trial version. It is enough for you to give an insight about the product. You will equally be armed with inserting an image or list from Perspector Library along with creating new 3D image. Apart from that, if you want to convert an existing list or shape into a 3D image, then you can equally do the same. Perspector houses an editing window which acts as the best place for you in choosing the desired options. Thereby, you can easily save your images in Library.

  1. YawnBuster

It is indeed another coveted add-on which injects life in your ordinary presentation and makes it livelier than never before by taking the assistance of polls, group activities, quizzes, brainstorming features etc. It is synonymous with attractive features. You can avail the facility of the trail version in order to get a sense of the enriching add-on.

Finally, aforesaid are the Five PowerPoint add-ons, which make the exemplary difference in your presentation. According to a saying, “Decisions which are taken at the right time, do wonders”. Hence, in this way you are going to make your slide shows way more coveted. Therefore, take the best use of the aforesaid add-on and experience the pleasant change like never before. Hence, you should not wait any further.

This post is written by Sai Krishna works as SEO head in Slash Services, He regularly use OfficeTimeline to generate timelines in PowerPoint, you can give it a try.