Blogging Tips – Blogging Tips for Beginners

What is blogging?

Writing is like a therapy for most of the people in the world. Blogging is the best way to let the world know what you are thinking. Likewise Blogging is also a way to make money online. Making money through blogs requires some useful and informative content posted on the blog site. You need to put some useful contents for the readers to attract them and sustain them coming to read your blog. There are few things that bloggers really need to know and understand while writing on blogs. Here we would like to cover few Successful Blogging Tips that every bloggers should consider while writing on their blogs.


Choosing Topics

The first step for writing blog post is choosing topics for your post. You should determine your blog’s niche first. if you are running any specific category blog (Niche Blog) never post off topic article on that. Write full and informative article with details and reference source if there is any. The topic should be catchy and able to attract the readers’ attention. It is always advisable to write on the topic that you know about. You must write on something about which you have knowledge and creativity to put into the topic. Once the topic is selected, jot it down. Be careful about writing because irrelevancy can be harmful for you. Always write according to the topic.

Posting Frequencies

Posting frequency is also matters a lot in ranking. Try to publish unique useful content on regular time interval. E.g. If you are writing post weekly, you can schedule your blog post for next week but try to publish it consistently because it helps crawlers to crawl posts on specific time.Write blog posts  that are useful for readers and they can easily share it on their social accounts. This is essential Tips for Good Blogging.


Comments is the best way to build community around, you can implement Disqus Comment System or default comment system on your blog.Comment is the best way for readers to share their feedback regarding your posts. It is important that you are always responding to your readers. When the reader says anything good or bad about your piece of writing, it is important that you reply back. It will give reader, the satisfaction that you are interested in his comments. It will give a positive image about your blog site.

Updating Old Content

Search engine loves updated content. You can look for the posts that you have published last years or before that and seems outdated. You can update outdated content with new and useful information and republish it. You can show last updated date on your blog post instead of date when blog post published, that are also useful for readers, They can easily check the content was recently updated and information might be useful. This is the most useful Blogging Tips for Beginners because old posts can still get traffic if it has updated information.

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

This is also important that what are you writing and how are you writing on your blog. The content should be relevant to your blog’s niche, there should be a flow in writing so that reader can enjoy reading it and words must be understandable for them. Comprehensive approach in writing blogs will help you out in getting maximum numbers of readers. There should be no spellings and grammar mistake. Your reader can be very intellectual to point out mistakes. So, make sure that your content is perfect from every angle.

That was for about readers, now on part of SEO, you should used to maintain Keyword density using SEOPressor Plugin.It helps you in writing by suggesting you LSI Keywords(Latent semantic indexing) that helps in ranking your post for specific keywords. Try to consider following things while writing for SEO optimized content for your blog.

Writing effective SEO Optimized article is the recommended Blogging Tips and Techniques for beginners.

Encourage Reader’s Comments

It is important that you appreciate that someone has read your article and commented on it.This is the best way to increase readers comments on your blog. You must reply back to them and motivate them to give feedback. Do not simply post on your blogs but talk to the readers and answer their queries promptly. A simple interaction can encourage your readers to come to your blog all the time for informative and useful articles. That is why; bloggers need to spend a lot of time on it. Use these given tips and it will be easier for you to earn money through your blog while having fun.

Never Copy from Anywhere

If you are copying content from somewhere source, it is recommended that you should stop such practice. You may soon penalized by Search engine. Duplicate contents are taken seriously by search engine. You can easily check if your blog has been penalized.

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How to Check If Your Blog is Penalized by Google Algo Updates | Google Algorithm Changes

Whenever search algo updated by Google, it is the biggest headache for publishers, blog owners and also SEO companies. Because they have to make changes according to the new algo updates to stay in the competition. We have talked about preventing blog from panda update, Panda and Penguin update was critical issue for few blogs and affected them very badly. If you are managing any blog, you might have seen traffic update on your blog sometimes, but you don’t know which algo hit your blog’s traffic and ranking. Here we will look into handy tool for SEO that will help you find out if your blog is affected by Google’s Search Algorithm updates or not.

If you are seeing any traffic drop on your blog, you need to check which algo has affected your blog’s traffic and ranking. After you get things clear, you can proceed to initial steps towards recovering traffic by making necessary changes depending on Google Algorithm Updates. Because Panda and Penguin updates are working differently than other updates.Panda and Penguin are the biggest Algorithm Examples that even wipe low quality blogs from SERP.

E.g. Panda update was specifically targeting for lower quality content and blogs. While Penguin update was specially targeting blogs with bad linking and low quality links. Once you find out which is the cause of you traffic drop, you can take necessary steps to recover your blog from search updates.

Penguin Penalty Checker Tool

We have found the tool @ that will show you about algo update and your blog’s traffic. It is very simple that, it creates a timeline of your blog’s traffic and show you whenever algo updated in the past. So when both are plotted in single graph, you will be able to see raise in traffic or drop in traffic due to which update.

