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Outbrain Related Link Widgets

Interlinking website content with other related content is called as internal link building and interlinking content with each other is the best way to optimize our website for Search Engine and increase page views.Interlinking is the secret of success of Majority of website who had ranked well in search engine.Even Mashable blog is using the Outbrain Related Link Widgets for their blog to show related posts below each articles.

Show related post in WordPress with Outbrain

Such an related posts can be shown with or without images with Outbrain Related Link Widgets. Outbrain Related Link Widgets is the best alternative for linkwithin or nRelate.It is the standalone third party related post widgets which allows webmasters to place external links as a site widgets in their website and make money from them.The main advantage of using Outbrain Related post is it blends with your WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, TypePad & most of the website template without doing any extra CSS coding.

Outbrain does not use your website database to show related posts on your website so even if your website have high traffic load you can easily implement in your website without decreasing website loading time.

You will have option to show the related post as thumbnail or just as text links,I will recommend you to show image thumbnail recommendation because images have good impact on readers but if your blog posts has no images or very less images you can go for related links.Your website readers can easily give response to your post by rating your post with stars & Thumbs up.

If you are wordpress user than you can easily install outbrain plugin[Update: This plugin is no longer available on WordPress Plugin Gallery] from WordPress plugin directory or if you are using other blog platforms than you can visit the official website of  Outbrain website to get your website related post widget.

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  1. [email protected] says:

    I used outbrain and linkwithin before but now I’m using nRelate and I like it more than the two. Its been two months and I like the results.

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