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Free Online Currency Converter

If you are dealing online or offering any service online, you should always need proper currency converter. Currency converter will help you to check the live rates of the amount of other currency into your county’s currency. Mostly PayPal is allowing us to receive money from any currency and deposit amount in our bank in native currency. That time we need to check how much money we have received, or sent and currency converter is handy at that time.

Generally Google is the best and handy tool to check any currency into any currency. For example, if you want to convert euros to dollars, no need to find anywhere for Euros to Dollars Calculator. You just have to search in Google that euros to Dollars.Likewise you can search and get instant rate for Euro to Dollar Conversion from Google.

Euros to Dollars

Free Currency Converter Calculator Web

Google will instantly convert your currency into other or any currency into any. This is very nice tool for the people who are in Forex Currency Trading field.Google is Full Currency Converter that works as Free Online Currency Converter online tool.

You would no need to Free Currency Converter Calculator Download on your computer, you can use this free Google Currency Conversion tool to check live rates of Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Today.

There is another website to find any Currency conversation rates,that is XE Currency Converter. Here on XE converter, you will also find All Countries Currency Rates, analysis,info and much more.

Free Currency Converter Calculator Download

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Tables & info

We can say XE currency converter is also one of the best Full Universal Currency Converter.You can use this Foreign Currency Exchange Rates for your reference while making any international transactions for your business.

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Simple Sticky Notes – Simple Sticky Notes for Windows

You might forget sometimes to perform few task while working at computer. You might be using any reminder app like astrid task manager or such. Well, if you are on Windows platform, we would recommend you to try Simple Sticky Notes that is better than other windows softwares. There is so many interesting thing about Simple Sticky Notes, that you can use it easily because of ease of use. It’s totally free to download and other features includes Full unicode support; RichText support; Colorful and Transparent notes; Printable; Snap to desktop edges; Hide/Show all notes option; Automatic updates.

Sticky Notes Free

Sticky Notes Free Download – Free Desktop Sticky Notes

You can choose and set opacity of fonts, change font’s colors and colorful sticky notes always stick on your windows to remind you the task you have to do. You can also download more themes for Simple Sticky Notes from online store. For faster work, you may also configure hotkeys or shortcut keys on Simple Sticky Notes for Windows to make your task process more faster.

You can make your fonts left justify, right justify or center or also make your fonts bold, italic, underline. Almost all fonts editing features for the same. If you want to remind Simply Sticky Notes about any task, you can also choose insert date and time option from there for reminder.

Simple Sitcky Notes Features

  • FREE and easy to use.
  • Fonts customization options.
  • Reminder to add time and date.

You can check this free Software @ Free Sticky Note Download

How to Always Show BCC Field in MicroSoft Outlook 2010

In Microsoft outlook Software, while composing any new email, you will see to and cc field at the top. If you want to add any bcc, you need to click on  To or CC field to show BCC Field in Outlook. There you can enter BCC email to send email. This is for single mail, but when you create new mail, again you will have to repeat process. Here in this article, you will find quick steps to Always Show BCC Field in MicroSoft Outlook with few steps. (BCC Means Blind Carbon Copy).


Show BCC in Outlook

How to Add BCC to Outlook 2010

This is default new mail compose box, that you will find in all new mails. There is no BCC field, however if you want to always show Microsoft Outlook BCC Option on your new compose mail, you can follow this procedure to always Display BCC in Outlook 2010.

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How to Configure Outlook Show BCC by Default

  • Click on New Mail button or try open new email composer.
  • GO to Option menu from there.
Add BCC to Outlook Mail

Show BCC Field Outlook 2010

  • Under Option menu, you will see BCC field, click on that button.
  • Now it will always Add BCC to Outlook Mail by default.

This process has been completed using Outlook 2010 and you can use this to View BCC Outlook 2010.About 2013 Outlook, this is also similar method to Show BCC in Outlook 2013.

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FREE SEMrush Pro Coupon Code

SEM Rush Coupon CodesWe all know SEMrush is the best SEO tool to analyse any website for their keywords as well as backlinks.We have also published SEMrush review that explain how you can use SEMrush for maximized profit.

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if you are thinking to dominate niche market, this marketing tool will help you to get maximum and endless information in your niche including most of the thing that niche marketers needs always.

Here using this coupon provided here, you will get that account for FREE for 14 days, please note that, this is SEMrush Pro Account coupon code that is different than this FREE SEMrush Account. Pro account includes so many features that FREE account do not have. Most interesting thing is that is FREE trial using provided coupon here.

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Time to Upgrade SEMrush FREE account to SEMrush Pro Accountfor FREE

Well, if you already using SEMrush FREE account and now you want to check interesting feature of SEMrush Pro Account, you would not have to pay for. This opportunity will help you to upgrade your FREE SEMrush account to SEMrush Pro account without single penny. All you have to do is login to your SEMrush account and then click on the above link to go to that FREE trial page. You will have to fill up the information provided there and after submitting all those details, you will be able to use SEMrush 14 days PRO account without getting charged anything.

