Able2Extract – Advanced PDF Converter Tool

Most of the time, you may have gone through situation that you are likely having PDF file but you want to modify something inside it and re-print again or want to convert PDF file into other file format but you don’t find any option regarding that. But Able2Extract software is recommended PDF suite software that allow you to edit, convert, create or modify any PDF documents instantly from your computer.Moreover you can also convert your PDF documents to other formats including MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML, and many more.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 Software
Able2Extract – PDF Converter Software

When you open any PDF file from Able2Extract software, you will see open, create, save option from the top menu. Besides that, there will be option that says convert to file type and there will be listed excel, word, power-point, OpenOffice, HTML, Auto-cad, image like options will be there. Those option will allow you to Convert PDF to Excel, and other file formats provided there.

Investintech Able2Extract Batch Converter

Free PDF Converter Software Download

This is another interesting option by Investintech Inc PDF to Word Software that allows you to convert multiple files together to specific folder of your local drive. To convert multiple files, you will need click on add files and select browse option to select your output folder. Output folder is where your converted files will be stored. Below that there will be option of convert to, this is the option to convert file in to other formats. At the bottom, you will be asked for some captcha code to enter and after entering that code, by clicking on convert button, will convert your file in selected formats in bulk.

Among its many features you will find that Able2Extract 9:

  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms
  • Converts PDF to multiple editable formats (PDF to MS Office, OpenOffice, AutoCAD, Image, HTML etc.)
  • Edits PDF pages (delete, resize, move, scale, rotate, adjust viewing preferences)
  • Creates professional PDFs from almost any format (password protection, protection from printing ..)
  • Offers custom PDF to Excel conversion (merge rows/columns, add, split tables..)
  • Create password protected PDF files.
  • FREE Trial Available(Get FREE Trial)
  • Check Other PDF Converter : Online PDF Tool , FREE PDF Converter

Check out this Cool Tool @ Able2Extract

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Discount – 42% OFF on Hosting

Bluehost is top rated web hosting provider and recommended as one of the top Webhosting for WordPress. We already discussed few Bluehost WordPress Tutorial like Creating Subdomain on Bluehost or Setting up Email Forwarding and many more. Here in this article, we are going to discuss about Bluehost Web Hosting Features and at the end of the post, you will find Bluehost Specials Web Hosting Discounts for the valentine’s hosting offer.

bluehost coupon 2015
Bluehost Deals

You can also find useful Bluehost WordPress Review which is recommended Website Hosting by so many problogger and even Bluehost and Dreamhost are officially rated as top rated Web Host for WordPress blogs by Hosting Prices are varies from $3.49 to $5.95/month depending on Bluehost promotional offers.

Bluehost usually not offer any Bluehost Renewal Discount nor any Bluehost Domain Coupon instead you can register for new Bluehost account and get FREE domain with it. You can also easily migrate your entire hosting account to new account. You can also contact us to migrate your data from one server to another. We do migration and new WordPress installation for FREE if you use our FREE WordPress Installation Service. We generally dealing with Hostgator, Dreamhost or Bluehost.

Bluehost Promo code : $3.49/Month

Bluehost is going to launch special promotional offer for this Valentine month. Bloggers can easily grab discount on WordPress hosting by Bluehost and users will be able to get Bluehost $3.49/ Month plan from 12 February 2015 to 16 February 2015. As discussed about, Bluehost Pricing for WordPress hosting ranging from $3.49 to $5.95/month depending on Bluehost promotional offers but under Valentine offer, users will be able to get their Bluehost account with only $3.49/Month offer.

Interesting thing is that, Bluehost offers you to upgrade your account from basic to Bluehost Plus or Business account whenever you require, you can always upgrade to higher hosting package like VPS or Dedicated whenever you require by paying extra amount that will be adjusted with your existing amount or credit.

Bluehost Discount 2015

Bluehost Features  

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting – You can host unlimited domains under one account
  • Unlimited Hosting Space – You can host unlimited files on your account
  • Unlimited File Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 1 Free Domain Name – When you sign up for New Bluehost account, you will get FREE domain name
  • One Click WordPress Installation – Easy to install WordPress on Bluehost
  • Free Site Builder w/ templates
  • Free Instant Set-up
  • any time money back guarantee
  • 24×7 Custome support

Please note that this offer is valid from 12 February 2015 to 16 February 2015, so if Your hosting plan is expiring soon or want to register for new web hosting, you can wait for today and register your bluehost account between those dates to avail special Discount from Bluehost.

Signup for Bluehost(Discounted Link)

Blogging Tips – Blogging Tips for Beginners

What is blogging?

