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SEO For WordPress – Automatically Nofollow External Links

Making external link nofollow is good practice for SEO. We have recently checked how you can add nofollow attributes to specific WordPress category.Adding Nofollow links to affiliate links, paid links, comments links or  blogroll links or any other non-informative links is useful for SEO. It would be recommended to make such links nofollow by an SEO experts and its basic SEO tips for everyone. If you are not coding master, you can manually Nofollow External Links to your outgoing links from your articles.

Why using nofollow for outbound external links:

Generally, using no follow attributes to any hyperlinks from our article informs the Google which hyperlinks you are recommend to add value and, search engine will understand, which hyperlinks they should give value to. When used effectively, nofollowing certain hyperlinks allows to keep your PageRank for inner hyperlinks.


Q: Does this mean “PageRank sculpting” (trying to change how PageRank flows within your site using e.g. nofollow) is a bad idea?
A: I wouldn’t recommend it, because it isn’t the most effective way to utilize your PageRank. In general, I would let PageRank flow freely within your site. The notion of “PageRank sculpting” has always been a second- or third-order recommendation for us. I would recommend the first-order things to pay attention to are 1) making great content that will attract links in the first place, and 2) choosing a site architecture that makes your site usable/crawlable for humans and search engines alike.

For example, it makes a much bigger difference to make sure that people (and bots) can reach the pages on your site by clicking links than it ever did to sculpt PageRank. If you run an e-commerce site, another example of good site architecture would be putting products front-and-center on your web site vs. burying them deep within your site so that visitors and search engines have to click on many links to get to your products.

There may be a miniscule number of pages (such as links to a shopping cart or to a login page) that I might add nofollow on, just because those pages are different for every user and they aren’t that helpful to show up in search engines. But in general, I wouldn’t recommend PageRank sculpting.


Will Google penalize sites which only link using the nofollow attribute?


 How to Automatically add Nofollow to External Links

Suppose your blog has 100 post, and all post has some external links, you will become mad by editing all one by one . If you have more than 1000 posts on your blog, it would be quite difficult for you to add them one by one. Ehowportal has found best WordPress SEO plugin to make all external links nofollow. WP External Links (nofollow new window seo) is the recommended plugin that would make your external links nofollow and you can open external links in a new window with default setting of that WP Plugins.

WordPress › WP External Links (nofollow new window seo)

WP External Links – WordPress Plugin to make External Links Nofollow

Once you install this SEO Plugins for WordPress on your WordPress dashboard, you can check it’s setting from External Links option available on sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. It includes General setting, SEO setting, style setting, extra setting and admin setting.

General setting includes setting for external links. You can choose option according to your requirement. Say, you want to open external link in same window, new window/tab, topmost frame or seperate window or tab.Another option is really helpful. You can apply that setting to all contents for your entire site. If you want to make only post contents or comment section as nofollow, you can also do that with that option.

WP External Links WordPress Setting

WP External Links WordPress Setting

Ignore link URL containing, is the setting you want to exclude considering that URL as external. So if you add or URL there, it will be ignored for making WordPress nofollow links. Wherever in your article , those URL appear it will be marked as dofollow. Another point is about SEO setting, that is important in point of Search Engine Optimization. this will add rel-nofollow and rell-external tag to your external link. You can set link title from that option.

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WP External Links Style Setting

WP External Links WordPress Plugin Style Setting

On style setting, you can show how your external link would be styled on your article. Suppose you want to make little icon beside external link like Wikipedia, you can choose icon from those icon set. There is extra setting to replace javascript code for your external links.


When you Add nofollow to a Link and rel-external attribute is important point in terms of Search Engine Optimization for WordPress. If you don’t have applied that to your blog, you should do it for proper SEO for your blog.

How to Remove Phone Number from Truecaller | Delete Number from Truecaller

We all know right now peoples are using Truecaller to get caller ID on their smartphones. Trucaller has became leading telephone directory app & Free Caller Identifier for all over the world. The thing is that whenever you install truecaller app on your smartphone device, it will ask for verification of your phone number and hence once your phone number is verified, your contact details would be added to truecaller database. Truecaller has seperate page for de-registering numbers so that your number would not be searchable using Truecaller Number Search.

When you fill up this application, your number will be delisted from Online Truecaller directory.As per this page, If you don’t want your phone number to be searchable in the Truecaller Phone Numbers directory for privacy reason, then you can simply enter your phone number there along with country code and press ‘Unlist’. (i.e. +4690512214). You cannot resubmit your number to the directory. You can choose the reason from the list and you will need to type word captcha verification. When you click on unlist, it will process and remove your number.

