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How To Do ON Page SEO with Your Video on YouTube

When it comes to making your video reach the masses, this is essentially one of the important steps. Actually the three vital steps to make your video reach a greater targeted audience are Keyword Research – On Page SEO – Off Page SEO and you should never forget these vital three. So, pay attention to what we have for you here in this section.

1. Uploading Your Video

Go to your YouTube channel and click on the upload button to start getting your first video live on YouTube! You can either choose to upload one file or multiple files and select the options accordingly. Don’t forget to rename your video file to the name of the keyword you are targeting. That’s the first step on optimizing your video for Search Engines.

Youtube Video upload

2. Meta Data (Title, Description, Tags)

Title: Make a compelling title for your video, including the keyword once. The title should be really persuading and make the user click on your video. Again, time to open your bonus folder that came with the package. You can get ideas on how to give sexy headlines to your videos.

Description: The video description should start with your affiliate link at the top. Have a real long description including your keyword at least 4 – 5 times. You can even have a partial transcription of the video here, but the point is that your description should be long and your keyword mentioned 4 – 5 times. You can have a link to your channel (remember, we created the vanity URL?) or website URL at the end of the description.

Tags: Have your primary buyer keyword followed by all the relevant keywords we already identified for our promotion. Having multiple keywords is actually the secret to getting more traffic on YouTube.

Tip: You can also get the keywords from those competing videos and add it to your tags. This will be in addition to your relevant keywords.

Tip: You can have your multi-word keyword within quotes like “best dieting tips”, “make money online” etc.

3. Thumbnails

Once you upload your videos, you will have an option to choose a thumbnail for your video. This is very important as the clicks are directly proportionate to how Interesting and engaging the thumbnails are.

Tip: You can insert an attractive, but relevant clip to your video with Camtasia or other video editing software. Then you can select that as a thumbnail.

4. Keyword in Audio

No wonder, Google uses speech recognition to get to know about the videos before ranking them. We suggest you mention your keyword 4 – 5 times again, but this time while speaking on your video.