Writing is like a therapy for most of the people in the world. Blogging is the best way to let the world know what you are thinking. Likewise Blogging is also a way to make money online. Making money through blogs requires some useful and informative content posted on the blog site. You need to put some useful contents for the readers to attract them and sustain them coming to read your blog. There are few things that bloggers really need to know and understand while writing on blogs. Here we would like to cover few Successful Blogging Tips that every bloggers should consider while writing on their blogs.


Choosing Topics

The first step for writing blog post is choosing topics for your post. You should determine your blog’s niche first. if you are running any specific category blog (Niche Blog) never post off topic article on that. Write full and informative article with details and reference source if there is any. The topic should be catchy and able to attract the readers’ attention. It is always advisable to write on the topic that you know about. You must write on something about which you have knowledge and creativity to put into the topic. Once the topic is selected, jot it down. Be careful about writing because irrelevancy can be harmful for you. Always write according to the topic.

Posting Frequencies

Posting frequency is also matters a lot in ranking. Try to publish unique useful content on regular time interval. E.g. If you are writing post weekly, you can schedule your blog post for next week but try to publish it consistently because it helps crawlers to crawl posts on specific time.Write blog posts  that are useful for readers and they can easily share it on their social accounts. This is essential Tips for Good Blogging.


Comments is the best way to build community around, you can implement Disqus Comment System or default comment system on your blog.Comment is the best way for readers to share their feedback regarding your posts. It is important that you are always responding to your readers. When the reader says anything good or bad about your piece of writing, it is important that you reply back. It will give reader, the satisfaction that you are interested in his comments. It will give a positive image about your blog site.

Updating Old Content

Search engine loves updated content. You can look for the posts that you have published last years or before that and seems outdated. You can update outdated content with new and useful information and republish it. You can show last updated date on your blog post instead of date when blog post published, that are also useful for readers, They can easily check the content was recently updated and information might be useful. This is the most useful Blogging Tips for Beginners because old posts can still get traffic if it has updated information.

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

This is also important that what are you writing and how are you writing on your blog. The content should be relevant to your blog’s niche, there should be a flow in writing so that reader can enjoy reading it and words must be understandable for them. Comprehensive approach in writing blogs will help you out in getting maximum numbers of readers. There should be no spellings and grammar mistake. Your reader can be very intellectual to point out mistakes. So, make sure that your content is perfect from every angle.

That was for about readers, now on part of SEO, you should used to maintain Keyword density using SEOPressor Plugin.It helps you in writing by suggesting you LSI Keywords(Latent semantic indexing) that helps in ranking your post for specific keywords. Try to consider following things while writing for SEO optimized content for your blog.

Writing effective SEO Optimized article is the recommended Blogging Tips and Techniques for beginners.

Encourage Reader’s Comments

It is important that you appreciate that someone has read your article and commented on it.This is the best way to increase readers comments on your blog. You must reply back to them and motivate them to give feedback. Do not simply post on your blogs but talk to the readers and answer their queries promptly. A simple interaction can encourage your readers to come to your blog all the time for informative and useful articles. That is why; bloggers need to spend a lot of time on it. Use these given tips and it will be easier for you to earn money through your blog while having fun.

Never Copy from Anywhere

If you are copying content from somewhere source, it is recommended that you should stop such practice. You may soon penalized by Search engine. Duplicate contents are taken seriously by search engine. You can easily check if your blog has been penalized.

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If you are looking for How to Make a Blog, you can always let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We also offer service to setup FREE blog specially to Ehowportal Readers.

WordPress Hosting – Bluehost Coupon 3.95 Offer

We all know bluehost is officially recommended by for the best hosting. Even I am also using bluehost hosting since last 4 years. I am satisfied customer of bluehost and whenever anyone ask me for cheap WordPress hosting, I would suggest them to use Bluehost or Hostgator. Millions of websites are being hosted on Bluehost as well as 20 thousands new websites are added to this list every month.

Bluehost 2014 Discount code

Interesting thing about bluehost is, you can host unlimited domain names on your bluehost server and it would not charge you extra amount. Just pay one time and use it. When you compare bluehost with other web hosting like hostmonster, InMotion Hosting or other cheap hosting, bluehost will be the winner. In service point of view bluehost is the best.

Whenever your server is down or you think your server is facing any issue, you can directly chat live with bluehost and get instant answer by their team. It’s ticket system is also good, you can directly raise your complaint by posting your complaint ticket on bluehost and you would receive quick revert back of your email query to your mail address.You would get FREE 1 year domain name of your choice when you register your account for bluehost.

