How to Judge The Value of Your SEO Keyword

SEO keyword

KEYWORD is an important factor in making or breaking the image of a website. It not only shows the type of content in it but also aids in attracting the right customers for it. It is a significant part of Search, Social media and Content marketing. This little representation of one website in a pool of competitors is not only ... Read More »

Drop My Link – Find Commentluv Blogs to Build Backlinks

Drop My Link

We all know building backlink for blog is very important step to get our blog ranked. Building backlink high PR sites can easily improve blog’s domain authority as well as blog’s PR after PR updates. It helps us to improve alexa rank as well.If you are blogger, you might be looking for creating backlink for your blog. It is hard ... Read More »

Unblock Restricted Sites Using Proxy Server | Unblock Blocked Websites

Hide My Ass Free Proxy and Privacy Tools Surf The Web Anonymously

You might have seen that social networking websites are blocked at school, colleges & at office.Whenever you are trying to login to those blocked website, it will not let you to browse it.Even in my college I found Facebook was blocked but whenever I wanted to access my Facebook account I could. While my friends and even professors could not, they asked me how ... Read More »

Extract URLs from Text – Online URL Extractor Tool | URL Extractor Online

Note Parse - Extract URLs from Text

Sometime we get notepad file or receive emails with too much descriptions. Or sometimes we need to Extract URLs from Web Page or all text but its hard to find URLs when they are not made hyperlink and only available in text lines on any webpage. It is difficult to filter urls from hundreds of text, but we can use Link Extractor ... Read More »

How To Resolve The Server Certificate Not Valid | Server's Security Certificate is Not Yet Valid

Resolve Untrusted Connection in Firefox

Very often we have seen whenever we want to login to any website, it shows security error and say you that the connection is untrusted.Recently I tried to login to my gmail account and it was saying me the connection is untrusted in my Mozilla Firefox. I had avoided that problem by choosing add exception option and then selecting confirm security exception ... Read More »

How to Point a Subdomain To External Host

Creating Sub Domain Records on DNS Management

Last time I did a job for my client which I didn’t know.My job was to creating sub domain and install another CMS on that sub domain. It seems like easy task and I was thinking so. but main problem arises when I came to know that his main blog is on & now he want to install another ... Read More »