How to Associate Youtube with Google Adsense Account

We all know that we can earn money from YouTube by monetizing our video with Google adsense ads.But there are still lots of people didn’t aware of this idea.You can earn money from YouTube if you have got an invitation mail from YouTube titled with Invitation to earn revenue from your YouTube videos.

YouTube invitation for Earning

If you are creative type of user and creating good videos that are viewed by thousand of visitors,you will get invitation from YouTube.Once you got such mail from YouTube,you can earn money from your uploaded videos by monetizing them with your own adsense ads.You need to click on the link in email,you have received.You will see monetisation option on your YouTube account.Please note that, monetisation option will be only available,if you you have got invitation mail from YouTube to earn revenue.

How to associate Youtube with Google Adsense :

Here is the simple tutorial on YouTube Adsense Setup, which will help you to associate YouTube with Google adsense.

Monitisation option on YouTube account

So,click on monetization option from your YouTube account.There are two ways of linking your YouTube account to AdSense once you have been approved to become a Google Adsense YouTube Partner or have been invited to the Individual Partnership Program.

1.If you have active Google Adsense account:

If you have active account,you can directly associate with youtube by adding your adsense information in monetisation option.It is four step procedure.In first step,you will see guidelines,on 2nd information about Adsense association.You need to add your adsense account information in this step.In 3rd step,it will show you Terms of Service message and 4th step is confirmation.After doing that,you need to grant  access to YouTube from your adsense account in 3rd party access option.You will see the green colored congratulation message in your youtube account after successfully associating adsense with YouTube.

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YouTube monitisation

2.If you don’t have active Adsense account.

Well,If you do not have Google adsense account and just got mail from YouTube saying  Invitation to earn revenue from your YouTube videos.You will see the signup for Google adsense link in the second step(Adsense association step).You can sign up for Google adsense by using your YouTube profile page.Google adsense team will manually review your account and uploaded videos and approve/reject your application depending on the quality and credit you have created with them.

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How Much Does YouTubers Get Paid

Well, I have seen some professional youtubers making their living from YouTube Earning. You can search online for YouTube Partner Earnings on Google. You will know the potential of YouTube Earning and Vlogging.


  1. I’m sure a lot of people have been wondering how they can get paid using YouTube Bhavesh. I know when I first started seeing those ads I was curious. But I hate them at the same time so I don’t want them on my videos. I chose to not participate but maybe down the road I will. Who knows but great scoop here.


  2. Hi Bhavesh, Thanks for reminding me how the steps for this process can work. For me there is an extra problem because my YouTube account and my AdSense account are on two different Google accounts.
    I found out that the trick to help with that is to have two different browsers open so that you can be logged into both accounts at the same time.

    1. Hi Ileane,Thanks for your 1st comment on Ehowportal & welcome to my blog.I am also using two browser.Chrome I use for adsense & mozilla I use for blogging and youtube.However both of my YouTube account has been associated with Google adsense.
      One account I uploading funny videos & on another account I am uploading how to videos.

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