Interesting Features of Bluehost :

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited disk space
  • You Can Host unlimited domains
  • FREE domain for year( You can get FREE domain when you register hosting account with bluehost)
  • Unlimited Email accounts and Free Website builder
  • 24×7 US Support through Chat, Email and Phone
  • $100 Google Adwords Credit
  • Free Instant Setup
  • Money back grantee at any time you want.
  • One click WordPress Installer

Bluehost Discount Offer

Bluehost is providing discount options based on current offers available.If you are looking for any Bluehost Promo 2015 or Bluehost Coupon 2015, let me clarify you that bluehost is not providing any coupons and promo code for WordPress Hosting Service. Actually there is a BlueHost 3.95 USD Promo Link available that will help you get BlueHost hosting for as low as $3.95/Month Only for hosting your WordPress blog.

To make use of BlueHost 3.95 discount offer, you will need to get BlueHost hosting for your blog for a period of 36 months in advance. If you want to host your blog on Bluehost for 12 months, you will need to pay them 5.95 USD per month & you will also not get Bluehost Renewal Discount on this offer. It is recommended that you subscribe for bluehost for 36 month period to get Bluehost 2.95 & Bluehost 3.95 per month offer.

To avail this Bluehost Plans at discount, you don’t need to use any Bluehost Coupon Code. All you need to do is register your account with bluehost, use this Promo Link than Click on get started now button. You will redirected to domain name page. If you have already domain name, you can use it from there. If you want to register FREE domain with bluehost, you can get FREE domain name from that page.

Bluehost Discount Code 2014

At package information page, you will get discount. Depending on your requirement, you can choose plan. This BlueHost discount offer of $3.95 will be available for more few days, so it’s the right time to purchase hosting for your first or next WordPress blog.

Click This Link to Sign Up for BlueHost Web Hosting.

I will get commission for referral when you signup using above links, but if you need any help installing WordPress, feel free to contact me on bksondagar[at]

For more information regarding current WordPress Hosting Options, visit here.

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HostGator Maximum Discount Coupon Code

Choosing best & affordable host is the dream for any website/blog owner.Using free host will ban your hosting account anytime and there is no security for your account, so it is recommended that we use paid hosting. So that our hosting company will have responsibility to make our data clean and secure.Now we will provide you HostGator Maximum discount coupon code which will allow you to get discount of $9.94 off the package price.

Best Hostgator Coupon
Best Hostgator Coupon

HostGator Features:

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free primary domain renewal
  • 24*7 tech support (Chat, Email, Phone, Twitter)
  • Free Adwords credit
  • One click WordPress installation
Hostgator will allow you to install WordPress latest version, so if you are going to buy new hosting for your blog, you can use Ehowportal9 as Coupon code & you will get $9.95 USD off on any web hosting plans.
Suppose if you are going to buy full one year plan, you can use Ehowportal25 as hostgator coupon code. You will get 25% off on your total bill.So if you like to purchase hosting plan for 1 or more years, this coupon code will help you to get 25% discount on your total amount.
Web Hosting cPanel - HostGator

How to Check If Your Blog is Penalized by Google Algo Updates

Whenever search algo updated by Google, it is the biggest headache for publishers, blog owners and also SEO companies. Because they have to make changes according to the new algo updates to stay in the competition. We have talked about preventing blog from panda update, Panda and Penguin update was critical issue for few blogs and affected them very badly. If you are managing any blog, you might have seen traffic update on your blog sometimes, but you don’t know which algo hit your blog’s traffic and ranking. Here we will look into handy tool for SEO that will help you find out if your blog is affected by Google’s Search Algorithm updates or not.

If you are seeing any traffic drop on your blog, you need to check which algo has affected your blog’s traffic and ranking. After you get things clear, you can proceed to initial steps towards recovering traffic by making necessary changes depending on Google Algorithm Updates. Because Panda and Penguin updates are working differently than other updates.Panda and Penguin are the biggest Algorithm Examples that even wipe low quality blogs from SERP.

E.g. Panda update was specifically targeting for lower quality content and blogs. While Penguin update was specially targeting blogs with bad linking and low quality links. Once you find out which is the cause of you traffic drop, you can take necessary steps to recover your blog from search updates.

Penguin Penalty Checker Tool

We have found the tool @ that will show you about algo update and your blog’s traffic. It is very simple that, it creates a timeline of your blog’s traffic and show you whenever algo updated in the past. So when both are plotted in single graph, you will be able to see raise in traffic or drop in traffic due to which update.