From now, your number will not be searchable on Truecaller app or from Truecaller Online website.Another trick for the same is you can deactivate your Truecaller account by login to your Truecaller account and it will remove your  details from their website. Second step is to use Truecaller unlist option to remove number completely from truecaller.

Setup Custom Username for Facebook Fanpage

Recently I have changed username for my Facebook fan page.Previously they were saying that you need to have atleast 25 users in order to activate Facebook fan page username but I have activated the Facebook fan page Username when I had only 2 user that were me and my friend just liked my page and I activated the username.

25 fans is needed to have customized Facebook fanpage UsernameThe notice will be appeared whenever you are going to make custom username for your Facebook fan page but this notice will not be working for all Facebook accounts as I made customized Facebook fanpage username with only two users so try it for yours.You will see the setting for changing the username for Facebook Fanpage from the edit setting of your page.

Previously I was using my Facebook fanpage on the link.Which is quite long & awkward to remember such long URL.But once you have created custom username for your page you will get vanity URL for your page and you will not have to remember such a long URL,instead you need to just remember your username only.I have changed my Facebook fanpage URL and all older link will be redirected to newer one.Creating Facebook Fanpage Username setting
You can create new username for your Facebook fan page if you have more than 25 fans who liked your page or if you are lucky enough you will get your username even with less than 25 Facebook fans.If you are lucky enough you will see the notice in your page setting & it will suggest you to create a unique username for your Facebook fan page.If you wish to create one, select the link which is shown by arrow in your Facebook account.

How to Get A Custom Page URL with less than 25 fansYou will get notice once you have entered the username to choose for your page and it will say username will not be changed once it has been set.So be careful while choosing a username for your page and click on confirm once you are comfortable with the username.

changed facebook fanpage usernameOnce you have done, you will get the success notification that you have successfully changed your Facebook fanpage username.Look at my changed facebook fanpage URL that is easy to remember.

If you have any problem during changing your fanpage username just comment below.I will help you to solve your problem in this regard & share if you had got Facebook username with less than 25 fans.You can get video tutorial on How to Set Username for Your Facebook fan Pages from below:

Big bug found on all feedburner account today

Recently When I had login to my feedburner account I was shocked by seeing that my feedburner subscriber showing zero and soon after I looked at the feedsubscription list at my blog and there also it showing zero feed subscribers.

Bug in My Feedburner accountThis is the screenshot from my feedburner account and I all my blog feeds showing zero subscribers.At first site when I looked at the numbers I shocked because there is chances of unsubscribing my blog is null for all persons.I will definitely accept if there are one or two persons unsubscribe my posts but all of them and even not from one blog but all my blog it shows zero only so I though It might be bug in feedburner account.

 Did All my readers unsubscribed my blog??? This is another screenshot from my old blogspot blog where in feedburner reader list it shows Zero. Lol !!!

Later I have searched for other blogs and found same issue so I relaxed.Lets see what happening to all readers of my blogs and other blogs after bug has been fixed. Did your blog has same issue?? than comment below in the comment section below and say what are you thinking about that.

How to Speed up WordPress Website

Recently I had posted a post saying that Checking DNS health of website.When I was blogging through my .in domain but I felt it will not suitable for my profession so I choose .com domain and start from the first step again.I had posted DNS health check up post on my older .in domain blog but when I was going through the post I thought let me check my .com domain DNS health and speed, so I checked my speed and uploaded the screenshot of page loading speeds on DNS check up for website post.

To my surprise I seen that pingdom tool told me my website is slower than 74% of all checked website.I thought I should do something about this because slower loading time is definitely due to my heavy weight theme which I made a complete clone of mashable website.But when I tested for mashable website page loading speed it says that the average page loading speed was faster than 36% of all tested websites even the theme of mashable is more heavier than mine one.I thought I should do something to increase page load speed of my website and thus more visitor will retain on my website.

Increased page loading speed for WordPress blogI had searched for everywhere about speeding up and boosting wordpress loading time and finally I got the solution.You can use simple plugin, so there is not any tech skill required to increase your page loading speed.All you need to do is just install the plugin and activate it.After installing the plugin I checked again website loading time for my website and to my surprice they told me my website is faster than 69% of all tested websites.

