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OpenLinkProfiler – FREE Backlink Analysis Tool

If you are internet marketer, you might be looking for comparative analysis of backlinks as well as keyword research for your competitor’s website.As we have suggested, SEMRush SEO Tool is very good tool to analyse backlinks and keywords for any website, you can check how to use SEMrush from article here. We have also published SEMrush review article on our website that will help you to research Competitors Keywords and backlinks effectively.It was paid tool but worth paying if you use it properly, you can easily make your website standing in compition as well as get ranked for those keywords on SERP.openlinkprofiler - FREE Backlink Checker Tool

It was all about Best SEO Analysis Tool that were paid tool, but what if you want to research only backlinks for your competitor’s website for FREE?, well, we have found a Free Backlink Analysis tool, that allow you to find fresh backlinks of any websites in a minute for FREE.All you need to do is, enter the url of website, of which you want to analyse backlinks and click on analyze backlinks, it will  show you complete report for the same instantly.

openlinkprofiler - FREE Backlink Checker SEO Tool Review

You will be able to check complete SEO backlink report for FREE including total active backlinks, unique backlinks, links to homepage, nofollow percentage along with link influence score. Interesting thing is you can also filter all backlinks using special filters that you might be looking for.

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FREE Backlink Report for SEO


The backlink page will show list of active link in Link influence score, page title and links, anchor text with source link, industry (niche) and created date. You can filter the links based on link influence score, the more LIS number, more strong the backlink page is. You can analyse your compititor’s backlink using this source and try to create your backlink at there. This helps you to identify the strongest backlinks that can effectively increase your blog’s ranking.

You can instantly download 1000 backlink report for FREE with FREE account, but with upgraded version, you will be able to export more than 200,000 backlinks per domain. You can try FREE account now to use this.

Find potentially harmful links to disavow

Another interesting thing I found from this SEO Analysis Tools is that, you can easily find bad backlinks that create negative SEO of your blog. Yes, you can find potentially harmful backlinks to disavow on your Google Webmaster tool.You can disavow links from Google Webmaster Tools account to prevent your blog from getting penalized.

Openlinkprofiler Features:

  • Find competitor’s backlink and export them for FREE.
  • Link Influence score lets you to identify the quality of backlink giving page.
  • Easy to use SEO Backlink Analysis Tool.
  • Find most popular anchor texts (i.e., keywords used in the links) for your blog.
  • Find Bad backlinks to disavow.

Cost: Free; the company also offers a premium product, Seoprofiler,  that ranges from $49-$999/month depending on your plan, you will get benefit from that service.

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Free Broken Link Checker & Online Link Validator

After Google panda effect,lots of people has tried to checking their blog for broken links. WordPress owner can check their broken links with Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin but if you are own a website other than WordPress, You can Check Broken Links for your blog online from website allow you to monitor broken links from your site and is easy Broken Link Finder tool for you. if you are looking for How to Fix Broken Links, you need to first find them from your website and correct them or remove them.

This FREE Broken Link Finder Tool is online web-site validator, integrity checker, problem detecting tool that can check your web-pages for broken / dead links, validate, find, and report bad hyperlinks if any found.

Broken link checker tool

All you need to do is just enter your website URL and hit the find broken links button.After that, you will have to type captcha code & choose appropriate option from two mentioned there.

Online Broken Link Checker Tool

There are mainly two option available saying Report distinct broken links only & Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower).You can perform test for both option one by one.If the tool will find any broken link from your website,it will immediately mention broken link containing URL there.

Why Broken link should be corrected ?

-Broken links are the hyperlinks in website that have no further use.Suppose you are selling some product from your website & the selling link is not redirecting to yopur product, you might lose your customer.

-It may damage your online reputation & negative impact on affliate earning.

-May your traffic rank get negative effect.

Features of brokenlinkcheck:

  • Check for your website broken links online.
  • No login or Sign Up required.
  • Scan around 3000 pages of your website in free version.
  • Validate both internal and external URL from your website.

You can check for your site’s broken link @

Boomerang – Schedule Emails to Send Later in Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.Boomerang for Gmail extension has great feature that lets you to schedule your mail to send it later from your Gmail account, so that you can easily implement Send Later Feature in Gmail account itself.All you need to do is just having Boomerang for Gmail extension installed on your browser. So you will see Gmail Send Later Option by Boomerang in your Gmail account. It can be used for sending birthday wishes on your loved one’s birthday,wishing marriage anniversary or any other personal reminder.So it can be your personal email assistant.It helps you to make Gmail Schedule Email Delivery to Send Emails Later at your predefined time and date.


Schedule an email to send at a later date

After installing Boomerang for Gmail extension,You will see an extra option at side of send message button that says Send later option.Now everytime you compose new mail,you can customize the mail to send it later on specific date and time along with that country’s timezone.Timezone adds more specificity to your mail and deliver it at accurate time and date you are mentioning there.Boomerang for Gmail is also available for your mobile.

Boomerang Gmail Features:

  • Allow you to Send Mail Later at specified time by implementing Gmail Schedule Send option with browser extension.
  • Access Boomerang basic features on free version to Send Email at Later Time.
  • Never forget to wish your loved one on specific date.
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Check Boomerang for Send Email Later Gmail in Chrome & Firefox @

Blur Part of a Picture Online – Blur Photo Online

Most of the time when we publish or share something online, sometimes we don’t want some part to be seen or we want to hide some portion of image. We can easily make any part or any portion of image online by using Photoshop. However what if we don’t have Photoshop or we don’t know how to use Photoshop. If you have good knowledge about Blur Photo Effects or any other Professional Photo Editor tool, you know how to Blur Image in Photoshop. Online Tools to Blur Picture Online Free will help you to make this task easier.

