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Search your blog without using google adsense for search

Many of us are using Google blog search for searching their websites.Some of them are using Customized search option in Chrome to search their blog.If you are a reader of specific website and want to search anything that is OK to use their search engine to find anything on that particular website but what in case of the website having activated Adsense for Search and that is your website.

According to Google terms and condition,Adsense is not allowing to search your own website with your implemented Search engine that shows ads along with your search results on your blog.There are two possible ways to search your blog content without using Google adsense for search.

Approach 1 : If you are Google Chrome user,you can customize your search engine with your own that all you need to do is just type the specific keyword in chrome so that The keyword will be searched with your blog or website and it would not need to use adsense for search.

Approach 2: If you are not chrome user you can do little magic trick with Google.Open Google homepage and there type”” without the quote andwith your website/blog name as shown in image here.

After that hit the enter button,so Google will shows the Search result for only that particular website.Now coming to the main part.suppose you wish to find any thing from your blog that was older enough and you did not have even bookmark of that link, still you wish to make  link juice with interlinking like labnol blog with your newer post to allow reader not forget your elder post.

Now if you want to search for specific post in your blog but don’t remember the tittle just search the post with specific keyword in Google along with your site URL with one space.e.g: “ space keyword”

Let me show an example for better understanding.Suppose I wish to search for the post I had posted about mashable website but did not remember the tittle which I had given to my blog post.Now I will search with Google by the “ mashable”

Why Mashable drives too much traffic from Social networking websites

Woilaa!,I got the post which I had posted about mashable on my blog with simple trick.The heading was “How gainging more traffic from RSS feeds” without using my adsense site for search.

The advantage of approach 2 is it can be easily useful for any internet browser users without using Adsense for search so you will not have any fear to ban your adsense account.

Similar to the keyword and website,you can replace your website name and keyword to search for specific keyword.You can even try this tricks on other search engine.It works on almost all search engines.

Google XML Sitemap Generator – Generate Sitemap for WordPress

Webmasters are doing almost all the necessarily stuffs to optimize their website but each website owner should know the tip how to submit website.If you have a blog hosted on blogspot than you can submit your sitemap manually to Google by Google webmaster tool but if you have self hosted WordPress blog than you don’t have any need to submit your website sitemap to Google but just have to install one plugin called Google XML sitemap generator.

Here is the screen shot of basic setting for Google XML sitemap generator.You can change the tickmark at the relevant option to optimize your sitmap and to submit your blogsitemap to major search engine like Google,bing,Ask etc.So whenever your website is getting updated, your Google sitemap will notify search engine that particular link has been updated or about the new post link and almost similar to WordPress pinging service.

The main advantage you are getting from Google XML sitemap generator is that you will not have to update your XML sitemap  and submit it manually to Google webmaster tool, Bing search or Ask  by login in to your relevant account but just tick mark the option you want to submit to and save the have done.

You will find the automatic generated sitemap for your blog from the URL and you can even choose custom location for your XML sitemap.

Now coming to main topic, how many thing you wish to include in your blog sitemap.You can include or exclude anyting like post page, homepage, static page of your blog from creating your blog sitemap.

General recommend setting for Google XML sitemap generator

You can even include author page, tag page for submitting it in XML xitemap generator but I will recommend you to choose only homepage, static page and post pages because it will be easier for search engine to crawl your sitemap content if everything you have included to sitemap it will be little hard to find the particular link which stands for original article and search engine will leave your content without showing the original post.

include or excude pages and categories from XML sitemap generator

Now coming to category archives that is quite important in view of search engine.I will recommend you to create category based archive and submit it for sitemap.

This option will help you to exclude unwanted category made by mistake but you don’t wish to delete them as you are getting lots of traffic to your older pages.So the standalone option will help you to serve better, just exclude the categories for which you don’t want to make sitemap and don’t worry about indexing those category pages, you can even de-index those category pages from search engine from your other SEO tools.

Index webpage in Google quickly

I had just registered a new domain of my interest with .com extension because I feel awkwardness with other domain extension.I thought it would take a long time to get indexed in Google but to my surprice I got indexed within a day.Look at the screenshot,I had made 5 posts out of which 3 posts and two pages has been indexed by Google.

How fast Google indexing my webpages

You can click on the image to enlarge it.I had posted about choosing best domain name post yesterday at the same time and it has also been indexed.

If you have already started with self-hosted new WordPress blog and confused what to do with your website to get it indexed, you can comment below I will review your website and advice you best according to my SEO skills to make your website listed on Google fastly!!

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Think twice before you leave your blogging job

I joined my blogging career since 2008 and started my first blog on blogspot domain with the name of and there I was posted some copied and self made content when I was not aware of advertising power of Google adsense.Then I started posting about local news found on newspapers and recruitment list for job seekers.I was getting around 8k to 10k visitors per day at my news blog.I was too much happy and excited and this excitement fetch me to register new domain.

I did lots of SEO skills and I got same traffic on my newly registered blog but suddenly I see the was traffic down on that blog which I soon deleted from my domain list and I had again started with domain in 6th month of 2011.It soon started getting traffic due to my SEO skill I learned from my self experience.

Blogging job is not for give up

I simultaneously started several blogs like on web-resultportal,My friend bookQuestionpaper blogNews blog on blogspot to maintain my earning constant.I am still not getting nervous to my blogging job.Now The time came when I thought to give up because I was spending my whole day from getting up to sleeping in bed in front of computer and still what I was getting is only few thousand rupees per month that was not able to reach my home expense because spending was more than income so ultimately it leads to loss, so I started spending more and more time on blog to increase income and decrease expense.