Google Penalty Checker
Google Penalties Checker Tool

You can also on or off panda, penguin local, structural updates to check exact Google penalties that affected your blog traffic from there. You just need to grant Google Analytics access to this tool and it will plot a traffic timeline vs Google Updates, for you to check which Google update affected your blog.You can find this tool from Baracuda digital for Penguin & panda checker tool.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is another free tool you can watch about traffic status from your webmaster tools account. You can directly check for the traffic drop or increase in traffic from your Google webmaster tools account on specified date.

Google Webmaster Tools

After that find the date for major change in your blog’s traffic and check Google Algorithm Change History from moz for more information.It does not share real-time information but quite informative regarding traffic drop or raise for any blog.

SEMrush – Keyword Research Tool

SEMrush is one of my favorite keyword research tool, Interesting thing about it is showing organic traffic timeline for your blog as well as keyword ranking profile for your blog. You can also check your blog’s SEO profile using SEMRush Site Audit tool that helps you to analyse your blog’s seo like internal or external broken links, redirect pages and much more information that can be used to perform SEO audit for any blog. You can also find top ranking keywords for you blog, so you can create such more posts and get ranking your blog on SERP quickly.

SEMrush SEO Tool

Another best thing about SEMrush is you can also download all backlinks with anchor text in excel sheet for offline study and analysis. You can find your blog’s backlink on the basis of TLD authority, TLD disrtibution. Complete downloaded excel sheet will help you to check out whether the backlink is harming your website or not, if there is any backlink from pornographic content, you can contact blog owner to remove them or Disawaw links from Google to recover your blog from penalties.

You can Signup for SEMrush from Here

If you want to stay updated with latest search algo updates, you may subscribe to this blog to get updated.

Knowem – Claim Username Availability on Social Media

Taking up business to next level, the main thing required is to be active on social networking websites. If you are not maintaining your company profile on popular social media websites, you should really think about it. If someone steal is registering your brand name or username on social networking websites, and you may also not know about this. Also it is very difficult to check our username on all available social networking sites.But Knowem seems to be the one of the best website that allow you to check your brand name or username availability over 500 popular social networks.

Search Username or Brand Name on Social Media Websites

All you have to do is just enter your name or brandname in search bar and click on check it button. It will display the list of username along with social websites where you can claim your name/brand name from there. You can use this Free Username Search Profiles online for your brand too.

Free Username Search Profiles

You can check your brand name over social media, blogging, bookmarking, business directory, communities, news and almost on all category website where you can claim your user name, register your company profile there easily. You would not have to remember each sites in each category, the website will automatically provide you the website where your brand name or user name is available for registration. When you click on available link besides that website, you will be taken to registration page of the website, you can register and create your company profile there easily.

Knowem Features:

  • Check your username availability on various social platform
  • Register your username or brand name on popular websites
  • Free and easy to use, just enter your user name or brand name to look into.
  • Free & Easy to use tool to Search Social Profile by Name on social accounts.

You can check this cool website @

Most Searched

Generate Random Name & Information – Free Online Tool

Hey guys, here we are back with really interesting website that you can use to generate random information for any personality. You have three option that you can use to randomize personal details, e.g. you will have to choose Gender, nameset and country information to generate name relevant to that. Once you select that, click on generate and you will get Your Randomly Generated Identity that you can use for fun. You can even use this cool website whenever some fake sites or surveys sites asking your personal information. If you are looking for How to Prevent Identity Theft, you are at the right place, you can use this cool website, use randomly generated data on identity stealing website to prevent your identity from stealing by someone else.

fakenamegenerator - Randomly Generated Usernames
Ways to Prevent Identity Theft – Generating fake information for identity stealing websites

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You have to select gender, if you want specific gender information generated.e.g. If you wish to Fake Identity Generator to create male person details, you can select male as gender. In name set, you can choose from Names List provided there. E.g. If you choose american name set, both name and surname would be generated and look like american person. E.g If you wish to create an French name set, you will get name and surname generated based on french person identity. On country option, you can select the country on which you will be able to generate information based on country specific profile.

Once you have selected those option, you can select generate button of this Cool Name Generator and it will provide you details for specific person that you can use to create fake accounts when you want to hide your personal information on few sites. E.g. If you are using some sites where they are continuously asking you to provide your ID Cards and other credit card related information, you can use this site for Identity Generator with SSN and Random Username Generator.

Random Name Generator Fantasy
How to Avoid Identity Theft

It will provide randomly generated name, username, password,  credit card number, expiry date, cvv number, and many interested thing that you can use on such fake website whenever you are asked for related information. This way, you can hide your real identity from identity stealing person/website and you can Prevent Yourself from Identity Theft.

