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Migrate from All In One SEO plugin to WordPress SEO by Yoast

After installing the new WordPress on this domain,I  was using All In One SEO plugin for optimizing my content posted on this website but after writing reviews about Best WordPress SEO plugin. I came to know that I was using the SEO plugin for WordPress that was only basic to optimize content and If I want to drive more traffic to my content I should migrating from the SEO plugin to another one.I was in search of on page seo analysis that provides me instant advice to optimize my content.

After thinking a lot,I thought I should migrate to WordPress SEO by Yoast because on the screenshot I see that the plugin has been used by famous WordPress blogs like mashable ,Thenextweb  & SearchEngineland and I review the plugin by installing it on my WordPress blog.After looking a lot in to the yoast SEO plugin I came to know that it is the best SEO plugin ever because before using that plugin I was thinking that I should consult with professional search engine optimization company or take right advice from seo services to optimize my content on this blog but after keeping a watch on the plugin for 2 to 3 day I thought it provides me the best idea to optimize my content along with necessarily advice that something is missing in this post, title tag,keyword suggestion on page analysis tab.So my need for consulting with SEO company was fulfilled by WordPress SEO by Yoast.Look at the screenshot that is suggestion according to your inserted keyword.So If you are making keyword based content the tool is more useful to you to optimizing your content based on keyword analysis.Now I came to know why all of them are using the same plugin.

It provide the suggestion for best SEO for your keywords including Article Heading, Page title, Page URL, Content, Meta description etc.Look at the WordPress plugin by Yoast in my dashboard.If your post is based on particular keyword it would suggest you that keyword has not been included in tittle, page heading etc so you need not to search for the keyword on different place of your post but the plugin itself would suggest you.It provides you instant preview for search result page that just same look like your tittle, meta description will be appear so you will get better idea how much words should be included in tittle.

SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin at Dashboard view
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Now look at the onpage analysis page that will suggest you which thing you can do for better optimization of your content.Here I had keep some mistake in adding keywords on particular place so that the suggestion appear and you could understood it better.It gives you suggestion that what should be included the keyword in the first paragraph of the post and it is necessary.( I just came to know!).So page analysis will help you to understand your content well and better.

Onpag analysis and SEO advices by Yoast Plugin
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Now that was all about Why I choose the SEO by Yoast plugin for my WordPress website but I must tell you what to do if you are using other SEO plugin for your WordPress and wish to use SEO by Yoast by deleting the plugin.Well you can do that simply just by installing SEO by Yoast plugin in your WordPress and deleting the older SEO plugin but I would suggest not to do the same because If you are going to do same your all meta data and meta description will be deleted and you must has to write meta content for each post again.So that is problematic for your traffic too.

So what you can do if you wish to keep old SEO data same and wanted to install new SEO plugin?

I would suggest you to use import & Export option provided by Yoast plugin and you can do that after installing WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin keeping older one SEO plugin neither deleting nor deactivating.

Migrate from SEO plugin without loss of SEO data
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Now after choosing Import & Export option you will be able to fetching the SEO meta data from your older SEO plugin to Yoast plugin.But this advantage can be avail only for Headspace2 & All in one SEO & Old all in one SEO plugin users only,So if you are using the anyone from the mentioned plugin you can easily import the SEO data to this one.

If you are All in One SEO, Greg’s High Performance SEO, Headspace2 ,Meta SEO Pack ,Platinum SEO ,SEO Ultimate & WordPress SEO plugin user you can not import your older SEO setting to Yoast plugin but here is the trick that will help you to export your SEO data from older plugin and easily import the same in Yoast plugin or any other you wish means you can exchange your SEO data easily from one plugin to another one and from one theme to another theme by using SEO data transporter.

Just choose the platform from where you wish to move away and which platform you wish to use.

SEO data converter

Here is the screenshot of the SEO data transporter.just click on the analyze button after choosing the platform from and to and it will analyse the data.If it is compatible than you can convert the SEO data from one to another.After finishing conversation you will be notified about how many data has been ignored and how many successful.Now use the same data by importing in to SEO by Yoast plugin.

I was using All in One SEO plugin previously but after installing Yoast SEO plugin I imported all the SEO data from import & Export option.I found there were many mistake ignored by me when I was using all on one plugin but the mistakes has been magnified my Yoast plugin and allow me to improving my content quality as well as diminishing my SEO mistakes.

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