After all try I think nowadays my dreams comes true because I recently bought Dell XCD35 android mobile from my personal blogging income.I also bought new LED monitor from my personal income and paid fees for my college because blogging is side income for me.My father is still saying me you are getting only few dollars per day, is it okay to choose blogging carrier as your full time profession?I am still saying that I have self-confidence that I will reach to the top with my blogging job.

I was eagerly waiting for that time because I saw many bloggers are earning more from their blogging income and lots of them gave up their old job just to become professional blogger.Amit agrawal founder of, amit agrawal founder of,Pete cash more founder of were my ideal and I always respect them because their blog inspired me a lot.It is not one day process but it takes time to reach at your destination.If you don’t keep patient than you can not reach your destination,so keep patient and work hard is the motto for bloggers.

What will blogging job do for you?

  1. No worry about work -work whenever you like and leave whenever you like.
  2. No boss pressure for work.
  3. You can blogging from anywhere in the world.
  4. There is no limit of income what you are gaining per month.
  5. You can enjoy each day of your life as holiday.
  6. Stay connected with your friends online on Facebook or twitter even when you are working.
Enjoy your life as blogger!!

Why to Choose .Com domain instead of .in

I have registered a new domain name on 5th November 2011 with the name of and installed WordPress on the domain.I applied my SEO skills a lot to the blog and within a week, I got first rank in domain but my rank mentioned on was not on the first.I thought It was my mistake and tried a lot by posting some long resource with the fresh topic to attract the foreign traffic to my blog but I failed.What I was getting is almost 120 unique visitors per day but out of them almost 115 users were Indian.

I have researched a lot and at last I found the main mistake I did.That was I had registered the domain with .in extension which is specifically for Indian country and that was the main reason I thought I thought that with .in domain I can get rank only on Indian blogosphere but if I wish to have foreign traffic with lots of pageview I must have .com or other extension domain.

Why I chose .com domain instead .org or .info?

I thought If I failed before when I had resisted .com domain first but I did not gave up.I set up domain with WordPress blog and start posting.I realized that If I wish to blog on regular basis with profession I must choose .com domain instead .org or .info.If I had registered .info domain or .org domain after some days I would have to again setup .com domain so I chose .com domain as first priority.

One more thing I forget to write is .in domain will specific for country based target so most of the users will drive to the domain will be fro India only like wise for rest of countries.Even .in domain is looking cheap but it will fails to drive international traffic to your post mostly It will do but major traffic source will be from the relevant country only.The main reason behind choosing .com domain for my blog is that I want to make it world famous not just in India only so better to choose and give priority to .com like professional domain.You can even target country specific visitors for your website with best top level domain.

Now I don’t feel awkwardness as when I was using .in domain to post my blog.Now I think I am on right way in professional blogger.

Proud to be blogger!!!!

Setup Custom Search Engine in Chrome

So many users or website owners have one main problem that they can not search their own website with their default search engine setup for adsense for search.Now the question is that how one can search their own blog without using the adsense for search option so their adsense account will not be banned due to adsense TOS violation.

Well, you can use Google blog search trick to search your own blog without using adsense for search and the advantage of this trick is that its working fine with almost all search major search engines including bing, Yahoo and Ask and so on.

Now the another question is that Mozilla Firefox has added the search engine by default and you can manage your search engine from the top most corner of browser same in case of opera and Internet Explorer browser which has search bar included and users can easily assess the most of search engine easily from the top most navigation bar at the top of browser but that is something different in case of Google chrome.

There is an option in Google chrome for changing default Google search engine if you are getting rid of opening Google search homepage directly whenever opening chrome browser but almost you not because the reason behind setting up search engine at the default homepage is that you can search for anything directly without guessing any website name, so it is advantage but if you like other search engine rather than Google search you can manually setup the Custom search engine for your chrome browser.

Google Chrome managing search engine Setup Custom Search Engine in ChromeThe changing default search option is available and you can manage the search engine in Google chrome from the setting tab shown in just top of browser besides the URL bar in Chrome.In the setting tab you have to select the Option tab.(Chrome>Setting>Option>Basics).So you can manage your search engine from their.

Now the question is that how to setup custom search engine in Google chrome if you don’t know more about setting of chrome.So there you will see the two tabs says default search option and other search options.Now the default search engines are provided by Google chrome itself that are Bing, Yahoo!  and Google.Now if you wish to set your website search from there, you have to just type the keyword in URL bar of Chrome and chrome will shows Search results from your blog without using adsense for search option.

Now In other search options you will see the new empty boxes there you will have to add new websites.From there you can set up new search engine or set your website for search.

Setup your website for Search without adsense for search Setup Custom Search Engine in ChromeIn place of add a new search engine, write the name of website you wish to add, and keyword just type the URL of website that will shows the search engine name.In the other box saying URL with%s in place of query there you will have to add your website search query.If you don’t know how search query works, than just type ”” without quote.I have added “” query to my chrome browser that works for me.

Another query you can use for your websites can be “” & “”.

Setup new website for Search in Google Chrome Setup Custom Search Engine in Chrome
Now on there in search option make default whenever you will hover mouse over the search engine.Jut click on make default and your customized search engine will be setup you made.

Now from that whenever you type the keyword to search in browser it will shows search result from your website you told Chrome to search from search option.The main advantage will be for website owners and webmasters that they will not have to use Google adsense for search provided on their website and so it will be the initial step that will prevent your banning adsense account.

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