How to Start a Blog - Ehowportal Guide to Blogging has Launched Amazon CPM Ads

Good news for bloggers and publishers. If you are looking for CPM ads, amazon has launched Amazon CPM Ads now. You can place amazon CPM banners on your blog to make money online from your blog. Till date, amazon has only Marketing on Amazon that was allow publishers to earn money from Amazon Advertising Sales.

But amazon has now started CPM base ads that is believed to be make more money to publishers along with affiliate marketing as well as Amazon Online Advertising by CPM. is also now in CPM Advertising Networks race and let’s see what happens. Amazon Marketing Strategy expected to be Best CPM Advertising network among available ads networks.

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Amazon CPM Ads Overview Report

You can create your own amazon CPM ads banner right from your account. Below your amazon tracking ID, there will be new option called, amazon CPM ads. From there, you can create new ad code for your blog . Banner size available just like we creating ad unite for adsense. You can create Amazon’s Display Advertising code for your blog right from your amazon affiliate account.

Amazon CPM Ads for publishers

You can easily earn with CPM ads from your blog using amazon CPM ads. You can alternatively add another ad code while setting up and fill up your expected CPM rate(CPM Advertising)while creating new ad unit.Amazon Ad Platform helps you to create CPM banner for your blog. Now you can skip Amazon’s Product Ad by linking to specific product. You can also display amazon banner ad on your blog.

Creating CPM ad unit on amazon CPM ads

You can give your ad unit name,ad size, your target CPM, passback ad code and track CPM ads using your analytics provider. When you create ad code, on side, you will see ad code to be pasted on your blog. Paste it on your blog to show Amazon’s CPM ad.

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