How to Create Disposable Email Address

You may have seen that sometimes when you signup or log on to any website, you will need to add your mail address there. Once you add your mail address, they will make your inbox full of spam emails. But Disposable emails is the best way to register on such websites, they will verify your email address from your temporary inbox and you will not receive spam mails on your regular email. Guerrillamail is the one of the Best Disposable Email Service that help you to get disposable temporary email address. They provides you Free Email No Verification very quickly.

Disposable Email Address No Registration

What is a Disposable Address

Disposable email address is the email address that you own temporary. It is not regular email address, but can be used for registration or verification purpose on websites that we don’t trust.

There is interesting part of this is that you can create your desired username for your email address and you can create Best Temporary Email Address for you. All emails are kept for one hour and after one hour your email from inbox will be deleted. You need not to refresh the page once for any email coming in your inbox, just stay on the page and new emails will be added to your inbox list as soon as they arrives.

Best part of this Temporary Disposable Email Address is that, you can use that on any website that ask for your email address for opt in. Some website ask for email address for downloading any content, this way they build their email list for marketing purpose. You can also Create Disposable Email Address and use on such sites. This way you will be able to use their service without disclosing your original email address.

Features of Guerrillamail 

  • You can create your own username using this Best Disposable Email Addresses service.
  • Create your own Free Temporary Email Account for verification and signup process on untrusted websites.
  • All emails comes in inbox kept for one hour.
  • You can also compose and send an email from your Free Temp Email Address.
  • Userfriendly Disposable Email Services

You can check out this cool guerrillamail services @

15 Ways to Get Free Twitter Followers

Everyone wants more, who would like to have less? The common question for twitter users is How do I get more Twitter followers? If you are new to twitter and wants to get more interaction with new and new followers in your community and your niche for marketing purpose, usually you will get answer is that, be active, tweet more and interact with other twitter users, this post includes the few of the recommended Tips to Increase Twitter Followers for your brand or personal account.

Twitter Auto-follower Tool

This is an interesting option if you are not having time to manage your twitter profile, sometimes you may have seen that unknown peoples follows you when you tweet, that is the reason why you Get Twitter Followers. You can manually follow someone in your niche from Twitter. Once you follow someone, you will be appearing in the notification list of the user you followed. People loves to follow the followers, even me too follow the peoples who follows me. (Follow me on Twitter). Following users in your industries is ultimate growth tactic but generally it may be slow. Unless you automate it with any tools or services like Tweetadder that is used by so many Internet marketers nowadays.

Some of the marketers use Best Twitter Tools that allow them to automatically follow numerous other twitter account.The most popular & Best Twitter Management Tool is called TweetAdder. Here’s howTweetadder Works.

  1. You can Download TweetAdder from the official site and install TweetAdder Tool on your computer.

  2. You can enter your desired keyword in your niche market & Tweetadder will automatically download the list of Twitter accounts with your seed keyword in their bio.
  3. Interesting thing is you can set to follow those account at the rate you want. e.g. If you want to follow 10 accounts per day, you can configure TweetAdder and it will follow 10 accounts from the list it find from your provided keywords.

  4. As discussed above, some peoples love to follow back to their followers, hence some accounts will follow you back and your followers list will be growing and increasing.

  5. It also automatically unfollow your followers who doesn’t follow you back after your configured time period.

Automatic unfollowing option will help you to maintain your tweeter followers and following ratio.

Mention Relevant Peoples

You can also mention relevant person while tweeting, that will increase chances of retweeting your tweets from them as well as followers too.E.g. If you are tweeting about Social Media post, try to mention peoples who have social media keyword in their Twitter Bio. They will surely like to retweet and follow you.

If you have a great customers or follower in your followers list, you can mention them using @theirname

Include Real Picture in your Twitter Profile

Make sure you are including your real profile picture on your twitter account instead of using logo or any other character. Try to upload picture that is clearly visible, so it looks like real twitter profile instead of just fake account.

Twitter Bio Make Sense

Writing descriptive twitter bio attract more followers, as discussed above, internet marketers are using keywords to follows people, descriptive bio will help them to find you from the long list of twitter accounts.There are more chances to get discovered by peoples of similar interest.

Using Hashtags in Tweet

Use Twitter Hashtags

When we publish any post on our blog, we try to categories it and add tags in the post for easy navigation, similarly using Hashtags help user to categories their tweets by keyword.