Fake Name Generator Features

  • Use fake personality information on identity stealing websites
  • Generate random credit card infromation, usename and email address information
  • Fake profile generated on the basis of location, gender and nameset.
  • Free Fake Name Creator for online security
  • Related : Fake Newspaper Clipping Generator

Check out this cool website @

Suggestion To Associates from Indian Publisher

If you are affiliate and promoting products from your website or blog, mainly you are promoting their products to get commission. Some bloggers are also running niche blogs specially for amazon that works well for them and money generating machine for them. I have started promoting amazon associates products since January 2014 and was in learning phase at that time. I learned how to rank in search engine and also how to increase conversation rate for any products we promote during that year.

Here is my amazon affiliate earning report for entire 2014 year in the below image. That was yearly report but there is biggest problem using amazon affiliate is there they are not sending payments through traceable couriers like Google adsense.(Now Google adsense has been updated with direct bank transfer that I really appreciate). You too can Become an Amazon Affiliate and make your living from Amazon Affiliate Program Commission. If you have any question related to How to Make Money Using Amazon affiliate, feel free to add me on Facebook, I would love to help you.

Amazon Affiliate Earning Statement 2014

Google adsense was sending checks through bluedart like service that we can easily track when we will get it with exact status of checks. It is totally different in case of amazon associates.

You can see the red colored numbers were issued checks, total 5 checks were for amazon affiliate earning and two checks were issued for Amazon CPM Earnings. Total 7 checks have been issued from amazon to me but I have received only two checks. I have emailed so many times regarding the same to amazon and every time I was receiving the reply that me and my colleague is working on your payment to be issued and it will be issued in next payment cycle or we will contact you once your payment is issued.

Amazon Check re-issue

If you are thinking that Amazon Associate Program Scam and fraud, I would say Amazon associates is not fraud actually, but their system is difficult for affiliates to stick with them and promote their products.Because I have received total 7 out of 2 payments and credited to my account successfully.

Every person or business owner wants to increase their earning anyway, amazon is best place to find everything at the same place for customers. And for affiliate it is the best person who introduce the product to the world wide web. Affiliate programs are the best thing for publishers to make money for any products simply by promoting them on their blogs. I am sure there are many amazon affiliates who use affiliate programs but they may have similar issue like me.

Amazon Associates Contact Reply

My Comments

I have tried to give suggestion to associate department that they should issue payment checks through traceable courier service, so that publishers can easily track their checks. I have also trying to suggest them, if amazon will deduct the courier charges from my earning and then send checks through trusted post service, it would be more than helpful.(I can say to deduct my earning for shipping checks, however can not say if other bloggers are agree to deduct shipping charges from their earning or not).

If is also making payment system like Google adsense, (NEFT payment system), amazon can attract more and more publishers from India. Because Indian bloggers are the best bloggers and they know how to take any business from zero to the sky level.(I can say this sentence because I have seen many bloggers making thousands of dollars in single day for event blogging). They know the power of blogging.

I trust on amazon, but I am not receiving my payments on time because of lacking this facility from your side(, We all know that the time is very precious thing that never come back again. By implementing this feature on, will help amazon to get rid of re-issuing checks again and again and to manage their records. If NEFT is there, it will be more helpful for amazon to get rid of paperworks.

I am leaving rest of things and final decision on amazon, this is my opinion about affiliate, If you are blogger and have faced similar issue from Amazon Affiliate Websites, I would suggest you to raise your suggestion through associate contact page mentioning that you want to send checks along with tracking information, so that you can check it from your side too.

Only my suggestion will not work, but if this suggestion is raised by publishers from India, I am sure, they will consider this and implement the same, at-least we can make good path for our fellow bloggers too. Kindly share this post on social media for the benefit of your self as well as other bloggers too.Kindly share your comments in the comment box below.

SEO For WordPress – Automatically Nofollow External Links

Making external link nofollow is good practice for SEO. We have recently checked how you can add nofollow attributes to specific WordPress category.Adding Nofollow links to affiliate links, paid links, comments links or  blogroll links or any other non-informative links is useful for SEO. It would be recommended to make such links nofollow by an SEO experts and its basic SEO tips for everyone. If you are not coding master, you can manually Nofollow External Links to your outgoing links from your articles.

Why using nofollow for outbound external links:

Generally, using no follow attributes to any hyperlinks from our article informs the Google which hyperlinks you are recommend to add value and, search engine will understand, which hyperlinks they should give value to. When used effectively, nofollowing certain hyperlinks allows to keep your PageRank for inner hyperlinks.