Google Penalty Checker

Google Penalties Checker Tool

You can also on or off panda, penguin local, structural updates to check exact Google penalties that affected your blog traffic from there. You just need to grant Google Analytics access to this tool and it will plot a traffic timeline vs Google Updates, for you to check which Google update affected your blog.You can find this tool from Baracuda digital for Penguin & panda checker tool.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is another free tool you can watch about traffic status from your webmaster tools account. You can directly check for the traffic drop or increase in traffic from your Google webmaster tools account on specified date.

Google Webmaster Tools

After that find the date for major change in your blog’s traffic and check Google Algorithm Change History from moz for more information.It does not share real-time information but quite informative regarding traffic drop or raise for any blog.

SEMrush – Keyword Research Tool

SEMrush is one of my favorite keyword research tool, Interesting thing about it is showing organic traffic timeline for your blog as well as keyword ranking profile for your blog. You can also check your blog’s SEO profile using SEMRush Site Audit tool that helps you to analyse your blog’s seo like internal or external broken links, redirect pages and much more information that can be used to perform SEO audit for any blog. You can also find top ranking keywords for you blog, so you can create such more posts and get ranking your blog on SERP quickly.

SEMrush SEO Tool

Another best thing about SEMrush is you can also download all backlinks with anchor text in excel sheet for offline study and analysis. You can find your blog’s backlink on the basis of TLD authority, TLD disrtibution. Complete downloaded excel sheet will help you to check out whether the backlink is harming your website or not, if there is any backlink from pornographic content, you can contact blog owner to remove them or Disawaw links from Google to recover your blog from penalties.

You can Signup for SEMrush from Here

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Knowem – Claim Username Availability on Social Media

Taking up business to next level, the main thing required is to be active on social networking websites. If you are not maintaining your company profile on popular social media websites, you should really think about it. If someone steal is registering your brand name or username on social networking websites, and you may also not know about this. Also it is very difficult to check our username on all available social networking sites.But Knowem seems to be the one of the best website that allow you to check your brand name or username availability over 500 popular social networks.

Search Username or Brand Name on Social Media Websites

All you have to do is just enter your name or brandname in search bar and click on check it button. It will display the list of username along with social websites where you can claim your name/brand name from there. You can use this Free Username Search Profiles online for your brand too.

Free Username Search Profiles

You can check your brand name over social media, blogging, bookmarking, business directory, communities, news and almost on all category website where you can claim your user name, register your company profile there easily. You would not have to remember each sites in each category, the website will automatically provide you the website where your brand name or user name is available for registration. When you click on available link besides that website, you will be taken to registration page of the website, you can register and create your company profile there easily.

Knowem Features:

  • Check your username availability on various social platform
  • Register your username or brand name on popular websites
  • Free and easy to use, just enter your user name or brand name to look into.
  • Free & Easy to use tool to Search Social Profile by Name on social accounts.

You can check this cool website @

Generate Random Name & Information – Free Online Tool | Prevent Yourself from Identity Theft

Hey guys, here we are back with really interesting website that you can use to generate random information for any personality. You have three option that you can use to randomize personal details, e.g. you will have to choose Gender, nameset and country information to generate name relevant to that. Once you select that, click on generate and you will get Your Randomly Generated Identity that you can use for fun. You can even use this cool website whenever some fake sites or surveys sites asking your personal information. If you are looking for How to Prevent Identity Theft, you are at the right place, you can use this cool website, use randomly generated data on identity stealing website to prevent your identity from stealing by someone else.

fakenamegenerator - Randomly Generated Usernames

Ways to Prevent Identity Theft – Generating fake information for identity stealing websites

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You have to select gender, if you want specific gender information generated.e.g. If you wish to Fake Identity Generator to create male person details, you can select male as gender. In name set, you can choose from Names List provided there. E.g. If you choose american name set, both name and surname would be generated and look like american person. E.g If you wish to create an French name set, you will get name and surname generated based on french person identity. On country option, you can select the country on which you will be able to generate information based on country specific profile.

Once you have selected those option, you can select generate button of this Cool Name Generator and it will provide you details for specific person that you can use to create fake accounts when you want to hide your personal information on few sites. E.g. If you are using some sites where they are continuously asking you to provide your ID Cards and other credit card related information, you can use this site for Identity Generator with SSN and Random Username Generator.

Random Name Generator Fantasy

How to Avoid Identity Theft

It will provide randomly generated name, username, password,  credit card number, expiry date, cvv number, and many interested thing that you can use on such fake website whenever you are asked for related information. This way, you can hide your real identity from identity stealing person/website and you can Prevent Yourself from Identity Theft.

Fake Name Generator Features

  • Use fake personality information on identity stealing websites
  • Generate random credit card infromation, usename and email address information
  • Fake profile generated on the basis of location, gender and nameset.
  • Free Fake Name Creator for online security
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