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4 Modern Ways the Internet Can Keep Your Home Safe

We all know that the internet is great for shopping, for keeping in touch with friends and for so many other things as well. However, are you currently using it to keep your home safe? If you aren’t then you could be missing out on some of the best modern ways of improving your home’s security.

See What Is Happening When You Aren’t There. There are quite a few different ways of using the internet to let you see in and around your home when you are far away from it. Most of them are simple and low cost, as well as being easy to set up too. You will need either CCTV cameras or a webcam. You can then access your images either through a mobile app or else directly in the browser. A quick look at the Apps Store or in the Android Market will give you a number of options to choose from, with a lot of apps being free to download. Alternatively, you can check reliable alarm systems from ADT UK and visit their website for more information.

Control Your Alarm. The previous point was pretty good for anyone who doesn’t need a particularly powerful alarm system and who likes the idea of setting up their own bespoke monitoring system. However, what if you have a bigger house, a lot of possessions or some other pressing home security need? In that case you will probably be tempted to install a conventional home alarm system. The good news is that even this traditional way of protecting your home has moved with the times.  For example, you can use your iPhone or Android phone to check out the status of your alarm and stay on top of the current situation.

Control the Lighting. We all know that burglars are far more likely to break into a property which is in darkness .This helps to partially explain why the number of occupants in the property is so important. Recent UK statistics show that a family with only one parent is twice as likely to suffer from a burglary as one with two parents and children in it. One way to help make the property look more occupied than it really is comes through the internet and mobiles apps as well. A great example here comes with the ADT alarm apps. These let you control your alarm but they also give you the chance to remotely control your property’s lighting as well.

Work from Home More. Finally, there is now more chance than ever for us to work from home, thereby reducing the time our property is left empty during the day. Another benefit this could bring is the chance to move to a more rural part of Britain, as figures show that urban homes are twice as likely to get broken into as rural ones.