Q: Does this mean “PageRank sculpting” (trying to change how PageRank flows within your site using e.g. nofollow) is a bad idea?
A: I wouldn’t recommend it, because it isn’t the most effective way to utilize your PageRank. In general, I would let PageRank flow freely within your site. The notion of “PageRank sculpting” has always been a second- or third-order recommendation for us. I would recommend the first-order things to pay attention to are 1) making great content that will attract links in the first place, and 2) choosing a site architecture that makes your site usable/crawlable for humans and search engines alike.

For example, it makes a much bigger difference to make sure that people (and bots) can reach the pages on your site by clicking links than it ever did to sculpt PageRank. If you run an e-commerce site, another example of good site architecture would be putting products front-and-center on your web site vs. burying them deep within your site so that visitors and search engines have to click on many links to get to your products.

There may be a miniscule number of pages (such as links to a shopping cart or to a login page) that I might add nofollow on, just because those pages are different for every user and they aren’t that helpful to show up in search engines. But in general, I wouldn’t recommend PageRank sculpting.


Will Google penalize sites which only link using the nofollow attribute?


 How to Automatically add Nofollow to External Links

Suppose your blog has 100 post, and all post has some external links, you will become mad by editing all one by one . If you have more than 1000 posts on your blog, it would be quite difficult for you to add them one by one. Ehowportal has found best WordPress SEO plugin to make all external links nofollow. WP External Links (nofollow new window seo) is the recommended plugin that would make your external links nofollow and you can open external links in a new window with default setting of that WP Plugins.

WordPress › WP External Links (nofollow new window seo)
WP External Links – WordPress Plugin to make External Links Nofollow

Once you install this SEO Plugins for WordPress on your WordPress dashboard, you can check it’s setting from External Links option available on sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. It includes General setting, SEO setting, style setting, extra setting and admin setting.

General setting includes setting for external links. You can choose option according to your requirement. Say, you want to open external link in same window, new window/tab, topmost frame or seperate window or tab.Another option is really helpful. You can apply that setting to all contents for your entire site. If you want to make only post contents or comment section as nofollow, you can also do that with that option.

WP External Links WordPress Setting
WP External Links WordPress Setting

Ignore link URL containing, is the setting you want to exclude considering that URL as external. So if you add or URL there, it will be ignored for making WordPress nofollow links. Wherever in your article , those URL appear it will be marked as dofollow. Another point is about SEO setting, that is important in point of Search Engine Optimization. this will add rel-nofollow and rell-external tag to your external link. You can set link title from that option.

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WP External Links Style Setting
WP External Links WordPress Plugin Style Setting

On style setting, you can show how your external link would be styled on your article. Suppose you want to make little icon beside external link like Wikipedia, you can choose icon from those icon set. There is extra setting to replace javascript code for your external links.


When you Add nofollow to a Link and rel-external attribute is important point in terms of Search Engine Optimization for WordPress. If you don’t have applied that to your blog, you should do it for proper SEO for your blog.

How to Remove Phone Number from Truecaller

We all know right now peoples are using Truecaller to get caller ID on their smartphones. Trucaller has became leading telephone directory app & Free Caller Identifier for all over the world. The thing is that whenever you install truecaller app on your smartphone device, it will ask for verification of your phone number and hence once your phone number is verified, your contact details would be added to truecaller database. Truecaller has seperate page for de-registering numbers so that your number would not be searchable using Truecaller Number Search.

True Caller ID
Truecaller Number Search – Unlist

When you fill up this application, your number will be delisted from Online Truecaller directory.As per this page, If you don’t want your phone number to be searchable in the Truecaller Phone Numbers directory for privacy reason, then you can simply enter your phone number there along with country code and press ‘Unlist’. (i.e. +4690512214). You cannot resubmit your number to the directory. You can choose the reason from the list and you will need to type word captcha verification. When you click on unlist, it will process and remove your number.

From now, your number will not be searchable on Truecaller app or from Truecaller Online website.Another trick for the same is you can deactivate your Truecaller account by login to your Truecaller account and it will remove your  details from their website. Second step is to use Truecaller unlist option to remove number completely from truecaller.

Setup Custom Username for Facebook Fanpage

Recently I have changed username for my Facebook fan page.Previously they were saying that you need to have atleast 25 users in order to activate Facebook fan page username but I have activated the Facebook fan page Username when I had only 2 user that were me and my friend just liked my page and I activated the username.

25 fans is needed to have customized Facebook fanpage UsernameThe notice will be appeared whenever you are going to make custom username for your Facebook fan page but this notice will not be working for all Facebook accounts as I made customized Facebook fanpage username with only two users so try it for yours.You will see the setting for changing the username for Facebook Fanpage from the edit setting of your page.