Follow Your Followers

You can go to your followers list link from your twitter account to see who follows you on Twitter. You can also follow them it will build social relation between you and your followers.Peoples tends to follow their followers and hence when you follow someone, they will also follow you back. It is another method to Get Twitter Followers Fast.

Get Varified Badge on Twitter

Verified accounts tends to get more followers, if you are famouns personality, you can easily get twitter verified badge. Check how to get it.

get twitter verified account

Add Follow button on your Website

Adding twitter follow button on your website would grab new followers for you. When anyone reads your blog posts, and likely to read more such content from your side, they may follow you to stay updated with your upcoming tweets.

How to Add twitter Follow buttons on your site

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Go to
  • Customize the Follow button to your liking with the available options.
  • Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your website wherever you would like the button to appear.

Promote @yourusername on your guest posts

Guest posting is the best way to build quality backlinks to your sites, you can also use it also on your visiting card or offline newspaper ads wherever you are promoting your business.

Use Forum Signature

You can use follow me on twitter link on forums of your niche. So whenever you help someone on forums of your niche interest, they will likely to follow you to stay connected with you.

Organize Giveaways

You can organize giveaway on your blog for any interesting or premium stuffs to giveaway them for FREE. So whenever peoples enter into giveaway, you can tell them to follow you to participate into.This is the recommended method to Get Free Followers Without Following.

Use images in Tweeet

Include images with the tweet, there are more chances to get it retweeted, and Favorited to get more followers.

Tweet about Trending Tweets

Use Trend option of Twitter, and tweet or retweet accordingly

Keep it Short and simple

Try to write short and simple tweets that can easily understood by readers and followers. Instead of writing complicated tweets that confuse others.

Respond to @mentions

Try to respond the persons whoever has mentioned your username in their tweets, it will build a conversation with readers and community.

Track Links

You can use to shorten your links that you can track from your bitly account.

Here we have tried to list few of the best recommended methods to Get Free Twitter Followers, check and and let us know your views which method do you use to improve your twitter presence.

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TeslaThemes Review – Get 20% Discount on Responsive WordPress Theme

My recent review of latest newspaper style WordPress theme, I got direct mail from one of my reader saying that if ehowportal is giving any discount on those theme, or other wonderful themes for WordPress, definitely more and more users would be involved in it. Here ehowportal came up with special discount coupon code for teslatheme that would give 20% discount on any theme you purchase from Teslathemes. Here we would review the best of responsive WordPress themes by Teslathemes and you can avail 20% discount on the same by using “EHOWPORTAL” (without quote) as discount coupon code.

If you know coding or developing themes for WordPress, you can directly create your own WordPress theme with php. If you don’t like to play with php , CSS or HTML codes, you can directly use ready-made WordPress theme for your blog or business.

Universe – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Universe theme for WordPress can be used as multipurpose. Say you have blog on any niche or want to create portfolio theme you can use it. You can use the same theme on any creative agency or for your business site or photography site or any other related project. You can use Universe WordPress Theme to showcase your creative works in the most appealing manner.

Universe WordPress theme Discount code

Live Preview | Download

It is multipurpose WordPress Theme with a modern, responsive WP theme design and some of our latest features. Interesting feature of this theme is it’s 100% compatibility with WPML (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin).  If you’re running a multilingual site or wish to translate your theme, pages, posts, menus, etc.This theme would be helpful for you.

Some of the Unique Features of Universe WordPress theme :

  • Responsive Design
  • Featured Slider
  • Custom Posts
  • Filterable Portfolio
  • Built-in Shortcodes
  • Social Media Support
  • AJAX Contact Form
  • Google Maps
  • Featured video support

Zoomy – Responsive WordPress Theme

Zoomy is specially theme for Blog, portfolio, creative agency, photography site, photoblog or any other related website.There is beautiful galleries, smooth transition effects, stylish sliders and other elements makes it the best choice for any photographer or photography enthusiast.

Zoomy WordPress Responsive Theme

Live Preview | Download

 This is another best multipurpose responsive theme. Zoomy has 5 custom widgets including Contact, Twitter, Flickr, Tabs, Banner displayed in footer and sidebar. Also, it has 10 custom posts that include predefined elements like page slider, testimonials, services, gallery and portfolio items, calendar, team members and more. You can add custom posts from a dedicated area in your WordPress admin.

Hudson – eCommerce Responsive WordPress Theme

This this is specially made for Blog, eShop, online catalog, eCommerce website, or any other eCommerce related project. Use Hudson to sell your products or services easily, turn your online blog or website into a commercial success with this responsive WordPress theme.

