Want to Start a Blog ? But don’t know how to start blogging and make money online? This category includes cool WordPress theme,WordPress plugins and Blogging tutorials for blogspot, WordPress & Bloggers meet. Most of the online marketers do blog to show their online presence.

Start a Blog

Blogging is nothing, but when you publish any content on the web that is blogging. E.g When people share their thought on social media channels called blogging. Twitter is micro blogging platform. Blogging comes from the term “web log.” Likewise people used to create a free blog on web 2.0 sites like or . However many people loves to be on self hosted WordPress blog that has more powerful features than free blogging platform.

Here in this category, you will find how to guide related to blogging, more over blogging and seo tools that are used by so many bloggers and professionals and much more are waiting for you. Check below posts to know more about blogging.

Start a Blog – Ehowportal Guide to Blogging

To start a blog, all you need is Hosting and domain name if you prefer to go professional way.

  1. Hosting – Where your blog files are hosted
  2. Domain – Your blog name that has .com , .org or like extension

Here you will also find how to start a blog using self hosted WordPress blog and make money online. Best way to make money online from blogging is from advertisement and affiliate marketing.

Advertising – Money can be made from direct advertisement, sponsored review, banner ads, giveaway and in many more ways.

Affiliate Marketing – When you promote product of a company that gives you commission on sale of that product, that is called affiliate marketing.

When you are having high traffic on your blog, you can easily make hundreds of dollars from advertisement and from affiliate marketing. Specially targeted traffic gives more revenue instead of intensive traffics. Bloggers are used to get traffic using SEO and with paid traffic like Facebook ads or Google Adwords.