How to Make Money Online with Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon CPM Ads Overview Report

Recently we have discussed about Amazon CPM Ads, which seems not officially announced.We have tried to search everywhere but did not get effective resource to find the same. First of all, CPM ads are those, in which you would get paid for page impression, not CPC base just like Google adsense. CPM means Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM).  Good thing about Amazon CPM ... Read More » has Launched Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon CPM Ads for publishers

Good news for bloggers and publishers. If you are looking for CPM ads, amazon has launched Amazon CPM Ads now. You can place amazon CPM banners on your blog to make money online from your blog. Till date, amazon has only Marketing on Amazon that was allow publishers to earn money from Amazon Advertising Sales. But amazon has now started CPM base ads that ... Read More »

How to Watermark WordPress Images

Watermarking WordPress footer plugin

Watermarking images is nowadays becomes professional tool for most of the bloggers because it helps you to identify your original content and also you can know content scrappers.You can generally generate a watermark on your one image or use batch watermarking softwares to adding watermark in your image file but it is little bit awkward for bloggers who had to open watermarking software each time ... Read More »

User Role Editor – Manage Multi Author WordPress Blog

User Role Editor WordPress plugin

You might have seen lots of WordPress blog with multiple users. Some of them are editor, contributor, subscriber. If you are thinking to start & Manage Multiple WordPress Sites that allowing user registration and let them post on your blog, you will need a special plugin that can handle all the things inside.  User Role Editor is such a great WordPress plugin allow you to manage ... Read More »

How To Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for Make Money with Affiliate Marketing,here is the simple infographic that will help you to Make Money Being an Affiliate. Read More »

How to Manually Configure Gmail in Outlook

How to Configure Gmail in Microsoft Outlook

Gmail is considered as a beloved backbone of most of the small businesses for email communications. Gmail seems to be more professional than others are. It is well known as one of the few free email service providers. This will let you configure a POP account for reading and replying to messages in an offline mode, with no internet connection. Outlook ... Read More »