Previously I was using my Facebook fanpage on the link.Which is quite long & awkward to remember such long URL.But once you have created custom username for your page you will get vanity URL for your page and you will not have to remember such a long URL,instead you need to just remember your username only.I have changed my Facebook fanpage URL and all older link will be redirected to newer one.Creating Facebook Fanpage Username setting
You can create new username for your Facebook fan page if you have more than 25 fans who liked your page or if you are lucky enough you will get your username even with less than 25 Facebook fans.If you are lucky enough you will see the notice in your page setting & it will suggest you to create a unique username for your Facebook fan page.If you wish to create one, select the link which is shown by arrow in your Facebook account.

How to Get A Custom Page URL with less than 25 fansYou will get notice once you have entered the username to choose for your page and it will say username will not be changed once it has been set.So be careful while choosing a username for your page and click on confirm once you are comfortable with the username.

changed facebook fanpage usernameOnce you have done, you will get the success notification that you have successfully changed your Facebook fanpage username.Look at my changed facebook fanpage URL that is easy to remember.

If you have any problem during changing your fanpage username just comment below.I will help you to solve your problem in this regard & share if you had got Facebook username with less than 25 fans.You can get video tutorial on How to Set Username for Your Facebook fan Pages from below:

How to Speed Up WordPress Website Using PHP Speedy

You might have noticed while looking for any information through Google, and going to few blogs or website for specific information. If they take time to load, you might consider closing the tab and go to another website to find your information. Too many advertisement will also cause decreasing your blog’s load time. Likewise, if you are blogger and your blog is also taking time to load, this is time to consider speeding it’s load time.

You can check your blog’s loading time using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool or If you don’t know about pagespeed, pagespeed is also being a part of ranking factor according to . If you are using heavy theme for your blog, that consumes time to load, you should consider increasing it’s loading time. Because it may cause your blog’s ranking down in Search Engine Results page.

Increased page loading speed for WordPress blogI had searched for everywhere about speeding up and boosting WordPress loading time and finally I got the solution.You can use Speed Up WordPress Plugin called as PHP Speedy plugin, so there is not any tech skill required to increase your page loading speed.All you need to do is just install the plugin and activate it.After installing the plugin on your WordPress blog, you can check loading time again for your website.

If you are experiencing your WordPress site Slow, you should uninstall unwanted plugins from your blog and try to minify javascrip, page and css that takes time to load. For that you can consider installing WordPress cache plugins that automatically Optimize WordPress and improve WordPress Page Speed effectively.

We have found the simple plugin that is PHP speedy that I got from aciddrop. What you should do after activating this plugin is choose the option to minify javascript, page and css from there.

Spped up WordPress blog with PHP speedyThis is the part of screenshot of the list to be configured on the plugin.PHP speedy configuration is easy.Just save as it is all and activate the plugin from the menu bar of the plugin as shown in the image here.

Activate PHP speedy from WordPress blogHere I have already activated the plugin so at the top of menu they are saying Deactivate.If you have already activated they will show you such message and if not, you will have to manually activate it.After activating the plugin just check out your website loading speed it may be improved.

What actually the PHP speedy plugin do??

The plugin is Minifying removes whitespace and other unnecessary characters, If you feeling bore to manually do all this thing by your self or if you don’t know scripting.It also compress the java script, CSS code from your WordPress template and give more power to load faster your blog.It will work more faster if you are using any of the WordPress Cache plugins.

I generally prefer to use W3 Total Cache or  WP Super Cache that are very good option for that. You can also use content distribution network (CDN) like MaxCDN or Cloudflare that are very effective in improving page load time and also helps in saving bandwidth, boost performance and reduce your existing hosting costs.

Here are Few more option that you can consider and helps in improving page loading speed.

  • Choose Good Hosting Provider(e.g. Bluehost , Hostgator)
  • Using Premium & Fast Loading WordPress Themes (e.g. Thesis or Genesis)
  • Using Effective Cache Plugins (e.g. W3 Total Cache)
  • Optimize Images. Use Plugin like WP-SmushIt
  • Optimize Homepage Loading Time(e.g. Removing Unnecessary Sharing widgets,Show excerpts instead of full posts etc)
  • Optimize WordPress Database. Use  WP-Optimize plugin
  • Add LazyLoad to your images. Install the jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin.
  • Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Replace PHP with static HTML, when necessary
  • Minify CSS & Javascript files

Here we have covered how to speed up WordPress Load Time in this article, if you are using any other technique to improve your blog’s loading time, feel free to share it here in the comment below.