How to use SEMrush

This is most interesting question and asked by so many newbies in internet marketing field. You can enter URL, keyword in the search box at SEMrush and it will explore all data related to it. You can be able to find best ranking keywords, top ranked websites from your searched query.SEMrush - Digital Marketing Software

You can also localize your search to specific counties with your keyword to target local customers or visitor from specific countries.You can also use SEMrush tool to identify the competition from sites that have selling same product, providing similar service, using similar channels, SERP competitors to spay on them and get your blog top ranked on Search Engine Results page.

Start Your Free Trial TodaySEMrush Pro Account Coupon Code FREE

SEM Rush Pro costs $79 per month (or $69 if you sign up recurring), This FREE SEmrush Pro trial would save your money in that, you have to pay nothing for that. You can easily take advantage of SEMRush’s free 2-week trial today.

Set up a free account on their website & enter the promotional code “EHOWPORTAL-2974K5P1″

If you have any questions about getting the most out of SEM Rush feel free to ask in the comments below. We have used their service for years & can answer just about any question you may have & offer a wide variety of tips to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

OpenLinkProfiler – FREE Backlink Analysis Tool

If you are internet marketer, you might be looking for comparative analysis of backlinks as well as keyword research for your competitor’s website.As we have suggested, SEMRush SEO Tool is very good tool to analyse backlinks and keywords for any website, you can check how to use SEMrush from article here. We have also published SEMrush review article on our website that will help you to research Competitors Keywords and backlinks effectively.It was paid tool but worth paying if you use it properly, you can easily make your website standing in compition as well as get ranked for those keywords on SERP.openlinkprofiler - FREE Backlink Checker Tool

It was all about Best SEO Analysis Tool that were paid tool, but what if you want to research only backlinks for your competitor’s website for FREE?, well, we have found a Free Backlink Analysis tool, that allow you to find fresh backlinks of any websites in a minute for FREE.All you need to do is, enter the url of website, of which you want to analyse backlinks and click on analyze backlinks, it will  show you complete report for the same instantly.

openlinkprofiler - FREE Backlink Checker SEO Tool Review

You will be able to check complete SEO backlink report for FREE including total active backlinks, unique backlinks, links to homepage, nofollow percentage along with link influence score. Interesting thing is you can also filter all backlinks using special filters that you might be looking for.

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FREE Backlink Report for SEO


The backlink page will show list of active link in Link influence score, page title and links, anchor text with source link, industry (niche) and created date. You can filter the links based on link influence score, the more LIS number, more strong the backlink page is. You can analyse your compititor’s backlink using this source and try to create your backlink at there. This helps you to identify the strongest backlinks that can effectively increase your blog’s ranking.

You can instantly download 1000 backlink report for FREE with FREE account, but with upgraded version, you will be able to export more than 200,000 backlinks per domain. You can try FREE account now to use this.

Find potentially harmful links to disavow

Another interesting thing I found from this SEO Analysis Tools is that, you can easily find bad backlinks that create negative SEO of your blog. Yes, you can find potentially harmful backlinks to disavow on your Google Webmaster tool.You can disavow links from Google Webmaster Tools account to prevent your blog from getting penalized.

Openlinkprofiler Features:

  • Find competitor’s backlink and export them for FREE.
  • Link Influence score lets you to identify the quality of backlink giving page.
  • Easy to use SEO Backlink Analysis Tool.
  • Find most popular anchor texts (i.e., keywords used in the links) for your blog.
  • Find Bad backlinks to disavow.

Cost: Free; the company also offers a premium product, Seoprofiler,  that ranges from $49-$999/month depending on your plan, you will get benefit from that service.

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Free Broken Link Checker & Online Link Validator

After Google panda effect,lots of people has tried to checking their blog for broken links. WordPress owner can check their broken links with Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin but if you are own a website other than WordPress, You can Check Broken Links for your blog online from website allow you to monitor broken links from your site and is easy Broken Link Finder tool for you. if you are looking for How to Fix Broken Links, you need to first find them from your website and correct them or remove them.

This FREE Broken Link Finder Tool is online web-site validator, integrity checker, problem detecting tool that can check your web-pages for broken / dead links, validate, find, and report bad hyperlinks if any found.

Broken link checker tool

All you need to do is just enter your website URL and hit the find broken links button.After that, you will have to type captcha code & choose appropriate option from two mentioned there.

Online Broken Link Checker Tool

There are mainly two option available saying Report distinct broken links only & Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower).You can perform test for both option one by one.If the tool will find any broken link from your website,it will immediately mention broken link containing URL there.

Why Broken link should be corrected ?

-Broken links are the hyperlinks in website that have no further use.Suppose you are selling some product from your website & the selling link is not redirecting to yopur product, you might lose your customer.

-It may damage your online reputation & negative impact on affliate earning.

-May your traffic rank get negative effect.

Features of brokenlinkcheck:

  • Check for your website broken links online.
  • No login or Sign Up required.
  • Scan around 3000 pages of your website in free version.
  • Validate both internal and external URL from your website.

You can check for your site’s broken link @