Blur a part of Photo Censoring an Image Censor Pictures Online

For this, you can use online photo editor website or also free service from You can upload photo from your computer you want to blur online.Once uploaded, you will be able to see your uploaded image on the dashboard, click on censor photo and it will automatically Censoring an Image.It also reduce image size automatically. I uploaded test image file of 62.47 kb image when it was blurred it reduced upto 49.87 kb file size.

Blur Image Portion Online

Check the both above image. What I did is uploaded image, I saw area to select for blurring. I selected area for blurring and clicked on censor photo to Blur Photo Online, it will automatically blur that selected portion of image. has facility to blur image online. Its Online utility to censor a part of any photo by selecting coordinates, width and height. Supported formats are BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, JPEG-2000 etc. This tool would help you to easily Blur Things Out of Picture.


You can try this free service @

Free Email Signature Maker- Generate Professional Signature Online

Last time we have discussed about how to add Best Professional Email Signatures on Gmail account. There you can Make a Signature for all your outgoing emails and forwarded emails. if you are looking for Professional Signature Sample or Professional Signature Format there is the great site that would let’s you to create professional email signatures online. Check out the sample email signature with social profile icons and your website logo from below image.

Professional Outlook Signatures

I have generated sample Professional Signature Lines from the website by adding my blog logo, URL, and almost everything there that professional email signatures should have.There are mainly three steps you can proceed to generate your email signature quickly.

First of all, you would have to add your primary information like name, email address, your designation, phone number etc. That would be your first line of your email signature.

After that your company information would be there.You can create your own company logo or add your existing company logo to your email signature to make it more professional. Your company address, name, website address, office phone numbers, fax numbers would be in second line. Interesting thing is you can upload your company logo from Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP or other cloud accounts.

At last you can add social profile icons, so your email recipients can add you and reach you on social networking profiles.Social networking icons are ready-made and best available size. You just have to add your profile links like Facebook profile link, twitter profile link etc. Likewise you can add almost all available social networking site links to your profile in your email signature.  If you own company, you can add your social profile links of Facebook Fan page, Google+ business page, twitter official link, YouTube official Channel for more influence.

Next step is to add disclaimer to your email signature. There is readymade disclaimer email signature available, if you wish to remove it you can delete it. Or you can add your own custom disclaimer signature line on your HTML Signature Creators.

Remove Empty Fields on Email Signatures

Now when you click on done button, you would be asked to remove empty fields you have left empty while creating email signature.Click on clear empty fields, it would remove empty fields from your added information and generate Email Signatures for your email clients. You can use that Email Signatures in Outlook, gmail, thunderbird or other email clients.

Online Email Signature Generator Feature :

  • You can also modify your email signatures with new fonts,colors, font size etc to make it professional.
  • After doing everything, you just have to copy and paste that generated signature wherever you want. Or you can set email signature in outlook , Gmail or other email client. So it would automatically add it on all forwarding and sending mails.
  • Incase you need HTML code of your generated signature, you can also get it from the option available there.

You can check this cool website @

How to Enable Dropbox 2 Step Verification

Recently there was folk and Reddit users discovered around 7 million Dropbox account compromised, to prevent such things in future, you can enable Dropbox Two Step Verification for better security of your Dropbox account.Dropbox 2 Step Authentication is an optional step to do but it is hightly recommended security feature by dropbox that would adds an extra layer of protection to your Dropbox account. Once you activate Dropbox 2 Step Verification, whenever you are trying to login to your Dropbox account, it will ask for six-digit security code in addition to your password.  This means even someone knows your Dropbox account password, he/she would not able to access your Dropbox account without six digit security code.

How to Enable Dropbox 2 Step Verification

  • Sign in to the Dropbox website.
  • From upper side, you will see your name of any page to open your account menu.How to Enable Dropbox 2 Step Verification
  • Click Settings from the account menu and select the Security tab, or click here for a shortcut. We have to select security option tab from there you will see two step verification is enabled or disabled. if you have not already enabled it, you can enable two step authentication for dropbox from there. If you want to disable two step verification on Dropbox, you can also do it from that option.

Dropbox 2 Step VerificationWhen you click on Enable option to activate 2 step verification on Dropbox,you will see following message. Click on get started to proceed further.

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Whenever you sign in to the Dropbox website or link a new device, you’ll need to enter both your password and also a security code sent to your mobile phone.

If you are enabling it for the first time, you will be asked to enter your Dropbox password for security. Enter your Dropbox password and there are two option by which you can add extra layer of security on your Dropbox account.Now you have two option by which you can enable two-step verification.

  1. Use Text Messages – They will confirm through security code to your mobile number
  2. Use a Mobile App – You can generate security code through authenticator app similar to Google Authenticator Dropbox

How to Use Dropbox

If you are selecting first option, you will be asked to enter your mobile number in which you will receive security code. If you select second option, it will ask to download an app to your smartphone that will generate security code instantly for you. For me, first step was not worked,I tried useing mobile app to generate security codes thorugh Dropbox Authenticator App and it worked. I got success message about activation of two step on Dropbox was worked successfully.

Dropbox Authenticator App

Try the steps as mentioned in the steps, if you are facing any difficulties, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

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