Hudson – eCommerce WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

Well, if you are running eCommerce based website, or setting up an eCommerce website, this template is the best suitable for your business. It has custom product page along with related products to be shown. Interesting feature of this theme is it’s compatible with WooCommerce which is the most popular eCommerce toolkit for WordPress blog.

Vulcano – Creative WordPress Theme

Vulcano is the best suitable theme for blog, portfolio, creative agency, photography website, small business or any other related website. Vulcano was intended to showcase your latest works/projects in a special, creative way.

Vulcano – Creative WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

Vulcano is a Creative & Best Responsive WordPress Theme with clean, minimalist design, smooth transition effects. It is beautiful portfolio and a rich set of advanced features powered by our updated version of Tesla Framework. It’s responsive design would adjust the layout and look accordingly on all desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets screen.

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Shape – Photography WordPress Theme

This Mobile Responsive WordPress Theme can be used on Blog, portfolio, creative agency, photography website or any other related website. Shape is intended to showcase your latest works and projects through the use of images. It is similar to pinterest theme. Mostly you can use this theme on Image or photography website for better response.

Shape – Photography WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

Shape is photography theme specially made for digital albums and photography niche. It has good looking galleries, with smooth transition effects that make better user experience. Any item within gallery includes the main image, description and a comments section.

AXA – Responsive WordPress Theme

This is another creative WordPress theme specially made for corporate website, portfolio site, creative agency site, or any other related website. Customize AXA template and turn your website into anything you want. It seems one of the Top WordPress Themes for bloggers who loves to have simple and fast loading theme.

AXA – Responsive WordPress Theme

Live Preview | Download

AXA is a Premium WordPress Theme with clean, minimalist design and a rich set of unique features, intended to expose your brand and works in a stylish manner.This responsive web designs represent your products or services in a professional way.There are Home page, blog page, portfolio page, about page and contact pages. All pages are in different layout and creative.

If you want single theme, you would get it at $35 USD, however if you purchase standard theme you would get all themes at only 45 USD per year. That you can use on unlimited domain. If you are developer or agencies, you can use all themes with PSD files at just 65 USD per year. More over this, you would get 20% discount on standard price if you use “EHOWPORTAL” as coupon code while purchasing theme for your company or agencies.

Tesla Theme Discount Offer 2014 - 20% Discount code

Let us know by commenting in the comment section if you have already used teslathemes or want to use it for your blog.

Able2Extract – Advanced PDF Converter Tool

Most of the time, you may have gone through situation that you are likely having PDF file but you want to modify something inside it and re-print again or want to convert PDF file into other file format but you don’t find any option regarding that. But Able2Extract software is recommended PDF suite software that allow you to edit, convert, create or modify any PDF documents instantly from your computer.Moreover you can also convert your PDF documents to other formats including MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML, and many more.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 Software
Able2Extract – PDF Converter Software

When you open any PDF file from Able2Extract software, you will see open, create, save option from the top menu. Besides that, there will be option that says convert to file type and there will be listed excel, word, power-point, OpenOffice, HTML, Auto-cad, image like options will be there. Those option will allow you to Convert PDF to Excel, and other file formats provided there.

Investintech Able2Extract Batch Converter

Free PDF Converter Software Download

This is another interesting option by Investintech Inc PDF to Word Software that allows you to convert multiple files together to specific folder of your local drive. To convert multiple files, you will need click on add files and select browse option to select your output folder. Output folder is where your converted files will be stored. Below that there will be option of convert to, this is the option to convert file in to other formats. At the bottom, you will be asked for some captcha code to enter and after entering that code, by clicking on convert button, will convert your file in selected formats in bulk.

Among its many features you will find that Able2Extract 9:

  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms
  • Converts PDF to multiple editable formats (PDF to MS Office, OpenOffice, AutoCAD, Image, HTML etc.)
  • Edits PDF pages (delete, resize, move, scale, rotate, adjust viewing preferences)
  • Creates professional PDFs from almost any format (password protection, protection from printing ..)
  • Offers custom PDF to Excel conversion (merge rows/columns, add, split tables..)
  • Create password protected PDF files.
  • FREE Trial Available
  • Check Other PDF Converter : Online PDF Tool , FREE PDF Converter

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Discount – 42% OFF on Hosting

Bluehost is top rated web hosting provider and recommended as one of the top Webhosting for WordPress. We already discussed few Bluehost WordPress Tutorial like Creating Subdomain on Bluehost or Setting up Email Forwarding and many more. Here in this article, we are going to discuss about Bluehost Web Hosting Features and at the end of the post, you will find Bluehost Specials Web Hosting Discounts for the valentine’s hosting offer.

bluehost coupon 2015
Bluehost Deals

You can also find useful Bluehost WordPress Review which is recommended Website Hosting by so many problogger and even Bluehost and Dreamhost are officially rated as top rated Web Host for WordPress blogs by Hosting Prices are varies from $3.49 to $5.95/month depending on Bluehost promotional offers.