Now coming to the plugin which helped me to boost my page loading speed & I manually speed up WordPress website.I searched everywhere online on the internet but I found so many resource saying me to remove unnecessary php calls & caches and bla bla blaa..I tried some of them but failed so I searched for WordPress plugin to help me and it really did!!

What was the plugin?
Well, the plugin named PHP speedy that I got from aciddrop.First I thought they are fake but I manually checked all the code in the plugin and found safe to install on my WordPress blog so I installed it.The configuration for PHP speedy is as easy as you are setting up your Facebook profile page.

Spped up WordPress blog with PHP speedyThis is the part of screenshot of the list to be configured on the plugin.PHP speedy configuration is easy.Just save as it is all and activate the plugin from the menu bar of the plugin as shown in the image here.

Activate PHP speedy from WordPress blogHere I have already activated the plugin so at the top of menu they are saying Deactivate.If you have already activated they will show you such message and if not, you will have to manually activate it.After activating the plugin just check out your website loading speed and get surprised.

What actually the PHP speedy plugin do??
The plugin is Minifying removes whitespace and other unnecessary characters, If you feeling bore to manually do all this thing by your self or if you don’t know scripting.It also compress the java script, CSS code from your WordPress template and give more power to load faster your blog.It will work more faster if you are using any of the WordPress Cache plugins.

Buy Cheap Android Mobile Phones in India

I just bought Dell XCD35 cell phone with android operating system.I liked so many new things in it because technology gets updated and it is too much better operating system than Symbian S60V2.So I updated with the cell phone.There are so many website who were ready to provide me the same mobile phone with different different cost and I choose homeshop18 that was cheapest deal from other online shopping websites.

How I found that Homeshop18 was providing me the same mobile with cheapest rate?
Well, you are thinking that I had searched online from Google by typing query that “Buy online dell XCD35 with cheapest price” and I found that.but no because I have tried the method and I got false result with some of the websites,Some of the website provide me the costs was 16,999 Rs which was quite more than my budget and not affordable for me.

Reason behind false mobile price on most of websites:
I found that some of the blogger has posted the price with dell XCD35 mobile phone review and he was current in view of price because he blogged the price when the price was higher like 16,999 and so many different cost.So I was going to postponed the plan of online shopping for new mobile.The bloggers had not updated the price of the same and he could not because after writing so many post it was quite difficult for them to search for the specific mobile price and update it with latest mobile price.

How I bought the same mobile at cheapest rate?
I was going to postponed my mobile buying plan but suddenly one of my friend was suggested me one website that provide me the latest mobile price by comparing the result with another online shopping website,this way we can easily found the cheapest online shopping provider with the same mobile.

Compare Mobile Phone Price in India

After seeing the website at the first site I was thinking that it is simple website and provide me the old price list for the same  mobile cell phone and I must not buy phone this time.But my mind told me that I should check it so I can determine the website is true or just false result provider.So I suddenly searched for the model number of dell mobile “Dell XCD35″ and I got the result for the same.Here is the screenshot that was with price lists.

Dell XCD35 android SmartPhone

It was offering me the best and cheapest price for the same thing which was quite good for any online shopping.The good thing I found in website that is it updates regularly time to time and show you the date whenever the price is updated on particular websites.When I bought the Dell phone I was offered to buy from homeshop18 and it was at 8475/- Rs but the Flipkart was not available there,so I have to bought it for 8475/- Rs which was affordable to me.

Next good thing is that it provides the mobile price list in ascending order so you will get the cheapest rate first and then after the more price than above one like wise.So at letsbuy I found the dell mobile price was 10,399 /- Rs.[How much profit they are going to keep in their pockets:)]

You are provided the direct link to the websites for online shopping so whichever mobile price is affordable to you,  you can choose that one and clicking on the Go to Store link you will be landing on the shopping website for the same thing so you even do not have to search for the same thing again on the website.

Not only the mobiles, but you can compare the price of laptop, books,cameras & games on their websites.It is not online shopping website but good directory of online shopping websites that updating the price with the time of each of the thing regularly.

Cheap android phonesIt will shows the best & cheap price along with the costliest price for your searched query.If you like particular price of anything you searched for and you wish to like it sharing on other social networking websites you can easily share it from the sharing option available at the website at the bottom of each page.

If you are still searching for anything that you want to shop online like mobiles, laptops,books ,camera or games,I will suggest you to check once at the website.It will really help you in buying anything at the cheap rate.

Check the website @

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