How labnol blog is generating billions of page views

Recently I had written a stuff that was saying about  mashable traffic status from feeds.The topic was why mashable is generating too much traffic from social media & how mashable generates traffic from social networking sites.I think you enjoyed the post much and you had already implemented a social interactivity in your blog.Now this is a post about famous indian blogger that is generating millions of pageviews each month and obviously he is premium adsense publisher.

The case study is now abut labnol blog.Amit agrawal is the author of the blog and he has started a blog since a year 2004.He was on blogging platform and later realized that WordPress platform is more better to generate traffic and in SEO view so he migrated from blogspot to WordPress platform and both of the blogs with same name and even same blog theme.Blogspot blog name was and wordpress blog was can read more about him on his about me page.

The tips is generating more instant page views on the same blog without loosing the visitor from blog.I am a fan of him and found one SEO thing he do for his blog for generating more bunch of page views at the end of each day.

Here is the one page taken for case study.You can view the original page  and see how his blog is interlinked with each of the post he posting.

Labnol blog internal link structures

First he was using blogspot platform as I have already said and he still never missing any of his older post to backing with new one,so his old blogs generates same traffic as that of new one and due to evergreen content his post never thrown by search engine.The first clickable link included in this blog is to his older blogspot blog as I written in screenshots alos.The second link is also referring another post from his blog,so at the end of reading user will see 3 post that 1 was older post, another one is newer blog post and 3rd one is the current page.So one user will see 3 page at the same time and visitor must have to click on the link for tutorial purpose and even if he now want to learn he will click on the link due to attractive titled blog post.

Here is the another post taken from his older blog that is quite informative.I got a link building tutorial from him with this style of posting.

Related link to keep reader always on blog

The page has been tittled as “The Impolite Blogosphere Getting Tough for Women Bloggers“You can see the page for information.He sometimes add a permanent related link to the bottom of the post to keep reader on the another page of the same blog.So If he post about anything he tries to post minimum 4-5 article related with the same topic and generates instant page linking with each other.I have learned a lots of from his content even he did not taught me anything face to face.

Sometimes he adds massive internal linking with the resource page,so If user has view one page and after finishing instead closing website he starts with new topic on the same website.That’s called internal linking and search engine probably likes interlinked page because it believes the information is useful so crowing more fast than other blog.

Massive internal link building with blog

Now come to another view suppose 1 reader of his blog is reading approximately 5 pages by due to best interlinked page and original content, Now what is the original traffic to his blog for user.Lets count how many users are being online at the same time on website.I got one of his post he was explaining video tutorial about “Monitor Visitor Activity on your Site As-It-Happens “In that post he bymistake told the actual traffic to his blog.In screenshot we can see the actual online real time visitor was 352.So If one visitor will see approximately 4 pages, 352 users will ultimately generates 1408 page views for them.That was all about the traffic statues at one time and guess the visitor will never sleep because in India if there is night so there will be morning in US so guess his traffic will be remain same or more than 352 at the same times and generating page views for his blog and more the page views ultimately leads more Google adsense income.And as I told visitor never sleeps, your blog will be generating money for you for 24 hours restlessly and you will earn money even you are sleeping or walking or doing anything.

I made mistake during my blogging journey and so I learned lots of new thing for internet and blogger world.So I am sharing some of stuffs that will never let you to think to give up blogging job because it will do more than that you think in future.

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Change Feedburner Address Without Loosing Feed Subscribers

I had started a blog recently,I was used to post my blog on blogspot platform but after setup my WordPress Blog I was in search of such a trick by which I would post my blog post on WordPress platform which feeds should be sent to all my older readers of blogspot blog.So after migrating from blogspot to WordPress I keep the blog brand name same but what about the feed readers,they must be same as before and whenever user will subscribe my older blogspot they will have my new blog feed instead of older one.

Feedburner setting before-for older blog

That can be possible when you are going to transfer your feeds between two account.The most useful tips when you are going to sell your blog or change blog ownership the feed transfer is necessary thing so that he another account has all things including feed subscribers and the new blog has not to be started with new feedburner account and all feed setup procedure.

To change your website feed, log in to your feedburner account and there will be options like Edit feed details, Delete feed, transfer feeds just below the feed of your website heading.

After changing feed address in feedburner account

There Go to edit feed details and click on it, so you will get following type of details,there add the feed details of your new website feed.The feed address will be same just you need to add the new website feed at the original feed.So all the new post posted on your blog will be received by the feeds subscribers you have with your previous feed address.

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