Bluehost usually not offer any Bluehost Renewal Discount nor any Bluehost Domain Coupon instead you can register for new Bluehost account and get FREE domain with it. You can also easily migrate your entire hosting account to new account. You can also contact us to migrate your data from one server to another. We do migration and new WordPress installation for FREE if you use our FREE WordPress Installation Service. We generally dealing with Hostgator, Dreamhost or Bluehost.

Bluehost Promo code : $3.49/Month

Bluehost is going to launch special promotional offer for this Valentine month. Bloggers can easily grab discount on WordPress hosting by Bluehost and users will be able to get Bluehost $3.49/ Month plan from 12 February 2015 to 16 February 2015. As discussed about, Bluehost Pricing for WordPress hosting ranging from $3.49 to $5.95/month depending on Bluehost promotional offers but under Valentine offer, users will be able to get their Bluehost account with only $3.49/Month offer.

Interesting thing is that, Bluehost offers you to upgrade your account from basic to Bluehost Plus or Business account whenever you require, you can always upgrade to higher hosting package like VPS or Dedicated whenever you require by paying extra amount that will be adjusted with your existing amount or credit.

Bluehost Discount 2015

Bluehost Features  

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting – You can host unlimited domains under one account
  • Unlimited Hosting Space – You can host unlimited files on your account
  • Unlimited File Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 1 Free Domain Name – When you sign up for New Bluehost account, you will get FREE domain name
  • One Click WordPress Installation – Easy to install WordPress on Bluehost
  • Free Site Builder w/ templates
  • Free Instant Set-up
  • any time money back guarantee
  • 24×7 Custome support

Please note that this offer is valid from 12 February 2015 to 16 February 2015, so if Your hosting plan is expiring soon or want to register for new web hosting, you can wait for today and register your bluehost account between those dates to avail special Discount from Bluehost.

Signup for Bluehost(Discounted Link)

Blogging Tips – Blogging Tips for Beginners

What is blogging?

Writing is like a therapy for most of the people in the world. Blogging is the best way to let the world know what you are thinking. Likewise Blogging is also a way to make money online. Making money through blogs requires some useful and informative content posted on the blog site. You need to put some useful contents for the readers to attract them and sustain them coming to read your blog. There are few things that bloggers really need to know and understand while writing on blogs. Here we would like to cover few Successful Blogging Tips that every bloggers should consider while writing on their blogs.


Choosing Topics

The first step for writing blog post is choosing topics for your post. You should determine your blog’s niche first. if you are running any specific category blog (Niche Blog) never post off topic article on that. Write full and informative article with details and reference source if there is any. The topic should be catchy and able to attract the readers’ attention. It is always advisable to write on the topic that you know about. You must write on something about which you have knowledge and creativity to put into the topic. Once the topic is selected, jot it down. Be careful about writing because irrelevancy can be harmful for you. Always write according to the topic.

Posting Frequencies

Posting frequency is also matters a lot in ranking. Try to publish unique useful content on regular time interval. E.g. If you are writing post weekly, you can schedule your blog post for next week but try to publish it consistently because it helps crawlers to crawl posts on specific time.Write blog posts  that are useful for readers and they can easily share it on their social accounts. This is essential Tips for Good Blogging.


Comments is the best way to build community around, you can implement Disqus Comment System or default comment system on your blog.Comment is the best way for readers to share their feedback regarding your posts. It is important that you are always responding to your readers. When the reader says anything good or bad about your piece of writing, it is important that you reply back. It will give reader, the satisfaction that you are interested in his comments. It will give a positive image about your blog site.

Updating Old Content

Search engine loves updated content. You can look for the posts that you have published last years or before that and seems outdated. You can update outdated content with new and useful information and republish it. You can show last updated date on your blog post instead of date when blog post published, that are also useful for readers, They can easily check the content was recently updated and information might be useful. This is the most useful Blogging Tips for Beginners because old posts can still get traffic if it has updated information.

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

This is also important that what are you writing and how are you writing on your blog. The content should be relevant to your blog’s niche, there should be a flow in writing so that reader can enjoy reading it and words must be understandable for them. Comprehensive approach in writing blogs will help you out in getting maximum numbers of readers. There should be no spellings and grammar mistake. Your reader can be very intellectual to point out mistakes. So, make sure that your content is perfect from every angle.

That was for about readers, now on part of SEO, you should used to maintain Keyword density using SEOPressor Plugin.It helps you in writing by suggesting you LSI Keywords(Latent semantic indexing) that helps in ranking your post for specific keywords. Try to consider following things while writing for SEO optimized content for your blog.

Writing effective SEO Optimized article is the recommended Blogging Tips and Techniques for beginners.

Encourage Reader’s Comments

It is important that you appreciate that someone has read your article and commented on it.This is the best way to increase readers comments on your blog. You must reply back to them and motivate them to give feedback. Do not simply post on your blogs but talk to the readers and answer their queries promptly. A simple interaction can encourage your readers to come to your blog all the time for informative and useful articles. That is why; bloggers need to spend a lot of time on it. Use these given tips and it will be easier for you to earn money through your blog while having fun.

Never Copy from Anywhere

If you are copying content from somewhere source, it is recommended that you should stop such practice. You may soon penalized by Search engine. Duplicate contents are taken seriously by search engine. You can easily check if your blog has been penalized.

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If you are looking for How to Make a Blog, you can always let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We also offer service to setup FREE blog specially to Ehowportal Readers.

WordPress Hosting – Bluehost Coupon 3.95 Offer

We all know bluehost is officially recommended by for the best hosting. Even I am also using bluehost hosting since last 4 years. I am satisfied customer of bluehost and whenever anyone ask me for cheap WordPress hosting, I would suggest them to use Bluehost or Hostgator. Millions of websites are being hosted on Bluehost as well as 20 thousands new websites are added to this list every month.

Bluehost 2014 Discount code

Interesting thing about bluehost is, you can host unlimited domain names on your bluehost server and it would not charge you extra amount. Just pay one time and use it. When you compare bluehost with other web hosting like hostmonster, InMotion Hosting or other cheap hosting, bluehost will be the winner. In service point of view bluehost is the best.

Whenever your server is down or you think your server is facing any issue, you can directly chat live with bluehost and get instant answer by their team. It’s ticket system is also good, you can directly raise your complaint by posting your complaint ticket on bluehost and you would receive quick revert back of your email query to your mail address.You would get FREE 1 year domain name of your choice when you register your account for bluehost.

Interesting Features of Bluehost :

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and unlimited disk space
  • You Can Host unlimited domains
  • FREE domain for year( You can get FREE domain when you register hosting account with bluehost)
  • Unlimited Email accounts and Free Website builder
  • 24×7 US Support through Chat, Email and Phone
  • $100 Google Adwords Credit
  • Free Instant Setup
  • Money back grantee at any time you want.
  • One click WordPress Installer

Bluehost Discount Offer

Bluehost is providing discount options based on current offers available.If you are looking for any Bluehost Promo 2015 or Bluehost Coupon 2015, let me clarify you that bluehost is not providing any coupons and promo code for WordPress Hosting Service. Actually there is a BlueHost 3.95 USD Promo Link available that will help you get BlueHost hosting for as low as $3.95/Month Only for hosting your WordPress blog.

To make use of BlueHost 3.95 discount offer, you will need to get BlueHost hosting for your blog for a period of 36 months in advance. If you want to host your blog on Bluehost for 12 months, you will need to pay them 5.95 USD per month & you will also not get Bluehost Renewal Discount on this offer. It is recommended that you subscribe for bluehost for 36 month period to get Bluehost 2.95 & Bluehost 3.95 per month offer.

To avail this Bluehost Plans at discount, you don’t need to use any Bluehost Coupon Code. All you need to do is register your account with bluehost, use this Promo Link than Click on get started now button. You will redirected to domain name page. If you have already domain name, you can use it from there. If you want to register FREE domain with bluehost, you can get FREE domain name from that page.

Bluehost Discount Code 2014

At package information page, you will get discount. Depending on your requirement, you can choose plan. This BlueHost discount offer of $3.95 will be available for more few days, so it’s the right time to purchase hosting for your first or next WordPress blog.

Click This Link to Sign Up for BlueHost Web Hosting.

I will get commission for referral when you signup using above links, but if you need any help installing WordPress, feel free to contact me on bksondagar[at]

For more information regarding current WordPress Hosting Options, visit here.

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